Super Smash Bros. Fan Requests Edition
box art unavailable
Developer(s) Neogaf, YouTube comments section, SmashBoards, Miiverse
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) XBOX One

PSVita Linux

Release Date(s)
April 8th, 2015
Age Rating(s)

PEGI: 18 CERO: Z ACB: R18+

Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Smash Bros. Fan Request Edition is an expansion pack of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In this title, many characters were cut, but even more were added. All newcomers are ones requested by fans on Neogaf, SmashBoards, Miiverse, or the YouTube comments section.

Starting Roster

Ridley smash

The starting roster

Character Portrait Description
The main villain of the Metroid series. He is the most requested character in Smash, and the most deserving (according to us Ridley fans).
Meta Ridley
I actually saw a roster prediction or deam roster with both Ridley and Meta Ridley on it. He was in Brawl, so he can be in this. They definitely aren't the same character.
Omega Ridley
Meta Ridley
The biggest Ridley of them all. Omega Ridley can fit Samus in his mouth. He's sized down to Bowser's size, just like all other Ridleys in this game, so he doesn't look wierd next to them (but he does next to Samus).
Horrible Brawl Mod Ridley
250px-Ridley brawl by starwaffle-d3dam4y
The mod isn't that bad! Honestly! Ridley looks completely fine!!!!
The main character of Metroid. How could he not put her in this game? Even with 17 Ridley's, Metroid is STILL underrepresented.
Zero Suit Samus
More like Zero Skill Spamus, am i rite? heuheuheuheuehue. Even though we Ridley fans complain about Sakurai adding another Samus instead of an original Metroid character, we couldn't leave her out. Her "personality" is too big and pleasing to look at.
Ridley SSB4
Some 14 year old modded this Ridley in to Project M, and it was completely flawless, with 0 problems whatsoever, so why couldn't Sakurai?
Red Ridley
Ridley classic
He was once an alt costume for Ridley, but if Dark Pit is different enough to be his own character, so is Red Ridley. Stupid Sakurai-bias.
Neo Ridley
Neo Ridley sprite
His scream is funny.
Toy Ridley
From Nintendo Land's Metroid blast. ROB was huge in WarioWare Smooth Moves and Pikmin 2, and he was scaled down for Smash. So can this robotic Ridley, right?
Super Metroid Ridley
He burns for battle. 500 signatures on a petition (300 of which are likely from the same person) is definitely going to change Sakurai's mind. Super Metroid Ridley would blend in really well with Other M Samus and Zero Suit, and Ridley can be both a stage boss and a fighter with no issues, right?
Same deal as Toy Ridley.
Not Big NES Ridley
Fake Ridley
The one Ridley that doens't need rescal- uh... no Ridley needs rescaled! Size doesn't matter in smash! Sakurai said it himslef: "The smash bros series doesn't always stay true to scale"! No, I'm not taking this out of context...
Manual Ridley
Best Ridley
This monstrosity is the reason why this game is rated M. It's horrifying.
Melee Opening Ridley
Melee's opening proved Ridley could be scaled and work, since he was small in it. There DEFINITELY is no illusion of Ridley appearing Small because Samus is closer to the camera. That's why when Samus is jumping over Ridley, she's the size of his head.
Mystery Creature
Ridley - Jake's Super Smash Bros. icon
Also known as "adolescent Ridley". He doesn't have wings, and Sakurai mentioned wings as part of the problem, so why wouldn't he make this thing playable instead?!
Ridley's Shadow
Ridley shadow
Boss character appearances means playable character, right? If Ridley was a boss, why wouldn't Sakurai just show him? And he grabs Pikachu. That confirms it, since bosses shouldn't be able to grab.
Disgusting Leak Ridley
Disgusting ridley leak
Please tell me people didn't actually believe this...
Purple Charizard
3d ridley
Ridley is playable in Smash 4 if you use your imagination (tbh, i ran out of ideas).
Ridley Silverlake
They said they wanted more Ridley, and they got her.

Unlockable Characters

to be announced

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