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Super Smash Bros. Fanon Realms (Super Smash Bros. Fantendo in Japan) is a Super Smash Bros. game with people from Nintendo, Fantendo, and any other tendo you can think of! The game was developed by IndexToe Inc. It will be released on the Wii U in 2017 and the Pyrohedron in 2018.

Playable Characters

Nintendo and other Canon Characters

Mario Mario Mario is everyones idol while everyone else despises him. Who could have a SSB game without him? Starter
Luigi Mario Mario's shy and underrated brother, Luigi! Everyone loves him! Except Mario. Sometimes. Starter
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is a friendly monkey dude, that ABSOLUTELY loves bananas, so don't get any ideas. Starter
Donkey Kong SSB4
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong's wonderful assistant. Usually found riding his back. Win 10 Matches as Donkey Kong
Kirby Kirby Kirby is a pink, fluffy friend that swallows things to gain powers. Starter
Megaman Megaman A powerful robot that fights Dr.Wily's evil creations for freedom Starter
Megaman SSB5 Icon
Protoman Megaman Megaman's brother that used to be on Dr.Wily's side. Win 10 Matches as Megaman
Chop Chop Master Onion Parappa the Rapper A rapping onion that owned a dojo and his own TV show. Win the map Master Dojo 10 times
Pikachu Pokemon A little electric mouse that everyone seems to love. Win your first map
PPW Pikachumine
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight A knight that has fought for freedom, his bride, and money. Perfect a battle (Easy or higher)
Ditzy Doo (Derpy Hooves) MLP Now whats a fan-game without a perfectly good meme character? NONE!  Perfect a battle (Hard or higher)
Derpy Hooves 2

Fantendo Characters



ColorLoad She was on a quest to save her world with color. Now shes here to fight - with color, of course. Beat the ColourLoad Greyscale Greens map 15 times to unlock
SSD Fantendo He's a game maker that's made words, and paragraphs. Now he deletes word, paragraphs, and YOU! Beat Story Mode to unlock
Mr.R Fantenquest: Reloaded He's an evil cyborg that tries to take over anything he can. A town, the world, a pickle jar, you name it! Beat Story Mode to unlock
Mr. R
Crimson Fantendo Crimson must play more MM2! HE MUST! Beat Story Mode to unlock
Greyscale Human ColorLoad He absolutely hates color, he punches it, he kicks it, and he eats it. Beat the ColorLoad Greyscale Greens ONCE to unlock
David Battle for Dream Island "Aw, seriously?" ~David Beat the Internet map to unlock
Slug Cat Spirals, Fibbinochi Sequence, and being a plant Slug Cats are made just to be absurdly adorable. Perfect the Internet map to unlock
Wooden Toaster MLP OC Every game needs a DJ! Right? right? RIGHT??? Beat Story Mode as Crimson to unlock
Wooden toaster vector by boltblazer-d5qbzp6


Please note that all stadiums from SSB Brawl are returning.

Starter Maps

-Greyscale Greens


-The Internet

-Master Dojo

-Charade Man's Stage

-Disco Panels

-Dream Island

-Ice Rink Revenge (BTD 5)

-Fantendo Centeral

-The Notebook (Scribblenauts reference)

-Super Mario Bros. 3

-Error Page

DLC Maps

-Cookie Country

-Barbarian War

-Quick Man's Stage

-Super Mario Bros

-Pokemon Stadium V2

-Mole Knight

Please note you get all these maps in one pack for $1.99


Yes, characters each get there own short story.

Mario's Story

"It was a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom for Mario and his friends. Once Mario found out his world was being attacked by other life-forms, he knew he had to do something."

Round 1: Super Mario Bros. 3: Mario Vs. Greyscale Human

Round 2: The Internet: Mario Vs. David Vs. Slug Cat

Round 3: Master Dojo: Mario Vs. Chop Chop Master Onion

"Hello, Red Cap!" Koloro greets. "I don't-a know what you are doing-a here.!" Mario replies. "Well, I'm saving the world!" Koloro replies. "No, you are not. I am-a the hero!" Mario says. "Hero-off?" Koloro challenges. "HERO-A-OFF!" Mario replies.

Round Match: Fantendo Central: Mario Vs. Koloro

"After the most epic battle in Mario Bros. history, Mario continues to slack and eat flowers and mushrooms with his best pal Luigi. THE END."

Luigi's Story

"Luigi had watched on TV that there will be an inter-dimensional battle, and that the prize was chocolate cake. Luigi could not resist chocolate cake, so he ran out the door, and started battling.

Round 1: Super Mario Bros. 3: Luigi Vs. Diddy Kong

Round 2: Ice Rink Revenge: Luigi Vs. Shovel Knight Vs. Fandro

Round 3: The Internet: Luigi Vs. Slug Cat Vs. Slug Cat Vs. Slug Cat

"How's it going grey-man?" Luigi asks. "PAIIINTTTS" Greyscale Human replies. "Huh?" "PAIIINTTTS" "What?" "PAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNTTTTTSSSSS"

Round Match: Greyscale Greens: Luigi Vs. Greyscale Human

"Luigi won his prize as he wanted to win: Delicious chocolate cake. Sure it made him gain a few pounds, but to him, it was ALL worth it. THE END."

Donkey Kong's Story

"Donkey Kong was enjoying his life, watching TV, eating banana's, with his trustworthy monkey friend Diddy Kong, when suddenly he heard a loud *CRASH* outside. Donkey Kong needed to investigate.

Round 1: The Notebook: Donkey Kong Vs. Kirby

Round 2: Super Mario Bros. 3: Donkey Kong Vs. Mario Vs. Luigi

Round 3: Disco Panels: Donkey Kong Vs. WoodenToaster

"OOH! OOH!" Donkey Kong screached. "Huh? What's that? A secret Monkey Knight battle?" Shovel Knight asked. "OOOH OOOH!!!!" Donkey Kong replied. "Oh, then it's on!!!"

Round Match: Mole Knight: Donkey Kong Vs. Shovel Night

"Donkey Kong finally stopped the chaos, and returned home, and got back to what he was doing; eating faster than before. THE END."


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