Returning Items

Image Item Franchise Description
AssistTrophySSb4 Assist Trophy SSB Super Smash Bros. Series When grabbed by a fighter, the trophy will summon a random character to aid the summoner in battle. See below for a list of these summons.
BobOmbMK8 Bob-omb SSB Mario Series Can be picked up and thrown, and explodes on contact. If left alone, it will wander around and detonate on it's own.
100x100px Fire Flower SSB Mario Series Can be carried around. Holding down the attack button will cause the flower to spew flames. Flames can run out however.
Heartcontainer Heart Container SSB The Legend of Zelda Series When grabbed by a fighter, it will decrease they're damage percentage by 100%.
Kartmushroom Super Mushroom SSB Mario Series When touched by a fighter, it will cause the fighter to grow to twice they're size temporarily, increased power and attack damage, but lowering speed and increasing weight.
MasterBallSmash Master Ball SSB Pokémon Series Functions exactly the same as the Poké Ball, except they only contain legendary or rare Pokémon.
Pitfall Seed Pitfall SSB Animal Crossing Series When thrown and hits opponents, it drives opponents into the ground, or meteor smashes them if they are airborne.
PokeballTopTrans Poké Ball SSB Pokémon Series After being thrown, it will call out a random Pokémon to aid the summoner in battle. See below for a list of these Pokémon.
SmashBall Smash Ball SSB Super Smash Bros. Series The Smash Ball can be broken by a fighter, giving them a rainbow aura around them. Pressing the neutral special command will then activate that character's Final Smash.

New Items

Image Item Franchise Description
Ice Flower Ice Flower SSB Mario Series Same as the Fire Flower, only freezes opponents with blue mist instead.
Dream Muscle Band Sprite Muscle Band SSB Pokémon Series Temporarily buffs the power of the fighter's physical attacks.
Hookshot TWW Hookshot SSB The Legend of Zelda Series When used, it's chain shoots forward until it hits something. If it hits an item or opponent it will drag them into the user. If it hits a wall it will pull the user toward the wall.
SuperHornMK8 Super Horn SSB Mario Series Can be carried around and charged. When charged, it releases soundwaves that stun fighters, as well as destroy items and hazards on the stage.

Assist Trophy Summons

Image Character Franchise Description
AndrossRender Andross SSB Star Fox Series Andross will float to behind the stage. From there he will target opponents and shoot flat squares from his mouth, that damage opponents and are tricky to dodge. Uncommon.
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Professor Birch Birch SSB Pokémon Series When summoned, Birch will start running away from a Poochyena attempting to attack him. The Poochyena will pursue Birch around the stage and attack any opponents Birch so happens to run by.
Birdo (Mario Party 9) Birdo SSB Mario Series When summoned, Birdo will act as she did in Super Mario Bros. 2 and simply walk back and forth while spitting eggs, and occasionally fireballs. Her eggs can be grabbed by the fighters and thrown. Common.
Cranky Kong Cranky Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series When summoned, Cranky sits in his rocking chair and has a lengthy speech about the "good old days" when "Smash Bros. wasn't so complicated". On rare occasions, he'll talk about the first appearance of the summoner, or the first game in they're franchise. Common.
Fi Hyrule Warriors Fi SSB The Legend of Zelda Series When summoned, Fi will dance around the stage, dealing ballet kicks to opponents she comes across. Before she disappears, she turns into the Goddess Sword and slices around her, damaging nearby opponents. Uncommon.
Shadowffff Shadow SSB Sonic Series Shadow uses his Chaos Control to temporarily slow down all opponents. Uncommon.
Starfy brawl Starfy SSB The Legendary Starfy Series Starfy wanders around the stage and spins. His spinning damages any opponents he hits. Common.
Tumblr static 339px-vanellope von schweetz 1 Vanellope Von Schweetz SSB Wreck-it Ralph Series When summoned, Vanellope will start glitching around the stage. Any opponents she comes in contact to while glitching will be temporarily stunned. Uncommon.
Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork Waluigi SSB Wario Series When summoned, Waluigi will laugh, then run around the stage, stomping opponents into the ground and then launch them away with a tennis racket. Common.

Pokéball Summons

Image Pokémon Move Description
063Abra Abra Teleport Abra just teleports away after appearing. Semi-rare in Pokéballs, but uncommon in Master Balls.
144Articuno Articuno Blizzard Articuno flies to the background of the stage and flaps its wings, creating a blizzard that freezes opponents. Rare.
118Goldeen Goldeen Splash Just flops around. Common.
130Gyarados Gyarados Hyper Beam Gyarados releases a beam of energy from it's mouth, dealing massive damage to whoever gets hit by it. Rare.
450Hippowdon Hippowdon Sandstorm When Hippowdon appears, it creates a sandstorm that causes chip damage to all fighters on screen, including the summoner. Uncommon.
715Noivern Noivern Boomburst Noivern releases powerful soundwaves, knocking back all opponents within reach. Semi-rare.
393Piplup 2 Piplup Aqua Jet Piplup surrounds itself with water and then slides forward, even going off ledges, and trapping any opponents he hits. Common.
186Politoed Politoed Rain Dance It performs a happy dance as it starts to rain on the stage. The rain will cause surfaces to become slippery, and only lasts a few seconds. Common.
718Zygarde Zygarde Land's Wrath Zygarde creates tremors upon the stage, damaging all grounded opponents, while at the same time throwing rocks from the ground that damage opponents they hit. Very rare.

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