Super Smash Bros. Eternity is a fan game made by Redelfman, but he has allowed others to edit it.

Trophy World is in Chaos once again and it is up to our heroes to stop the evil baddies. But who's the big boss? It seems as if all the villains have teamed up to control Trophy World. Super Smash Eternity is a new addition to the Super Smash Bros. Series and includes more than 20 new characters!


Bowser has controlled the Mushroom Kingdom, Ganondorf has taken Hyrule, Eggman has the Chaos Emeralds, Wolf has defeated Fox ,and King Dedede is well... he... uh... is already a king. It is up to few selected heroes to save Trophy World from utter chaos. And the Subspace Emissary is finally back... ...but as allies? And is Master Hand behind this or is it some thing greater...


Starting Characters

Veteran Heroes












Red (Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard)



Donkey Kong


Newcomer Heroes







Ash Ketchum (Charizard, Sceptile, Feraligater)

Veteran Villains




Newcomer Villains

Dr. Eggman

Veteran Neutral


Newcomer Neutral



Unlockable Characters

Veteran Heroes




Newcomer Heroes

Diddy Kong




A.C.T. Rescue Team (Alakazam, Charizard, Tyranitar)


Paper Mario

Veteran Villains

King Dedede

Newcomer Villains

Bowser Jr.


Chaos 0


King Boo



Veteran Neutral



Meta Knight

Newcomer Neutral



More to come...

Story Mode Levels


Part 1 Intro

This part of the story covers on how the main characters meet the Trophy Protecters, the human-like people in the game.

It shows all the main characters in their respective lands and they all see a dark meteor fall in the background.

Level 1

Character(s): Mario, Sonic

Boss: Giant Waddle Dee

Summary: Mario and Sonic decide to have a race, but are interrupted when they see a giant Waddle Dee in the ditance. They team up to go through the smaller Waddle Dees and to defeat the giant.

Level 2

Character(s): Sonic

Boss: Chaos 0

Summary: After defeating the giant, they separate to investigate and Sonic goes to an old Power Plant. He has to defeat all the creatures living there and finally defeat Chaos 0 who is trying to suck up the energy of the Power Plant.

Level 3

Character(s): Mario

Boss: Sora

Summary: Mario explores further into the woods and meets a mysterious entity named Sora.

Level 4

Character(s): Kirby, Link

Boss: Roxas

Summary: Meanwhile, Link trips over a pink ball which is actually Kirby and they are suddenly attacked by 'Nobodies'. They then have to fight their leader Roxas.

Level 5

Character(s): Kirby, Link, Roxas

Boss: Axel

Summary: Roxas reveals his purpose is to help Trophy World and takes them to his friend Axel, but Axel demands for a fught to see if it is the real Roxas.

Level 6

Character(s): Cloud, Snake

Boss: Meta Knight

Summary: Cloud convinces Snake to help save Trophy World, but stumble them selves into Meta-Knight's territory.

Level 7

Character(s): Cloud, Snake, Meta Knight

Mini-Boss: Shuppet (10)

Boss: A.C.T. Rescue Team

Summary: Meta Knight finds out that they are good guys and leads them to King Boo's Castle, but they meet Shuppet's. The A.C.T. Rescue Team mistakes them for Pokemon Hunters and tries to save the Shuppet.

Level 8

Character(s): Fox or Samus or Megaman

Boss: Ike, Roy, Marth, Fox, Samus or Ike, Roy, Marth, Fox, Megaman or Ike, Roy, Marth, Samus, Megaman

Summary: Fox, Samus and Megaman mistake each other as minions of their enemies and fight only to be interrupted by Ike, Roy and Marth who tell the them that they are allies. They all fight in a 3 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 Battle Royale.

Level 9

Character(s): Fox, Samus, Megaman, Roy

Boss: Junior Hands

Summary: After the battle ended with no defined winner, Roy stays with the group of space warriors to tlead their journey while Ike and Marth go to find other heroes. Roy goes to their main suspect, Master Hand's, home only to find Junior Hand who wants to play with the 'dollies'.

Level 10

Character(s): Red, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu

Boss: Ike, Marth

Summary: Red and Ash Ketchum get into a fight, but Ike and Marth stop them. This time however, Red and Ash team up and try to defeat Ike and Marth.

Level 11-a

Character(s): Red, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Marth

Mini-Boss: Sandshrew (10)

Boss: Sandslash (Pikachu's solo battle)

Summary: The group fight a herd of Sandshrew and after that leave, but Pikachu is ambushed by Sandslash and they fight 1-on-1.

Level 11-b

Character(s): Ash Ketchum or Red

Boss: Red or Ash Ketchum

Summary: Meanwhile, Ash and Red continue their fight, but Marth can't stop them.

Level 12

Character(s): Mario, Sora, Sonic(only at Boss)

Bosses: Chaos 2, Egg-Destroyer

Summary: Back at Mario, who befriends Sora, they head to the Trophy Protectors base, but Mario then remembers Sonic and he and Sora run to the Power Plant. They see Sonic being cornered by Eggman and Chaos 2 (who gained the emeralds from Eggman).

Part 1 Ending

Sonic, Mario and Sora come back from their journey and go through the gates to see all the members of the Trophy Protectors and the others.

Part 2

Part 2 Intro

This part is mostly about the rescues of several characters.

The characters see that Roy, Samus, Fox, and Megaman are missing. So Marth, Meta Knight, and Snake volunteer to try to save them. Although it is unusual for Meta Knight and Snake to volunteer.

Level 13

Character(s): Marth, Meta-Knight, Snake

Boss: King Red Boo

Summary: King Red Boo warns Marth that he will be betrayed soon by Meta Knight and Snake, but Marth doesn't trust a Boo and the team defeats the Red Boos.

Level 14

Character(s): Marth, Meta Knight, Snake

Boss: Junior Hand

Summary: The group finds Roy and the space warriors (Fox, Samus and Megaman) in cages and when they try to free them, they fight an enraged Junior Hand.

Level 15

Character(s): Marth

Bosses: Meta Knight, Snake

Summary: After they beat Junior Hand, Meta Knight and Snake reveal they are Elite White Boos who shape shifted to be Meta Knight and Snake and they fight Marth.

Level 16

Character(s): Marth, Roy

Boss: Elite White Boos (3) (In the forms of Marth, Roy, and Ike)

Summary: Marth and Roy realize that Cloud must be a Boo too, but think that he must be taken care of the people in the base, so they send the space warriors to the base and run to King Boo's Palace.

Level 17

Character(s): Marth, Roy

Boss: Elite White Boos (5) (In the forms of Axel, Sora, Roxas, Marth and Roy)

Summary: They find Cloud, Meta Knight, and Snake trapped and have to fight Elite White Boos to get to them.

Level 18

Character(s): Marth, Roy, Cloud, Meta Knight, Snake

Boss: King Red Boo + Elite Red Boos (3) (In the forms of Marth, Roy and Cloud)

Summary: Cloud tells Marth that King Boo went to the base in the form of Cloud, so they must get there fast, but the Red Boos want to get revenge on Marth while he is heading back to the base.

Level 19

Character(s): Cloud

Boss: King Boo (First in the form of Cloud then when his life is Red he changes back to King Boo)

Summary: When they reach there they meet King Boo and his minions and only Cloud fights the King while the others fight the minions and free their friends.

Part 2 Ending

Cloud defeats King Boo and meets with Marth, Roy, Cloud, Meta Knight, Snake and unexpected visitors, Knuckles and Silver.

Part 3 Intro

More to come...