Adventure Mode Fantasy is Super Smash Bros. Fantasy's Adventure Mode.


Universe Stage Objective (s)
Super Mario Starship Mario
  1. Visit every different galaxy.
  2. Defeat Mario, Luigi & Peach.

Alternate: Vs. Bowser & Bowser Jr.

Donkey Kong Sunset Shore
  1. Vs. Donkey Kong and 3 Mini Diddy Kongs
  2. Vs. King K. Rool
Yoshi Yoshi Touch & Go
  1. Make it to the end of the stage.
  2. Vs. 30 Yoshis
Wario Diamond City
  1. Vs. Wario
  2. Dodge the falling buildings.
Legend of Zelda Skyloft
  1. Find Triforce of Power
  2. Vs. Ganondorf
  3. Find Triforce of Wisdom
  4. Vs. Zelda/Sheik
  5. Find Triforce of Courage
  6. Vs. Link
Metroid Skytown, Elysia
  1. Attempt to stop the Leviathan's bomb
  2. Escape the explosion
Kid Icarus Palace in the Sky
  1. Defeat 50 Centurions
  2. Vs. Pit & Palutena
Punch-OutThe Ring
  1. Defeat 5 random opponents
  2. Vs. Little Mac
Kirby Lor Starcutter
  1. Vs. Kirby
  2. Make it to the end of the ship.
  3. Vs. Meta Knight
Pikmin Forest of Hope
  1. Kill 100 Pikmin
  2. Vs. Captain Olimar
Golden Sun Sol Sanctum
  1. Make it to the end of the stage.
  2. Vs. Matthew
Sin and Punishment Urban Ruins
  1. Vs. Isa Jo
  2. Dodge the NS Ironbat for 30 seconds.
  3. Escape the burning ruins.
Star Fox Katina
  1. Dodge Fox and Falco's Blasters
  2. Vs. Fox & Falco
F-Zero Aeropolis
  1. Reach the finish line.
  2. Vs. Captain Falcon

Alternate: Vs. Black Shadow

Animal Crossing SmashTown
  1. Collect 20 coins.
  2. Vs. Villager
Pokémon Pokémon Stadium 3
  1. Vs. 20 Pokémon
Fire Emblem Castle Crimea
  1. Vs. Marth
  2. Vs. Chrom & Lucina 
EarthBound Saturn Valley
  1. Throw 10 Mr. Saturns off the ledge.
  2. Vs. Ness

Alternate: Vs. Lucas

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