A list of Assist Trophy characters in Super Smash Bros. Electric.



Casts a spell that changes the stage Super Mario Bros.


Spits out eggs that hit the nearest enemy Super Mario Bros.


Summons a bunch of Shy Guys that attack the nearest enemy Super Mario Bros.

Hammer Brother

Throws hammers at the nearest enemy Super Mario Bros.

Big Bob-Omb

MP9 Big Bob-omb Bust.Boss Image
Throws Bob-Ombs all over the stage that explode upon impact Super Mario Bros.


Snifit YG99
Spits orbs into the air that rain down onto the enemies Super Mario Bros.


Giant goomba
Rams into the nearest enemy, sending them flying Super Mario Bros.


120px-Navi Art
Flies around and repeatedly bumps into the nearest enemy while shouting "Hey! Listen!" Legend of Zelda


Tingle SSB3M
Heals the player Legend of Zelda

Happy Mask Salesman

Happy Mask Salesman (Oracle of Ages)
Throws out Bunny Hoods Legend of Zelda

Gary Oak

Gary Oak
Throws out Pokeballs Pokemon


Jumps onto and repeatedly bites the nearest enemy Metroid


Throws out random items Metroid

Blood Falcon

GX Blood Falcon
Falcon Punches all the enemies off the stage Metroid

Assistant Isabelle

Isabelle SSB4
Throws out food that heals the players Animal Crossing

K.K. Slider

CF kk slider
Starts playing music that makes all nearby enemies start dancing, leaving them defenseless Animal Crossing

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow Sonic06
Shoots the nearest enemy with his machine gun Sonic the Hedgehog

Excite Biker

Excite Bike Shy Guy Yewllow
Crashes into the nearest enemy, blowing up his bike and sending the enemy flying into the air Excite Bike

Joe & Mack

Tackle the two nearest enemies and repeatedly hit them with their clubs Joe & Mack


Pulls out his notebook and spawns another assist character (it is possible to get an endless loop in which Maxwell keeps spawning himself over and over) Scribblenauts


Shoots his fist at the nearest enemy, sending them flying away Rayman Complete story mode once


Clyde ghost
Flies into the air and divebombs the nearest enemy Pac-Man Beat three online matches in a row as Pac-Man

Big the Cat

Big 4
Hits the nearest enemy with his fishing hook, reels them in, turns around, and throws them off the stage Sonic the Hedgehog Beat three online matches in a row as Sonic


Goomboss KU
Spawns a bunch of Goombas that attack the enemies Super Mario Bros. Beat three online matches in a row as Mario


99px-Toadsworth PiT
Spawns a bunch of Toads that run up and tackle the nearest enemy, pinning them down for a brief ammount of time Super Mario Bros. Win a 2 minute match against Captain Toad as Princess Peach after beating the story mode

Ice Man

Ice Man
Shoots a blue beam of energy that instantly freezes whoever it hits for a few seconds Mega Man Beat three online matches in a row as Mega Man

Dr. Light

Quickly builds a little robot that fires a laser beam at the enemies Mega Man Win a one-on-one match against Mega Man as every currently unlocked character


Fires a little ball from his nose that hits the nearest enemy, then blurts out his usual gibberish dialogue and jumps off the stage Q*Bert Beat story mode twice

Stanley the Bugman

Stanley SL
Spawns a giant ladybug that hops onto and crushes the nearest enemy Donkey Kong Arcade Win a match against King K. Rool as Donkey Kong after beating story mode

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem
Pulls out a bazooka and fires it at the enemies, blowing them all away Duke Nukem Win three online matches in a row as either Snake or Doomguy

Wither Skeleton

Runs up to the nearest enemy and slashes them with his sword, leaving a lasting effect that slowly drains their health over time Minecraft Get the Blood Falcon assist three times in one match

Dr. Crygor

113px-Dr. Crygor WarioWare Smooth Moves-1-
Pulls out a machine and pulls the lever on it, causing it to shake violently and fire out a giant red laser that blows away whoever it hits Wario Ware Lose as Wario in one online match after beating the story mode

Tom Nook

TomNook SSB3M
Pulls out a giant money bag and smacks the nearest enemy with it, sending them flying away Animal Crossing Win a match as the Villager and get the Isabelle assist at least twice


Splatoon-Inkling Render 001
Shoots some ink at the ground that traps anyone who steps in it besides the summoner Splatoon Win five online matches in the Splatoon stage


Dashes to and repeatedly slashes the nearest enemy, sending them flying up in the air afterwards Final Fantasy Win three online matches in a row as Cloud


Crashes into the nearest enemy with his Air Shop Legend of Zelda Win three matches in a row as Toon Link against normal Link


Medli (2)
Flies in the air, flapping her wings, and crashes into the nearest enemy Legend of Zelda Lose three online matches in a row as Toon Link after beating story mode


Louie w/ White Pikmin
Throws several Pikmin at the nearest enemy, then flies away in his spaceship Pikmin Win a match as Olimar against Mario after beating story mode

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