The following is a list of moves from Super Smash Bros. Electric.



Mega Mario
Luigi Dark Moon
Bowser Paratroopa Swarm
Peach Peach Blossom
Rosalina Luma Tornado
Dr. Mario Emergency Room
Wario Wario Man
Waluigi Waluigi Tennis
Mouser Bomb Rain
Yoshi Super Dragon
Donkey Kong Barrel Thrower
Diddy Kong Mega Cannon
King K. Rool Boxer K. Rool
Link Triforce Vortex
Zelda Light Arrow
Toon Link Wind's Requiem
Ganon Beast Ganon
Sheik Shadow Swipe
Skull Kid Majora's Moon
Demise Air Smash
Young Link Fierce Diety's Mask
Kirby Chef Kirby
Knuckle Joe Giant Fists
Meta Knight Star Slash
King Dedede Dedede's Palace

Pokemon Trainer

Pikachu Evolve
Fennekin Evolve
Jigglypuff Puff Up
Mewtwo Mega Mewtwo Y
Greninja Froakie Family
Charizard Mega Charizard X
Fox Barrel Roll
Falco Landmaster
Krystal Staff Storm
Wolf Missile Strike
Marth Critical Hit
Ike Impale Toss
Lucina Triple Strike
Robin Double
Ness PK Starstorm
Masked Man Psychic Lightning Storm
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon
Samurai Goroh Fire Stingray
Black Shadow Black Bull
Samus Aran Zero Blaster
Ridley Meta Ridley
Mother Brain Metroids Unleashed
Mega Man Quick Boomerang
Protoman Super Charged Strike
Roll Drill Shot
Yellow Devil Double Sized
Zero Blaster Storm
Little Mac K.O. Uppercut
King Hippo Dropper Bomb
Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic
Knuckles Master Emerald
Ryu Rapid Fire Hadouken
Sub-Zero Arctic Freeze
Snake Shagohod
Raiden Slow Motion Slash
Pit Three Sacred Treasures
Palutena Palutena's Army
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit
Amaterasu Celestial Brush
Mii Mii Party
Pac-Man Old School
Frogger Hit and Run
Mr. Game & Watch Octopus
R.O.B Gyromite
Master Hand Rock, Paper, Scissors
Ryu Hayabusa

STANDARD: Slash - Ryu slashes at the enemy with a sword

SIDE: Smoke Bomb - Ryu throws a smoke bomb at the enemy, briefly slowing them down

UP: Ninja Uppercut - Ryu uppercuts the enemy, sending them flying up into the air

DOWN: Throwing Star - Ryu crouches down and throws out a shuryiken

Shadow Bomb

Ryu throws down several smoke bombs at once, making a huge cloud of smoke that fill up the whole stage, damaging everyone but Ryu


STANDARD: Robo Headutt - Chibi-Robo slides forward and headbutts the enemy

SIDE: Outlet Shock - Chibi-Robo holds up his cord and zaps the enemy with a bolt of electricity

UP: Robocopter - A propeler appears on Chibi-Robo's head as he flies up into the air

DOWN: Electro Shock - Chibi-Robo crouches down and fires a lightning bolt at anyone nearby

Mega Charge

An electrical outlet appears and Chibi-Robo plugs his cord into it, charging up with electricity and flying up to the top of the stage, where he shoots down a huge bolt of lightning that blows everyone away

Phoenix Wright

STANDARD: Objection! - Phoenix points forward and shouts "Objection!" as a word bubble saying so pops out and hits the enemy

SIDE: Suitcase - Phoenix pulls out his suitcase and smacks the enemy with it

UP: Present the Evidence - Phoenix points up into the air as a random item shoots up above him (i.e., a Pokeball, a Koopa Shell, etc.)

DOWN: Investigation - Phoenix crouches down, pulls out his magnifying glass, and hits the enemy with it


A giant judge appears in the background and smashes down his mallet, creating a huge shockwave that goes throughout the entire stage, knocking back everyone but Phoenix

Master Higgins

STANDARD: Pineapple Throw - Higgins throws a pineapple at the enemy

SIDE: Fireball Dino - Higgins pulls out a tiny dinosaur that spits a ball of fire forward

UP: Pterodactyl - Higgins flies up in the air on a pterodactyl

DOWN: Skateboard - Higgins crouches down and zooms forward on a skateboard

Mega Dino

Master Higgins pulls out a dinosaur egg that hatches, and a giant T-Rex comes out that the player can control for a brief ammount of time

Black Mage

STANDARD: Fira - Black Mage blasts the enemy with a ball of fire

SIDE: Thunder - Black Mage fires a lightning bolt at the enemy

UP: Blizzard - Black Mage shoots a gust of icy wind up into the air above him

DOWN: Teleport - Black Mage teleports to a random part of the stage

Mage's Staff

Black Mage pulls out the Mage's Staff and casts Fira, covering the entire screen in flames and burning everyone but Black Mage


STANDARD: Buster Sword - Cloud slashes at the enemy with his buster sword

SIDE: Chocobo - Similar to Peach's "Toad" attack, Cloud holds out a Chocobo and hits the enemy with it

UP: Jump Slash - Cloud jumps up and slashes the enemy with his Buster Sword in midair

DOWN: Chocobo Peck - Cloud hops onto the back of a big Chocobo that pecks at the enemy


Cloud pulls out his Buster Sword and zooms from enemy to enemy, using Omnislash and sending all of them flying

Captain Toad

STANDARD: Pickaxe - Captain Toad attacks the enemy with his pickaxe

SIDE: Toad Cap - Captain Toad headbutts the enemy, sending them flying into the air

