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Rise of The Elites is the Adventure Mode of Super Smash Bros. Elite.


Bold=Character debut

Level 1-The Sky Field

Mario,Link,Kirby, and Pikachu are fighting in a flying arena. You then have to choose one to fight with. Your chosen character will fight the other 3.

After the fight, a mysterious figure flies down and grows swords on its arms.You then have to choose all 4 in a seperate, and then beat the monster.After he's defeated,he will cut the stage, causing it to explode.Our 4 heroes split up and fly away...

Level 2-The Plains

Kirby is revealed to have landed on a sleeping R.O.B in a field. It then decides to follow the running Kirby.

After R.O.B and Kirby enter a place with trees,a tornado rushes after them.After escaping the tornado in a side-scroller part,R.O.B blasts a laser into the tornado causing it to stop and fade away.

The tornado is then revealed to be a Snivy using Leaf Tornado.Kirby,Ticked off by it, tries to pummel the Snivy, R.O.B stops him by shooting a gyromite, causing him to pass out.Afterwards, Snivy and R.O.B face a bunch of wild pokemon.

After defeating the Pokemon, Kirby wakes up and joins the 2.

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