Super Smash Bros. Elementals
Logo by Thingynothingy (tbc)
Developer(s) Topaz Central
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) ShadicMCGS
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
WW - December 7th, 2019
Age Rating(s)
ESRB T426px-PEGI 12.svg (1)CERO BACB PG
Genre(s) Fighting, Action
Series Super Smash Bros
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Elementals is an upcoming installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. Confirmed to be the second installment of the series to be released on the Nintendo Switch, this game is developed by Topaz Central. This game will be released on December 7th, 2019, as a worldwide and a simultaneous release.

The game's main theme is a remix of beta intro of SSF2, and can be found here.


A new feature to the game is a new elemental system. The system includes ten elements, which are Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Earth, Air, Tech, Metal, Light and Dark. Unlike other games that have an elemental system, where they have one type be weak against one, but strong against another, characters with different elements improve their attacks, not just which element is weak and strong against others.

  • Air: Allows floatier jumps and can easily recover from the air. However, they can be knocked back easily.
  • Dark: Allows to blind opponents by doing a smash attack at others, for 3 seconds. However, any high-light attacks doubles the damage they take.
  • Earth: Allows stronger damage for smash attacks and can deal strong knockback. However, they are slower than the others. 
  • Electric: Allows longer-lasting shields and stuns opponents after being attacked for two seconds and/or having the target doing a Perfect Shield. However, they damage themselves by 0.2% after they stun other opponents.
  • Fire: Allows to burn opponents after any smash attack and can deal more powerful attacks. However, they're easier to be defeated when they're over 100% damage.
  • Light: Allows easier dodging and be able to heal from 3%-10%, every 30 secs. However, they become vulnerable while healing.
  • Metal: Allows sword attacks to deal more damage and attack combos multiply damage by x0.5. However, air dodging is shorter than others.
  • Nature: Allows long-range grabs and powerful throws. However, if hit by a fire attack, they'll take damage as they're been burned.
  • Tech: Allows projectiles to be shot faster and further air dodging. However, their shields last shorter than others.
  • Water: Allows faster run speed and have quicker dodges than others. However, they can't recover as well.

Game Modes

All of the modes are divided into five sections, like Ultimate, with the same sections. A list of all of the modes include:

  • Smash: The best way to play Smash! Up to 8 players can join in the fun, or even up to 64 players in the Tourney Mode. Sqaud Strike and Smashdown return and are even better than ever!
    • Smash: It's the regular mode to play Smash! You can have intense 1v1 battles, play casual free-for-all matches, or even better, 8-player mayhem to make things more chaotic!
    • Special Smash: If you want to pump up the wackiness, try Special Smash! Here, you can be metal, reflect with badges and jump really high, but don't worry about records, 'cause these matches won't count!
    • Squad Strike: Returning from Ultimate, is an unique mode pitting two teams of three, five or now, seven! With this, 14 players cam play representing a character each!
    • Smashdown: Returning from Ultimate, is a tactical type mode, cause once you play as a character, you can't play them again! That raises a question, will you start with your mains and struggle at the end, struggle at the start and finish with mains, or spread your mains out more?
    • Tourney Mode: Up to 64 players can participate in the Tourney Mode! Battle each other in a customised bracket to reign supreme and become the champion!
  • Online: If you're on your own and have the new online system, then just go to Online Play! You can play against other people online with different types of matches, enter online tournaments, and even check your own Global Smash Power! Just watch out for lag, ok?
  • Games & More: Check out the other modes right here! Play by yourself or with a friend in Classic Mode and All-Star Mode, as you fight your way through matches against any character! Or you can face multiple fighters with friends in Multi-Man Smash! Heck, even test yourself to see how good you're with other fighters in the Stadium!
    • Classic Mode:
    • All-Star Mode: The mode that has appeared since Melee! Unlike Ultimate however, it's back to the basics of Smash 3DS, with every fighter battling you in chronological order! You can only heal three times between battles, and you're on one lfie, so be careful!
    • Multi-Man Smash: The mode that allows you to smash clones of anything, Multi-Man Smash! If it's 10-Man, 100-Man, Cruel or even against a clone of your chosen fighter, this will test your knowledge and survival with the fighter.
    • Stadium:
    • Event Match:
    • Special Orders: This mode was unique in Smash for Wii U, and now that it's returned, it's better than ever! In Master Orders, you can choose a fight and recieve rewards, but lose and you get nothing. Crazy Orders are more risky, but you can play as many fights in 10 minutes, but lose a life and rewards will be lost.
  • Vault: If you're really bored, then just go to the section that separated the men from the boys, the Vault! You can build your own stage in Stage Builder, play games where fighters got their origins in Masterpieces, listen to your favourite music from your favourite series in Sound Test and see what kind of games appeared on each Nintendo console in Chronicle! This is the place to make, play and discover!
    • Stage Builder: Don't you think that being creative isn't allowed, because Stage Builder is here! This can be used in two different ways, in docked form (like Brawl) and handheld form (like Smash Wii U). You're also given a lot of stage pieces, and yes, some pieces are related to all of the franchises!
    • Sound Test: If you don't have any stage ideas, then you can jam out to some music! From the popular music of Mario and Kirby, to obscure franchises like Balloon Fight and Duck Hunt, heck, you can even listen to music from third-party franchises!
    • Masterpieces: Every character has to have their origins, and this is the place for all of those origins! Most fighters have their debut game on here, and there's a special game to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary.
    • Chronicle: If you think that we're running out of ideas, you are right! Chronicle lists every official game that has been released on Nintendo consoles, and hey, it's here just for funsies!


