This page features all Assist Trophies and all Poké Balls in the game Super Smash Bros. Extreme!!.

Assist Trophies

These characters can be summoned when a player grabs an Assist Trophy.


Name Description Series
Takamaru Takamaru is a normal rarety Assist Trophy. Once summoned, he will rush towards any opponent he finds, slashing them with his sword. He will also throw some in the air and midair slash them, delivering great damage. Nazo no Murasame-jō
Toad Toad is an uncommon rarety Assist Trophy. Once summoned, he will start throwing Poison Mushrooms, damaging players. If a player touches Toad, it'll do 5% damage. Super Mario


Name Description Series Criteria
Waluigi Waluigi is an uncommon rarety Assist Trophy. Once summoned, he will jump around the stage, and will start stomping one of the opponets, and will hit them with his Tennis Racket. Super Mario Complete All-Star Mode as Luigi.


Name Description Image
Deoxys Deoxys flies into the sky and uses Hyper Beam, which shoots a very powerful beam of light directly downards onto the field. He is a very rare Poke Ball. PokéParkDeoxys
Piplup Piplup uses Surf and slides across the ground on a wave of water, washing away anyone it hits. It is very common. PokéParkPiplup
Bellossom PokéParkBellossom
Meowth PokéParkMeowth
Dugtrio Dugtrio
Magikarp PokéParkMagikarp
Charizard Charizard uses Flamethrower to breathe a stream of fire alternatively left to right, but stays in one place. He provides good defense and is a common Poke Ball. PokéParkCharizard
Snorlax PokéParkSnorlax
Torchic PokéParkTorchic
Hydregigon Hydreigon2
Celebi PokéParkCelebi
Sawk Sawk

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