Super Smash Bros. Elemental Clash has a total of 100 stages, 15 of which return from previous Super Smash Bros. titles, each of which have an Omega Form that designs the stage layout to a single platform with no hazards, so that way every stage can be played on competitively if the player so desires. Each stage has a total of five music tracks, all of which can be adjusted to play more or less frequently.

Default Stages



Final Destination


Inkopolis plaza splatoon
Inkopolis is a stage in the game originating from the game Splatoon. The stage takes place on a platform hovering above the main plaza of Inkopolis, with a light platform that moves left and right across the stage. On weekend nights, if the player selects the stage, the background will be noticeably different, as it will be nighttime, and the Squid Sisters can be seen underneath the Inkopolis Tower performing a concert to a crowd of Inklings and other residents of Inkopolis. This stage is the home stage for the Inklings.


Pokémon Stadium 3

Rainbow Road

Snes rainbow road
Rainbow Road is a stage in the game originating from the game Super Mario Kart. The stage takes place on the middle of the track, above a light-up city at night. There is the main road in the middle, and two ramps on each side of the stage, giving it similar layout to the Mario Circuit stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, only with less ground to walk on. Occasionally, Shy Guys will drive through the stage on their karts, damaging fighters they ram into.


The Great Cave Offensive

Locked Stages

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