Shadic has confirmed that the roster will have 100 characters (with a maximum of 10 characters per element). It's also stated that all characters have been designed (or re-designed for returning veterans) to be close to their games, which will determine one of the ten elements they'll be representing. There are 30 characters unlocked from the start with the other 70 needed to be unlocked.


Elementals Starters Roster
The Starting Roster of Elementals


Image Name Series Elemental Group Description Special Moves
SMO Art - Mario Mario Super Mario Fire Mario, the Nintendo Mascot returns to the battle! Instead of his rusty cape and F.L.U.D.D, he now has his trusty Cappy, Mario 64 caps, his Flower Power and fireballs! With a new moveset, Mario is more unique and fun! Neutral Special: Fireball
Side Special: Cappy Grab
Up Special: Balloon Mario
Down Special: Cap Switch
Final Smash: Mario Finale
Luigi SSBUltimate Luigi Super Mario Electric Of course, if you have Mario, you gotta have the eternal understudy, Luigi! He has a different moveset from his brother, making him different from past versions. Neutral Special: Elemental Medals
Side Special: Green Missile
Up Special: Ghost
Down Special: Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash: Poltergust 5000
Peach SSBUltimate Peach Super Mario Light The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach, has joined Smash once again! Being based on her only star game, she now has a new moveset different from past versions! Neutral Special: Vibe
Side Special: Vegetable
Up Special: Floatbrella
Down Special: Poundbrella
Final Smash: Toad Rampage
Bowser SSBUltimate Bowser Super Mario Fire Everyone watch out and bow down for the leader of the Koopa Troop, Bowser! Bowser can really launch other fighters and fly them off the stage! Neutral Special: Fire Breath
Side Special: Flying Slam
Up Special: Whirling Fortress
Down Special: Bowser Bomb
Final Smash: Giga Bowser
YoshiCraftedWorld - Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Nature The green dinosaur of Nintendo, Yoshi, is back for more! He brings to the battle his eggs, his flutter jumps and food to the table. With the rise of a new Yoshi, this dinosaur is back for revenge! Neutral Special: Egg Throw
Side Special: Egg Roll
Up Special: Flutter Jump
Down Special: Egg Lay
Final Smash: Yoshi Runners!
Wario SSBUltimate Wario WarioWare Earth Mario's rival, Wario, is back once again in his fourth Smash game! Wario bases most of his attacks on WarioWare creations, made by others or himself! Neutral Special: Chomp
Side Special: Wario Bike
Up Special: Corkscrew
Down Special: Wario Waft
Final Smash: Wario-Man
MRKB Donkey Kong Stats Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Earth He's the leader of the bunch, you know his name, now Donkey Kong is here to stay! His coconut gun and barrels too, gonna his bananas unlike you! Neutral Special: Coconut Gun
Side Special: Banana Toss
Up Special: Barrel Blast
Down Special: Hand Slap
Final Smash: Arcade Dropper
SSBA Link Link The Legend of Zelda Tech The Master Sword once again calls the Hero of Hyrule, Link! Link now has his all of his runes and the powers of the champions.  Neutral Special: Bow
Side Special: Cryonis
Up Special: Revali's Gale
Down Special: Remote Bomb
Final Smash: Ancient Bow and Arrow
Zeldaultimate Zelda The Legend of Zelda Light Hyrule's own princess, Zelda, arrives into the battle of Smash, with a grand entrance! With a refined appearance and a new personality, she can really make fans go wild! Neutral Special: Nayru's Love