UP: Grappling Hook - Captain Toad throws a grappling hook into the air that hits anyone above him

DOWN: Shovel - Captain Toad jabs his shovel into the ground, making a little shockwave that knocks back anyone nearby


Captain Toad slams his pickaxe to the ground, shaking the whole screen as rocks fall on top of all the enemies


STANDARD: Sol Sphere - Midna blasts a Sol sphere at the enemy

SIDE: Wolf Link - Wolf Link appears and bites the enemy

UP: Shadow Teleport - Midna disappears in a cloud of smoke and reappears up in the air

DOWN: Transform - Midna transforms between her Imp form and her Twili form (both forms share the same moveset, except her Twili form jumps higher and is stronger but her Imp form is faster and can glide)

Mirror of Twilight

The Mirror of Twilight appears behind Midna and shines a bright light on the stage, trapping and damaging whoever gets caught in the light

Baby Mario

Baby Yoshi

Baby Mario pulls out a Yoshi Egg and a Baby Yoshi comes out that Baby Mario climbs on and starts riding around on, now letting the player eat enemies without taking any damage at all

M. Bison

Super Bomb

Bison begins to glow with purple energy, flies up in the air, and shoots a giant blast of energy to the ground, making a huge explosion that sends everyone on the stage flying away


Mega Hydreigon

Hydregion begins to glow light blue as it evolves into Mega Hydreigon, boosting it's strength, speed, and knockback tremendously



Gharnef pulls out the Darksphere, covering the stage in darkness and stunning all the enemies, leaving them defenseless for Gharnef to attack

Dark Samus

Metroid Prime

Dark Samus transforms into the gigantic mutant beast, Metroid Prime, who the player can control, letting them damage anyone they touch



Tails climbs into his X-Tornado jet and flies around on the top of the screen, dropping bombs on all the enemies


Psychic Takedown

Silver lifts all the enemies into the air with his psychic powers and throws them all off the edge of the stage


Smash Bomb

Bomberman pulls a gigantic bomb out from behind his back, lifts it up in the air with both hands, and throws it to the ground, making a big explosion that sends everyone around him flying away

Choir Boys

Rhythm Heaven

Jazz music starts playing as all the others begin dancing, leaving themselves defenseless


STANDARD: Vision - Shulk begins to glow blue, and as he does so anyone that touches him goes flying back into the air

SIDE: Rapid Slice - Shulk zooms forward as he repeatedly slashes with the Monado

UP: Aerial Strike - Shulk jumps up and slashes in midair

DOWN: Spinning Blade - Shulk sticks out the Monado, crouches down, and spins, hitting anyone on either side of him

Power Slice

The Monado begins glowing blue as Shulk swings it forward, releasing a huge screen-clearing blast of blue energy


STANDARD: Berserk Pack - Doomguy punches forward with his fists, sending whoever he hits flying

SIDE: Machine Gun - Doomguy repeatedly shoots the enemy with his gun

UP: Fire Blast - Doomguy pulls out a flamethrower, aims it up into the air, and shoots a fireball straight up above him

DOWN: Megasphere - Doomguy begins to glow, and as he does so he slowly heals and his knockback slowly increases, but overtime his knockback slowly decreases back to normal


Doomguy pulls out a tiny remote and presses a button, opening a huge vortex that several demons come out of to attack the enemies


STANDARD: Kick - Dillon kicks out his leg, knocking back the enemy

SIDE: Roll Dash - Dillon jumps, curls into a ball in midair, and zooms forward, crashing into the enemy

UP: Aerial Kick - Dillon jumps up in the air and kicks his foot up above him

DOWN: Charged Dash - Dillon crashes down and rolls up into a ball, charges it, and zooms forward, hitting the enemy from below

Round Up

Several bulls appear on the stage and trample all the enemies


STANDARD: Scratch - Medusa scratches at the enemy with her claws, knocking them back

SIDE: Poison Gas - Blasts the enemy with a gust of poisonous smoke, slowly draining their health over time until the next time they get K.O.'d

UP: Eyeball Attack - Medusa puts both her arms into the air and launches two floating eyeballs up straight above her

DOWN: Teleport - Medusa croches down, disappears in a puff of smoke, and reappears in which direction she was facing

Gorgon Freeze

Medusa flies up in the air, glows, and turns all the enemies into stone for a brief ammount of time, leaving them all defenseless for her to attack and even push off the stage

Balloon Fighter

STANDARD: Hover Attack - Balloon Fighter hovers in the air and rams into the enemy

SIDE: Bubble Blast - Balloon Fighter launches a bubble in the direction of the enemy

UP: Balloon Attack - Balloon Fighter zooms straight up into the air, hitting anyone above him with his balloon

DOWN: Balloon Pop - Balloon Fighter crouches down as his balloon pops, knocking back any nearby enemy

Balloon Fight

All the enemies suddenly get balloons attached to them and they float up to the top of the screen as everthing goes 8-Bit and Balloon Fighter shoots them all down


STANDARD: Tail Attack - Bub hops up in the air and smacks the enemy with his tail

SIDE: Bubble - Bub spits out a bubble that goes flying forward

UP: Bubble Float - Bub spits out a bubble, grabs onto it, and floats with it into the air

DOWN: Tail Spin - Bub crouches down, sticks out his tail, and spins in a circle, hitting any nearby enemy with his tail

Mega Bubble

Bub charges up a giant blast and shoots a giant glowing orange bubble that knocks back everyone it hits

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