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Super Smash Bros. Endeavor (often referred to simply as SSBE) is the sequel to the fourth Smash Bros. titles, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, making it the fifth in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game is co-developed by Sora Ltd., a past developer of the Super Smash Bros. series, and Pixelburst, a hyper-small company which, oddly enough, mostly develops RPGs. As with previous Smash Bros. titles, this game introduces a wide selection of new Nintendo all-stars to the cast.


Name Description Moveset
SSBEndeavor Mario
Super Mario Bros.
No Smash Bros. game would be complete without Nintendo's grand hero! Mario retains his classic moveset from previous titles, albeit with the return of his Mario Tornado and the introduction of a new Final Smash! St. Special - Fireball

Up Special - Super Jump Punch
Side Special - Crazy Cap
Down Special - Cape
Final Smash - Gold Mario

SSBEndeavor Luigi
Super Mario Bros.
Just as no Smash Bros. game would be complete without Mario, no game with Mario would be just right without the little bro with nothing to lose! And this time, he isn't taking foes on alone... St. Special - Iceball

Up Special - Luiginary Boost
Side Special - Green Missile
Down Special - Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash - Luiginary Attack

Super Mario Bros.
The kindhearted monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom. When she isn't busy being kidnapped by turtles or other miscellaneous hostile royal families, she is a sports connoisseur, an expert pastry chef, and a veteran fighter. St. Special - Toad

Up Special - Peach Parasol
Side Special - Peach Bomber
Down Special - Vegetable
Final Smash - Peach Blossom

Super Mario Bros.
The tyrannical fire-breathing turtle king hell-bent on capturing the heart (and throne) of Princess Peach while wiping the floor with his red-clad nemesis, Mario. He's still welcome to a friendly bout of go-karting, though. St. Special - Flame Breath

Up Special - Whirling Fortress
Side Special - Flying Slam
Down Special - Bowser Bomb
Final Smash - Dry Bowser

SSBEndeavor Link
The Legend of Zelda
The legendary Hero of Time and wielder of the Master Sword! This version gifts Link with the Twilight Princess look once more - Gale Boomerang and all - but introduces a more fitting Final Smash. St. Special - Hero's Bow

Up Special - Spin Attack
Side Special - Gale Boomerang
Down Special - Bomb
Final Smash - Light Arrow

SSBEndeavor Pikachu
The most well-known Pokémon, Pikachu is back. He's most noteworthy for being among the faster fighters, featuring excellent mobility and projectile range. Plus, no enemy could hit something so cute...! St. Special - Thunder Wave

Up Special - Quick Attack
Side Special - Skull Bash
Down Special - Thunder
Final Smash - Catastropika

A featherweight of a Pokémon and one of the floatiest fighters in Smash. She may be good in the air, but she can be sent flying so easily! Good thing she has a few moves that make up for her paper-thin defenses. St. Special - Rollout

Up Special - Sing
Side Special - Pound
Down Special - Rest
Final Smash - Hyper Voice

SSBEndeavor Kirby
An adorable pink puffball from Dreamland with limited flight, the ability to copy his enemies, and a large variety of other special powers. Yeah, he's real dangerous. If only he wasn't such a lightweight. St. Special - Inhale

St. (Copy Ability) - Copied Attack
Up Special - Final Cutter
Side Special - Hammer Flip
Down Special - Stone
Final Smash - Hypernova

King Dedede
The greedy and oafish self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, and Kirby's on-again-off-again nemesis. They share some common ground, like impossible appetites, but Dedede is just too selfish to ever share anything! St. Special - Gordo Throw

Up Special - Super Dedede Jump
Side Special - Jet Hammer
Down Special - Rocket Spin
Final Smash - Masked Dedede

SSBEndeavor Robin
Fire Emblem
A magic-wielding tactician who guides the Shepherds of Ylisse to victory in their battles against evil. Their fighting style combines spellslinging and swordplay, making them a serious threat regardless of their distance. St. Special - Thunder

Up Special - Elwind
Side Special - Arcfire
Down Special - Nosferatu
Final Smash - Pair Up

SSBEndeavor Pit
Kid Icarus
The flightless angel that leads Palutena's Royal Guard, which consists almost exclusively of soldiers that can fly. That must really hurt. Pit makes up for this with experience, resilience, and sheer determination. St. Special - Palutena's Bow

Up Special - Power of Flight
Side Special - Upperdash Arm
Down Special - Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash - Great Sacred Treasure