Side Special: Din's Flare
Up Special: Farore's Wind
Down Special: Phantom Slash
Final Smash: Triforce of Wisdom
Sheik SSBUltimate Sheik The Legend of Zelda Dark Sheik is a sneaky fighter, because after all, she is a ninja! She now uses her Harp as both an attack and a healing attack. Neutral Special: Needle Storm
Side Special: Bouncing Fish
Up Special: Vanish
Down Special: Harp
Final Smash: Sheikah Target
3DS MetroidSamusReturns char 015 Samus Metroid Metal The mentor of the Federation Force and adopted by Chozo, Samus Aran is better than ever! Samus retains her special moveset from past games, but now adjsuted to pack a punch! Neutral Special: Charge Beam
Side Special: Missile
Up Special: Screw Attack
Down Special: Bomb
Final Smash: Zero Laser
ZeroSuitSamus SSBUltimate Zero Suit Samus Metroid Electric Once again, ZSS is by herself, as a standalone playable character! Her newest Final Smash also returns, using the Varia Suit and her arm cannon to KO her opponents off the stage! Neutral Special: Paralyzer
Side Special: Plasma Whip
Up Special: Boost Kick
Down Special: Flip Jump
Final Smash: ???
Pit SSBUltimate Pit Kid Icarus Air The guardian of the Skyworld above is rising from the heavens once again to join Smash! Pit flies down into Smash, along with the goddess of light and his evil doppelganger! Neutral Special: Palutena Bow
Side Special: Upperdash Arm
Up Special: Power of Flight
Down Special: Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash: Lightning Chariot
DarkPit SSBUltimate Dark Pit Kid Icarus Dark Dark Pit is the evil doppelganger of Pit himself, and he's either fighting with him or against him! While he's mostly unchanged, surely he's still got the power in him! Neutral Special: Silver Bow
Side Special: Electroshock Arm
Up Special: Power of Flight
Down Special: Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash: Dark Pit Staff
KSA Kirby Artwork Kirby Kirby Air Kirby, Sakurai's own creation, that's been made to be easy for beginners. With his simple design and many copy abilities at hand, beginners would choose this fighter first. Neutral Special: Inhale
Side Special: Beam
Up Special: Final Cutter
Down Special: Stone
Final Smash: Ultra Sword
MetaKnight SSBUltimate Meta Knight Kirby Dark Meta Knight is a mysterious knight from Dream Land. He sometimes helps Kirby and Dedede, and was even proven the best fighter in the third battle! Neutral Special: Mach Tornado
Side Special: Drill Rush
Up Special: Shuttle Loop
Down Special: Dimensional Cape
Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness
Fox SSBUltimate Fox Star Fox Tech The leader of the Star Fox team, Fox McCloud, has never missed a game, and this is no exception. While he's fairly light, he's quick and nimble, being one of the fastest of the game. Neutral Special: Blaster
Side Special: Fox Illusion
Up Special: Fire Fox
Down Special: Reflector
Final Smash: Landmaster Beam
CaptainFalcon SSBUltimate Captain Falcon F-Zero Fire Captain Falcon is a strong character who's all about speed! His iconic Punch and Kick make him stand out from the rest! Neutral Special: Falcon Punch
Side Special: Raptor Boost
Up Special: Falcon Dive
Down Special: Falcon Kick
Final Smash: Blue Falcon
PikachuPokkénTournament Pikachu Pokémon Electric Pikachu is the 25th Pokémon overall, relying on speed and power to outwit al of his opponents! It now has a new special moveset, being close to the anime. Neutral Special: Electro Ball
