Super Smash Bros. Energy Bashers is a TV show. it is also the 6th not cancelled TV show in the Lich22 Generation of super smash bros. feel free to fill in any empty spots. ok. now go down here! seriously, stop reading this! please stop! FINE, stay up here. (joke)

Main Characters

Image Name Description Series
Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World
Mario He's the star of the show. He can jump high, get powerups, and etc. Super Mario
Luigi MPNLands
Luigi He's the sidekick of mario. He can jump higher, get powerups and etc. Super Mario
Unten He's the mascot of Fantendo. He's the last of the race known as "Beorns". That One Series With A Long And Unintresting Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember
Kirby He's the puffball that can inhale things, get powers from them, etc. Kirby
Mariosonic sonic
Sonic He's the fast hedgehog that has fast speed, good skills, etc. Sonic The Hedgehog
Wario MPNLands
Wario This greedy fellow is back in action! he is villainous, very greedy, etc. Super Mario
JoeCreature Wars
Joe The only spider in the hero team, he can make webs, tie villains up in webs, etc. Creature Wars
Link He's the hero of time, and the hero of hyrule. He has Navi with him in some episodes. Legend Of Zelda
King Pig
King Pig He's the leader of the pigs and the villains. he usully wants the eggs to be stolen! Angry Birds


Each Season has a different amount of episodes. there are 13 seasons.

Season 1

this season has 45 episodes.

Episode Name Episode Description Title Slide
The Beginning Of A New Era A new era is coming but the characters have to prepare but aliens from a distant planet are destracting them. will the people prepare in time or will they be too late?
Invasion Of The Pigs The pigs are invading Smash Town and stealing its eggs. will the heroes stop them in time?
The Grim Adventures Of Smash The Grim Reaper comes to Smash Town and is trying to defeat boogie man. will he suceed?
Frozen the land gets frozen by a ice queen. will the heroes save the land? find out!

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