SSBEndeavor DK
Donkey Kong
The king of the jungle, Donkey Kong likes to relax with his banana hoard, but often finds himself on adventures to reclaim said hoard. Usually from crocodiles. Crocodiles can't even eat bananas, though... St. Special - Giant Punch

Up Special - Spinning Kong
Side Special - Headbutt
Down Special - Hand Slap
Final Smash - Donkey Konga

SSBEndeavor Inkling
YOU'RE A KID YOU'RE A SQUI-- yeah, no. This feisty fashion-obsessed fighter participates in Turf Wars for ill bragging rights and cash to buy obscene amounts of clothes. On the side, they fight Octolings as Agent 3! St. Special - Splat Bomb

Up Special - Squid Jump
Side Special - Inky Torpedo
Down Special - Scuba Slam
Final Smash - Inkstrike

SSBEndeavor Shulk
Xenoblade Chronicles
TBA! St. Special - Monado Aura

Up Special - Air Slash
Side Special - Back Slash
Down Special - Vision
Final Smash - Monado Buster

SSBEndeavor Wario
The overweight garlic-munching doppelganger who... doesn't fight Mario much, actually. He instead focuses his efforts into money-making schemes ranging from Grand Theft TV Show to selling videogames. St. Special - Chomp

Up Special - Corkscrew
Side Special - Wario Bike
Down Special - Wario Waft
Final Smash - Wario-Man

SSBEndeavor Waluigi
Mario Sports
TBA! St. Special - Serve!

Up Special - Bomber Jump
Side Special - Driver Tornado
Down Special - Machine Gun Kick
Final Smash - Wall-Luigi

SSBEndeavor Samus
A bounty hunter who more often than not ends up acting more like pest control. She is armed with a variety of special weapons, including an arm-mounted plasma cannon, a stash of missiles and bombs, and vision filters. St. Special - Charge Shot

Up Special - Screw Attack
Side Special - Missile
Down Special - Bomb
Final Smash - Zero Laser

SSBEndeavor Fox
Star Fox
Leader of the galactic mercenary team called Star Fox, as well as an ace pilot. Fox brings a Blaster and a Reflector to his land fights, as he did in previous games, and can also call in a tank-like Landmaster. St. Special - Blaster

Up Special - Fire Fox
Side Special - Fox Illusion
Down Special - Reflector
Final Smash - Landmaster

SSBEndeavor Yoshi
Yoshi's Island
A friendly green dinosaur with an unquenchable appetite for monsters and fruit. It's also an occasional (but reluctant!) babysitter. This time around, it ups its ammunition size with its new Mega Eggdozer Final Smash! St. Special - Egg Lay

Up Special - Egg Throw
Side Special - Egg Roll
Down Special - Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash - Mega Eggdozer

SSBEndeavor Isaac
Golden Sun
The primary hero of the Golden Sun series. Isaac is a Venus Adept - that is, a human who uses magical Psynergy techniques. In fact, he is often considered to be among the most powerful Venus Adepts in the world! St. Special - Ragnarok

Up Special - Whirlwind
Side Special - Move
Down Special - Spire
Final Smash - Megiddo

SSBEndeavor WonderfulOnes
The Wonderful 101
A group of one hundred and one mighty superheroes led by Wonder Red. By combining their bodies together, they can create the gigantic Unite weaponry that they use to protect the world and solve problems. St. Special - Unite Hand

Up Special - ???
Side Special - ???
Down Special - ???
Final Smash - ???

SSBEndeavor Ness
A brave young lad who trades swords and magic for baseball bats and psychic power on his quest to defeat Giygas. He can also talk to animals and teleport long distances. Don't be fooled by his youth! St. Special - PSI Flash

Up Special - PSI Thunder
Side Special - PSI Fire
Down Special - PSI Magnet
Final Smash - PSI Rockin

Captain Falcon

Up Special - Falcon Dive
Side Special - Raptor Boost
Down Special - Falcon Kick
Final Smash - Falcon Inferno

SSBEndeavor IceClimbers
Ice Climbers
TBA! St. Special - Ice Shot

Up Special - Belay
Side Special - Squall Hammer
Down Special - Blizzard
Final Smash - Iceberg

Mii Heroes
A legendary team of heroes on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord, who is stealing the faces of everyone in Miitopia and putting them onto monsters. And the best part - you're the leader of these heroes! St. Special - Lightning