Side Special: Iron Tail
Up Special: Quick Attack
Down Special:Thunder / Thunderbolt
Final Smash: Electroweb
Jigglypuff SSBUltimate Jigglypuff Pokémon Air The only Original 12 veteran that's known to nearly be cut many times, but she survived this time! She now has a proper recovery, even though it was formerly a side special. Neutral Special: Spit Up
Side Special: Rollout
Up Special: Pound
Down Special: Sleep
Final Smash: Sing
Ness SSBUltimate Ness Earthbound Light The young boy from Onett, Ness, is returning once again, like he never left! His buddies, Paula and Poo, come to assist him for his Final Smash. Neutral Special: PK Flash
Side Special: PK Fire
Up Special: PK Thunder
Down Special: PSI Magnet
Final Smash: PK Starstorm
Villager SSBUltimate Villager Animal Crossing Nature Villager was just a normal person at a town, and even a mayor! Now, he's back for more with planting, balloons and... timbering? Neutral Special: Pocket
Side Special: Lloid Rocket
Up Special: Balloon Trip
Down Special: Timber
Final Smash: Dream Home
Inkling SSBUltimate Inkling Splatoon Water The Inklings are the protagonists of one of Nintendo's newest IPs, Splatoon! They use weapons that are filled up with ink and paint. Neutral Special: Splattershot
Side Special: Splat Roller
Up Special: Super Jump
Down Special: Splat Bomb
Final Smash: Killer Wail
IceClimbers SSBUltimate Ice Climbers Ice Climber Water The ice-climbing duo is returning for the their fourth battle! Once Nana gets KO'ed, Popo's in trouble, but if he dies, Nana dies as well. Neutral Special: Ice Shot
Side Special: Squall Hammer
Up Special: Belay
Down Special: Blizzard
Final Smash: Iceberg
MiiFighters SSBUltimate Mii Fighters Super Smash Bros. Tech The Mii Fighters return, with a Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner. With changeable genders and weights, the fighter can be completely random! Neutral Special: Shot Put / Gale Strike / Charge Blast
Side Special: Onslaught / Airborne Assault / Flame Pillar
Up Special: Soaring Axe Kick / Stone Scabbard / Lunar Launch
Down Special: Head-On Assault / Blade Counter / Echo Reflector
Final Smash: Omega Blitz / Final Edge / Full Blast
WiiFitTrainer SSBUltimate Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Light Wii Fit Trainer is a fighter, that uses yoga and exercise techniques as her moveset. As an instructor, she could be flexible and have straight actions. Neutral Special: Sun Salutation
Side Special: Header
Up Special: Super Hoop
Down Special: Deep Breathing
Final Smash: Wii Fit
SonicForcesSonicFrontArtwork Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Nature SEGA's mascot, Sonic, returns to Smash! He's the fastest character in the game and can dodge quicker than other fighters. Neutral Special: Homing Attack
Side Special: Light Dash
Up Special: Spring Jump
Down Special: Boost
Final Smash: Super Sonic
Mega Man SSBUltimate Mega Man Mega Man Metal Mega Man is now back with even more moves from his Mega Man games! Even some from Mega Man 11 appear in his moveset. Neutral Special: Metal Blade
Side Special: Thunder Beam
Up Special: Rush Coil
Down Special: Block Dropper
Final Smash: Mega Legends
Pac-Man SSBUltimate Pac-Man PAC-MAN Electric Pac-Man is back once again to represent Bandai Namco! Not a lot is different about him, but that doesn't mean he's bad. Neutral Special: Bonus Fruit
Side Special: Power Pellet
Up Special: Pac-Jump
Down Special: Fire Hydrant
Final Smash: Super Pac-Man


