Super Smash Bros. Emissary is the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. series. It will be released on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2015. This game includes a few newcomers and brings a ton of old characters back into the fighting genre. It's followed by Super Smash Bros. Ultra Dash!!.



Name Series Final Smash
Mario Super Mario Mega Mario
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Triple Finish
Link Legend of Zelda Wolf Link
Kirby Kirby Ultra Sword
Ness EarthBound PK Starstorm
Mike Chilton* Motorcity Mutt Drive
Ryu* Street Fighter Ren Hadoken
The Flock* Angry Birds Mighty Eagle
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Konga Beat
Mega Man* Mega Man Full Charged Blaster
Bowser Super Mario Giga Bowser
Dr. Eggman* Sonic the Hedgehog Egg Dragoon Shootout
Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Beast Ganon
King Dedede Kirby Waddle Dee Army
Porky* EarthBound Mecha Form
Abraham Kane* Motorcity Kane Bot Swarm
Zangief* Street Fighter Ultimate Atomic Buster
King Pig* Angry Birds Helmet Pig Launch
Steve* Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe of Doom


Name Series Final Smash How to Unlock
Miles "Tails" Prower* Sonic the Hedgehog Tornado Bomb Beat Tails at a special fight before the player can play the 3rd Event of the Event Stadium.
Solid Snake Metal Gear Grenade Launcher Finish Event 63.
Notch* Minecraft Hostile Mobs Win 50 matches as Steve.
R.O.B. Nintendo Diffusion Laser Unlock in Story Mode.
Samus/Zero Suit Samus Meteroid Zero Laser Unlock in Story Mode.
Wario WarioWare Wario-Man Finish Event 10 or play 10 matches as Mario.
Toon Link Legend of Zelda Triforce Slash Win 70 matches as Link.
Fox Star Fox Landmaster Unlock in Story Mode.
Falco Star Fox Landmaster Get his trophy in "Trophy Capture".
Zelda/Sheik Legend of Zelda Light Arrow Win 10 matches as Toon Link/ Link.
Pikachu Pokemon Volt Tackle Win 30 matches as Pokemon Trainer.
Peach Super Mario Peach Blossom Win 50 matches as Mario.
Luigi Super Mario Poltergest 5000 Win 70 matches as Mario or Peach.


Name Series Final Smash
Chuck* Motorcity Brave Chuck
Olimar Pikmin End of the Day
Pit Kid Icarus Palutena's Army
Knuckles the Echidna* Sonic the Hedgehog Master Emerald
Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch Octopus
Yoshi Super Mario Super Dragon
Edd Gould* Eddsworld Zombeh Attack
Mii (Male)* Nintendo Mii Party
Mii (Female)* Nintendo Mii Assisters
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Iceberg
Marth Fire Emblem Critical Hit
Mewtwo Pokemon Energy Ball
Lucario Pokemon Aura Storm
Creeper* Minecraft Creeper Hoarde
Tom Ridgewell* Eddsworld Machine Gun 
Matt Hagreaves* Eddsworld Taser Shock
Captain Falcon F-Zero Blue Falcon
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Rocketbarrel Barrage
Meta Knight Kirby Galaxia Darkness
Fawful* Super Mario Quote Performance
  • - Character is a newcomer


  • Story Mode- Play the main adventure.
  • Wi-Fi Battle- Play with other SSBE players worldwide!
  • Custom Matchup- Duke it out with up to 3 friends at your home.
  • Extras Room- Enjoy some of your proudest moments, play Trophy Capture, view the trophies or stickers you have, and make your own stages.
  • Miiverse (Wii U only)- Chat with other players of the game.
  • Event Stadium- Play through 100 events and unlock characters, trophies, and stickers along the way.


  • Assist Trophy (characters TBA)
  • Apple
  • Banana Peel
  • Barrel
  • Beam Sword
  • Blast Box
  • Bob-omb
  • Bumper
  • Bunny Hood
  • Capsule
  • Cardboard Box (Snake only)
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Wario Bike
  • Wario Wheels
  • Mushroom
  • Poision Mushroom
  • Smash Ball
  • Dragoon



Stage Name Series Description
Poke Floats (Unova) Pokemon Battle atop several Unova Pokemon including Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, and Minncino.
Comet Observatory Super Mario  Take down your opponents in Comet Observatory.
Neo Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog A redone version of the Green Hill Zone from Sonic Advance.
Burner's Garage Motorcity Face off in the hangout of the Burners.
Castle Gardens Legend of Zelda Where Ocarina of Time began, fight for the hand of Zelda!
Training Stage Nintendo Train for glory and fight to tell the story!
Rising Dragoon Street Fighter Atop a majestic peak, fight for the hope of living.
Eddsworld Home Eddsworld Fight in and outside the the Eddsworld home.
Mii Plaza Nintendo Battle in the Mii's home with other Miis passing by.


In Event Stadium, there are a total of 100 events to play, some include rewards, some don't.

Event Name Characters Objective Reward
1. Starter's Fight

Mario (stock: 3)

Link (stock: 3)

Take out the opponent! N/A
2. Sonic Showdown

Sonic (stock: 3)

Ryu (stock: 3)

Mega Man (stock: 3)

Battle at Rising Dragoon  Special Fight: Sonic vs. Tails

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