Up Special - Spin Slash
Side Special - Jump Slash
Down Special - Booby Trap
Final Smash - Great Spin Slash

SSBEndeavor Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog
TBA! St. Special - Homing Attack

Up Special - Spring
Side Special - Light Speed Dash
Down Special - Spin Charge
Final Smash - Super Sonic

SSBEndeavor PhoenixWright
Ace Attorney
TBA! St. Special - Magatama

Up Special - Violent Sneeze
Side Special - Evidence
Down Special - Maya's Aid
Final Smash - Turnabout Ultimatum

SSBEndeavor Crono
Chrono Trigger
TBA! St. Special - Lightning

Up Special - Cyclone
Side Special - Wind Slash
Down Special - Frenzy
Final Smash - Delta Force

SSBEndeavor Joker
The teenage leader of the Phantom Thieves of Heart - a group of Persona-wielding burglars who steal corruption from the hearts of the wicked. His Persona is Arsene, a being based off a Maurice Leblanc character. St. Special - Eigaon

Up Special - Survival Trick
Side Special - Sprint
Down Special - Ambush Leap
Final Smash - Hold Up


Name Description
Super Smash Bros.
Another take on the most standard stage! This hilltop temple has appeared in nearly every prior title, and is a staple of Smash Bros. games. It's four-platform layout and small design makes it ideal for simple fights.
Final Destination
Super Smash Bros.
The competitive player's choice, thanks to it's simple, hazard-free style. The best of the best duke it out on this featureless, rather wide stage to prove that they're REAL Super Smash Bros. players.
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.
The 8-bit platformer often credited with single-handedly saving the gaming industry from death. This is an auto-scrolling level that cycles through every single level in the original and its sequel, The Lost Levels.
Tokyo-to Tour
Jet Set Radio
A bus-top tour through the many colorful districts of Tokyo-to, offering a view of the turf war between the roller-skating graffiti artists and corrupt law enforcement. Sometimes, these factions will even join the bus ride!

Smash Trophies


Assist Trophies aid the summoner in various ways by either harming their enemies or boosting their strengths. They despawn after a short amount of time.

Name Effect
Fire Emblem
Lyn stands in place for a moment while concentrating intensely on the opponents, a hand on her sword, before suddenly and almost unavoidably striking a random opponent at high-speed with a slash.
The namesake of its home game, the Metroid seeks out opponents and latches onto their heads. It then proceeds to deal continuous damage to the host, over and over. They can be dispelled early by ice attacks.
Animal Crossing
The mayor's secretary. She aids the fighter who summoned her in by tossing healing fruits their way. Of course, if the fruit misses, enemies can snatch them up from off of the ground...
The Legend of Zelda
The friendly demon enters with a menacing roar, but quickly becomes frightened by all of the fighting. If all of the players can agree to stop fighting for a sec, the pleased Batreaux will summon a few rare items before despawning.
Broom Hatter
This rather below-average Assist just moves across the stage methodically, sweeping the ground. Enemies that run into him get damaged, and his broom tosses items around, but otherwise? He kinda sucks.
Cream and Cheese
Sonic the Hedgehog
Cream and her Chao buddy follow the summoner. Having her follow the summoner allows them to perform three extra small jumps after their initial jump. It also works on Multi-Jump characters.
Ditto appears on stage and strikes a cute pose. After a few moments, it will transform into a random fighter and fight alongside the summoner for a short period of time. (Ditto's attacks only deal 1/2 of the original damage.)
Super Mario Bros.
Upon being called in, Lubba will create a rain of Starbits and other small items. The rain does a small bit of damage and has fixed (and low) knockback. He may also call down a meteor!
Star Fox
Peppy hops off of the stage and into an Arwing. He occasionally swoops in, firing at opponents with blasts or Smart Bombs or knocking them off their feet with a well-placed barrel roll.
The Legend of Zelda
Saria sits on a tree stump in the spot where she was summoned, playing a merry tune on the Fairy's Ocarina and increasing the power, knockback resistance, and speed of the summoner. Occasionally, her song also summons Darunia!


Boss Trophies are much, much rarer - almost never appearing in Time matches under five minutes in length - and change the pacing of the battle quite a bit. Unlike Assist Trophies, they do not despawn after short periods of time. Most will always attempt to do harm to all players except the summoner, and only despawn when defeated. They also release a specific hazardous effect when defeated that doesn't harm the summoner or the one who landed the finishing blow, such as an explosion. The bosses summoned by these trophies also appear in Adventure Mode as... well... bosses! (With a boost in health and power, of course.)