Image Name Series Elemental Group Description Special Moves
IsaacResistance Isaac Golden Sun Light Oh great, not another swordsman! But wait, unlike other swordfighters, he heavily relies on psyenergetic powers for most attacks, unlike others, when they use their sword. Neutral Special: Vine
Side Special: Move
Up Special: Scoop
Down Special: Gaia
Final Smash: Judgement
Shadow Render Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Dark The Ultimate Life Form has arrived to Smash! Joining his rival, Sonic, it's double hedgehog action and the rivalry is even more intense. Neutral Special: Chaos Boost
Side Special: Chaos Spear
Up Special: Chaos Control
Down Special: Chaos Blast
Final Smash: Super Shadow


Link is here:

On November 6th, 2018, it was announced by Shadic that a Newcomer Ballot will be held and will end in early 2019 (either January or February). The top 25 realizable newcomers (characters that can easily become a fighter with an obvious element) will become a newcomer in Elementals.  From March to November, every 55 day-range will show a Topaz Central Direct (either general or Smash-exclusive), revealing 5 newcomers each time. Two newcomers have already been decided, however they're not considered to be part of the ballot. Because of this, the game's release date was pulled ahead to December 7th, 2019.


The final stage count will have ??? stages. However, it's been confirmed that every character will have their own home stage, with a stage from one of their recent or popular games. Also, every stage has an α and an Ω form. Below shows the starting stages of the game.

New stages (15)
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
FinalDestination SSBR
Final Destination
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
SSBA Crystal Islands
Crystal Islands
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
SSB Mario Series
Bowser's Castle SSF2
Bowser's Castle
SSB Mario Series
Wario Land
SSB Wario Series
Skyward voyage
Skyward Voyage
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Phase 8
Phase 8
SSB Metroid Series
Cookie Country
SSB Kirby Series
Corneria. (Zero) Obliteration
SSB Star Fox Series
Silph Co
Silph Co.
SSB Pokémon Series
Saturn Valley
SSB EarthBound Series
Venus Lighthouse - Brawl Hack
Venus Lighthouse
SSB Golden Sun Series
Studiopolis Zone
SSB Sonic Series
Sunset Heights
SSB Sonic Series
Returning stages (18)
PrincessPeachsCastle SSBU
SSBM Icon Princess Peach's Castle
SSB Mario Series
LuigisMansion SSBU
SSBB Icon Luigi's Mansion
SSB Mario Series
YoshisIslandMelee SSBU
SSBM Icon Yoshi's Island
SSB Yoshi Series
JungleJapes SSBU
SSBM Icon Jungle Japes
SSB Donkey Kong Series
SSBU-Great Plateau Tower SSBGR
SSBUltimate Icon Great Plateau Tower
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
SSBU-Gerudo Valley
SSB3DS Icon Gerudo Valley
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
SSBU-Brinstar Depths
SSBM Icon Brinstar Depths
SSB Metroid Series
SSBB Icon Skyworld
SSB Kid Icarus Series
SSBU-Reset Bomb Forest
SSB3DS Icon Reset Bomb Forest
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Halberd SSBU
SSBB Icon Halberd
SSB Kirby Series
SSBU-Big Blue
SSBM Icon Big Blue
SSB F-Zero Series
SSB64Icon Saffron City
SSB Pokémon Series
Smashville SSBU
SSBB Icon Smashville
SSB Animal Crossing Series
Moray Towers Ultimate
SSBUltimate Icon Moray Towers
SSB Splatoon Series
Summit SSBU
SSBB Icon Summit
SSB Ice Climber Series
SSBU Icon Wii Fit Studio
SSB Wii Fit Series
WilyCastle SSBGR
SSB4 Icon Wily Castle
SSB Mega Man Series
SSB3DS Icon Pac-Maze
SSB Pac-Man Series


Returning Items