Tepig is a newcomer to Super Smash Bros. Elements. He debuted in Pokemon Black and White, but this edition brings some moves from "PokePark 2". His home stage is Crag Area.


  • Neutral Attack- Headbutts, Headbutts again, and then whips with his tail. 2%, 3%, 1%
  • Forward Tilt- Releases flames from his nose. 4%
  • Up Tilt- Spins around on his back, rising him into the air a bit. 5%
  • Down Tilt- Does a small flip while kicking his legs. 4% (front legs) 6% (back legs)
  • Dash Attack- Rolls forward, like Rollout. 7%
  • Forward Smash- Releases flames from his nose, like the forward tilt, except the flames are more intense. 15% (Start of flames) 11% (End of flames)
  • Up Smash- Several flame bursts appear above Tepig. 16% (First burst), 14% (Second burst), 11% (Third Burst) 10% (Fourth Burst)
  • Down Smash- A headbutt to the ground. Can bury at high %. 15%.
  • Neutral Air- Turns into a ball and spins in the air. 4% (Clean) 2% (Late)
  • Forward Air- A rock smashes in front of him. 10%.</span>
  • Back Air- Swings his back legs down, creating a meteor smash on impact. 5%
  • Down Air- Engulfs Tepig in flames and then crashes to the ground. Meteor smashes hit people. 10%<
  • Grab- Is very short. Grabs the opponent in his mouth.
  • Pummel- Bites the opponent. 2%
  • Forward Throw- Flings the opponent forward, then shoots a ember at the thrown opponent, like Fox's throw. 6% for throw, 2% for blast.
  • Backward Throw- Same as the forward throw, but throws them backwards.
  • Up Throw< - Flings them shortly upwards, then uses Smog to knock the opponent in the air. 5% (Throw) 0% (Smog). Smog has a "poison" effect, where it does 1% every couple seconds to the opponent for the next 6 seconds. However, it has some lag.
  • Down Throw- Throws the opponent down, and rams over them with rollout. 7% (Throw), 5% (Rollout)
  • Edge Attack- Climbs up and headbutts. 2%.</span>


  • Neutral Special (Flamethrower)- Shoots a stream of flames forward. Has a "burn" effect afterwards. 14%
  • Side Special (Flame Charge)- Engulfs Tepig in flames, before making him charge forward in the fury. In the middle of it, he can change direction. If done in the air and hits someone while going down, it will have a meteor effect. 15% (Start), 10% (Middle), 7% (End)
  • Up Special (Portal)- Goes through a portal from PokePark and reappears in another portal. Like Sheik's up special, you can control the direction where you reappear.
  • Down Special (Heat Crash)- Shoots down to the ground in flames and makes a large explosion when he lands. Doesn't work on the ground. 8% (Crashing to ground), 13% (Explosion)

Final Smash (Emboar Combo)

Turn into Emboar and preform a head smash. Whoever gets caught in this head smash gets teleported into the air, where Emboar shoots tons of Embers, and then finishes off with a Hammer Arm. 5% (Head Smash) 8% per Ember, 30% (Hammer Arm)

Palette Swaps

  • Orange- Default
  • Yellow- Resembles Shiny Tepig
  • Blue- Resembles Shiny Emboar
  • Pink- Resembles a actual pig
  • Red- Resembles a red waddle hog
  • Green- green tepig.
  • Emboar Shirt- Puts on Emboar's "shirt" (Shirt with Emboar's body pattern)


  • Up- Jumps up and flips. Repeats this 3 times.
  • Side- Chases a random pokemon around in a circle
  • Down- Smoke comes out of his nose.

Winning Animations

  • Runs around in a circle with Snivy and Oshawatt.
  • Falls asleep, then wakes up
  • Dances around as text above him says "Opponent (random character who was fighting in the match) fainted!"

Losing Animations

  • Makes hands out of fire and claps with them.

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