Name Health Effect
Master Hand
Super Smash Bros.
200 A classic boss in Smash Bros. history, this giant right hand strikes with all of his old techniques - blasts from a finger gun, slamming into the ground, and other moves that you would expect from a giant floating hand. However, he doesn't move from his usual position, and doesn't attack to frequently, so it's easy to whale at him.
Upon defeat, Master Hand flies into the background, exploding slowly before releasing one final shockwave that can launch foes.

Theme: Final Destination
Crazy Hand
Super Smash Bros.
200 A slightly wilder brother of Master Hand, this colossal left hand uses tactics similar to those of Master Hand, but with a few odd twists and crazy variations on attacks. Unpredictability is the edge that this fist has on it's counterpart. On rare occasions, though, both Master Hand and Crazy Hand can be summoned at once...
Upon defeat, Crazy Hand flies into the background, exploding slowly before releasing three small shockwaves that vary in rhythm and can launch foes. And if he AND Master Hand were summoned and defeated, something even stronger is summoned...

Theme: Final Destination
Petey Piranha
Super Mario Bros.
200 A beast of a plant, Petey Piranha takes up a large portion of the screen. He fights with twin Chain Chomps in the place of two certain cages from his previous appearance in Smash, scraping them across the field and swinging them in circles. He can also jump across the stage. Overall, he's the Mario of the bosses in terms of stat balance.
Upon defeat, Petey Piranha wobbles, then collapses, launching foes that he lands on, before slipping off of the stage.

Theme: Vs. Boss
350 Once known as Pokey Minch, this young man joined the side of Giygas during Ness' era at the cost of his sanity. Upon Giygas' defeat, he fled via time travel - this time at the cost of his body, causing him to become sickly and frail. So he fights inside a spider-like mech. It is rather slow, but boasts a wide array of electrical and explosive-based attacks.
Upon defeat, Porky's mech explodes, dealing damage to foes within vicinity.

Theme: Porky Means Business!
275 No. 384 in the Pokédex, and the Flying/Dragon-type Sky High Pokémon. This airborne menace fights foes using powerful mouth-based blast of energy and spear-like body strikes. It moves quickly and strikes hard, but follows a predictable movement pattern and doesn't move from its spawn point when not attacking.
Upon defeat, Rayquaza retreats to the foreground and charges towards the stage for one last-ditch attack - releasing a shockwave that damages ground-based foes - before falling away.

Theme: Battle! Zinnia
Blinky, Inky, Pinky, & Clyde
75 each These four multicolored poltergeists float around the stage, each following their own specific movement patterns in their attempt to knock foes into each other for some epic teamwork juggling. Individually, however, they are quite weak, so take them down one by one, and victory is yours!
Upon defeat, the four ghosts simply turn into eyes and fly off of the stage.

Theme: PAC-MAN (Club Mix)
Flying Men
X The yellow aerial stage hazard from SSB3DS gets an upgrade! The aerial menace fights almost exclusively from in the air, targeting foes with diving tackles and midair strikes. Unlike most other bosses, he has no health! He can only be KOd be knocking him off of the stage - similarly to the fighters! Oh, also, you fight five of these guys in a row.
Upon defeat, the Flying Men simply get launched off-screen like any other foe. However, with each one's death, they leave behind a gravestone. When all five are down, the gravestones disappear from the stage.

Theme: F-F-Fire!
Metal Face
Xenoblade Chronicles
250 One of the few Mechon with a face, a voice, and resistance to the Monado, Metal Face is an extremely cruel and taunting fellow. He strikes foes with swift slashes. His most dangerous feature, however, is his armor - which nullifies physical damage. However, if one has access to elemental techniques, or can topple him with a few well-placed Smash attacks...
Upon defeat, Metal Face releases an explosion comparable to the Smart Bomb (if weaker) while flying haphazardly about the stage.

Theme: Confrontation with the Enemy
King Boo
Super Mario Bros.
100 The king. Of the Boos. King Boo does not fight enemies directly, but instead weaves illusions and deceptions. Players are given few opportunities to strike at him directly, but when they are, this spectre is bound to be in trouble. While hiding, he harms players using mischievous traps and swarms of Boos.
Upon defeat, King Boo and his army is sucked offstage by a whirlwind. This chaotic departure can result in players being hit by the Boos or even caught in the whirlwind.

Theme: King Boo Battle
Super Mario Bros.
130 One of the weakest bosses but by far one of the fastest. Fawful's mobility is insane, and his small size makes him a tricky target. He uses his helmet to fly across the stage, and will vacuum up players and items to use as makeshift projectiles. Sometimes, when summoned, he enters his more powerful Dark Fawful form.
Upon defeat, Fawful puffs up and then explodes, releasing stars that rebound off of walls and floors and damage foes.

Theme: In The Final
King Dodongo
The Legend of Zelda
400 A brute of a dinosaur, armed with flaming breath and powerful armor. However, if you're willing to risk taking fire damage, you can damage him by striking his mouth when it opens! He also has tank-like HP, but a severe weakness to bomb items, so if your character has an explosive attack, you might want to use that.
Upon defeat, King Dodongo flails about, breathing fire wildly and knocking foes away while slowly turning into stone, before exploding.

Theme: Boss Battle: Ocarina of Time
Toon Ganondorf
The Legend of Zelda
210 Toon Ganondorf is one of the more mobile bosses. Armed with a design and moveset taken from Wind Waker, Toon Ganondorf jumps across the stage and strikes foes with his dual swords. He is rather vulnerable to people reflecting his projectiles, and light-based techniques tends to deal extensive damage to him.
Upon defeat, Ganondorf slowly turns into a statue mid-movement. The statue can be shattered by attacks, releasing shrapnel.

Theme: Ganondorf Battle
Giratina (Origin Forme)
300 No. 487 in the Pokédex, and the Ghost- and Dragon-type Renegade Pokémon. This is the form that Giratina takes in the Distortion World, and it's much more hostile in this form. It uses a variety of dark techniques to strike foes at high speed, but it rarely moves from the spot it was summoned into.
Upon defeat, Giratina is pulled into the Distortion World by a mysterious vortex. The vortex also pulls foes inwards, launching them away on contact.

Theme: Battle! Giratina
Heavy Lobster
300 A massive metal beast that protects Meta Knight's flying warship, the Halberd, from intruders. Aside from a few new attacks involving it's new axis of movement, the Heavy Lobster's attack strategies are identical to those that it used when first encountered on the Halberd all those years ago.
Upon defeat, the Heavy Lobster collapses, armor scattering. The scrap parts can be picked up and thrown.

Theme: Heavy Lobster
Donkey Kong
250 A floating war machine trapping two certain Kongs within. This monstrosity floats around the stage, blasting foes with it's jet booster, blades, lasers, and boxing gloves. It's sole vulnerable point is it's head, so aim well, jump high, and make sure you have plenty of powerful aerial attacks on hand!
Upon defeat, KAOS releases a series of explosion as it sinks to the ground, then releases a larger explosion.

Theme: Boss Boogie
Kid Icarus
300 The rock-formed commander of Viridi's Forces of Nature. He's a powerhouse in his own right, and has TONS of health. His attacks include rolls, slams, ground pounds, and megaton punches. But despite this boss's health and attack power, it is ridiculously slow and very large. Plus, it has a weak spot on it's back.
Upon defeat, Cragalanche collapses. His heavy weight can knock foes away. He then slowly sinks into the ground - reclaimed by the earth.

Theme: Boss Battle 1
Game & Watch
225 A jerky and durable fry cook who fights by flinging meat across the stage. You may remember him from Flat Zone 2, where he appeared as a stage hazard. This time, though, he's willing to cook up both curry and enemies on his trusty frying pan, so be sharp or fight him from a distance!
Upon defeat, Chef gives up and simply walks off of the stage. But if an enemy is caught on his frying pan when he's defeat, he'll carry them away with him!

Theme: Flat Zone
Metal Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog
120 Mimicking Sonic's high-speed attacks and using a few special techniques of his own, Metal Sonic (quite similarly to his flesh counterpart) is one of the fastest yet smallest bosses. He's also pretty hardy, too! However, most of his attacks are a bit weak and fairly easy to dodge.
Upon defeat, Metal Sonic spirals towards a foe, exploding on contact with the ground.

Theme: Rival Battle - Metal Sonic

Adventure Mode

An overview of the events that transpire during the game's Adventure Mode can be found on this page.


A list of the musical tracks in the game can be found on this page. (Not like anyone likes going through a list that long... -_-')

NOTICE: The list is outdated! It will be updated eventually, but until then, it is considered very inaccurate!