Super Smash Bros. Eclipse

SSBEclipse Locky

The English logo for the game, made by .vectordestiny.

Series: Super Smash Bros.
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Bandai Namco,
Publisher: Nintendo
US Release: Nov. 15, 2018
JP Release: Nov. 15, 2018
PAL Release: Nov. 15, 2018
System: Nintendo Switch
Rating(s): T, 12+, B

"Super Smash Bros. Eclipse" is the upcoming fifth installment in the ever-expanding Super Smash Bros. franchise. It will be made for Nintendo's brand new home console and portable console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, and will be released on November 15th, 2018 in all regions. The game will add more content than any previous game, including an expanded roster, more stages and items, and even more content. A trailer will be shown at E3 2017, detailing new features and characters.


Super Smash Bros. Eclipse is like the previous entries in the franchises in terms of gameplay. The usual goal is to rack up your opponent's damage percentage and knock them off the stage, then come out as the winner. Of course, things like this can be changed in the Options menu. For example, you can set stage selection to always random, in it's Omega form (which makes every stage like Final Destination), or random in it's Omega form. In addition, you can switch between timed fights, stock fights, and coin fights.

Custom moves return from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS. However, this time, two more slots have been added for each move. One is available randomly whenever you get a certain move, like with the past moves. However, one of them is extremely hard to get, but an easy way to get it is to tap in a corresponding amiibo.

Super Smash Bros. Eclipse takes full advantage of the Nintendo Switch's hardware. It can be played in all three different modes: Tabletop, TV, and Portable. In addition, SSB Eclipse will let people play wirelessly with up to 8 players. However, motion controls like the kind used in 1-2-Switch and ARMS will not be available in the game due to the style of gameplay the game offers.

Multiplayer Modes

  • VS Mode: The standard mode of Smash Bros. You can fight with up to four players on certain stages. In addition, you can set the mechanics of the battle, such as the time and way stages are selected.
  • 8 Player Smash: It's the same as VS Mode except with eight players. In addition, certain stages are locked out of being played due to the number of players in matches. Stage bosses are automatically turned off in this mode.
  • Special Smash +: A successor to Special Smash. This adds more options that let you customize your battles.
  • Tournament Mode: A mode that can only be played online. It's a competitive elimination mode that has you trying to reach the top of the tier list and beat other opponents.

Singleplayer Modes

  • Classic Mode: You go through a barrage of randomly selected opponents until you reach Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand. You select the difficulty.
  • All-Star Mode: You go through a timeline of all the game's available fighters. This is only unlocked when you get all the characters in the game.
  • Story Mode: The story mode returns from Brawl, this time with more content, voice acted cutscenes, and a completely new story to go along with it.
  • Home-Run Contest: The goal is knock a Sandbag as far as you can in a matter of ten seconds.
  • Trophy Claw: You have up to 3:30 to grab as many trophies as you can in a claw machine styled minigame. Certain things get in your way, like bombs and enemies from Story Mode lingering in the machine.
  • Hit the Targets!: This mode returns from Super Smash Bros. Melee. You run around courses specifically made for certain characters and try to break all 10 targets in a span of 2:00.
  • Multi-Man Fight: A selected amount of Holo-Fighters try and attack you. The goal is to beat them all or last as long as you can before getting knocked out.
  • Training Mode: A mode where you train for battle. Self-explanatory.
  • Event Mode: The goal is to complete all 200+ events. They range in difficulty, ranging from simple to extremely hard. They all reward you with trophies, CDs, custom parts, etc.
  • Special Orders: You do certain challenges for the Hand Twins in a specific time limit. Once completed, you must fight one of them.
  • Trophy Box: A display case for the 1000+ trophies you collect during the game. They're separated into categories, including series, eras, and more.
  • Boss Train: You're on a train and each boxcar is a gateway to the next boss fight. Nearly all bosses are randomized, but most if not all are from the story mode of the game.

Roster (Starter)

Fighter Description



Mario is Nintendo's most recognizable character. First appearing as Jumpman back in the distant 1981, Mario has evolved to the point where he can appear at events like the Rio 2016 Olympics. He's been seen to adapt to various situations, including jumping into paintings, going to space, and traveling to different worlds. However, Mario's various power-ups are really what give him some of his powers.

Mario is an easy-to-play jack of all trades. Not much has changed since his appearance in the last iteration of Smash Bros. However, he takes a few moves from his latest game, Super Mario Odyssey. These moves include a brand new recovery involving his hat, where he can throw it and jump on it. The hat functions are a boomerang as well. Other than that, he mostly stays the same. He's a middle-of-the-road character.

Bowser - Mario Party 10


Where as Mario is the most recognizable Nintendo hero, Bowser is the most recognizable Nintendo VILLAIN. Bowser got his start in the original Super Mario Bros. back in 1985. Ever since, he's been trying crazy new schemes which all end in failure. They end in failure all of the time. However, despite his evil plans, he's a caring father to his only son, Bowser Jr.

Bowser is a slow yet powerful tank. He has the ability to curl up into his shell, breath fire, and crush enemies underneath his massive weight. He can grab enemies and jump in the air, proceeding to crush his enemies. He can jump in the air and slam down on his rump, and can damage opponents by aiming his large spiked shell up at the sky.

HW Link - Era of Twilight Tunic



Samus smash wii u png






Fox mccloud






Donkey Kong Smash5

Donkey Kong






Ice Climbers





Takamaru first appeared in 1986's "The Mysterious Murasame Castle", which was once a Japan exclusive until it was released in 2014 on the Nintendo 3DS. In his only game, he must protect Edo Japan from a surprise alien menace who have taken over Murasame Castle. Takamaru threw throwing knifes and windmill swords, along with gaining shoes that let him walk on things like water.

Takamaru seems to be another swordfighter in the style of Marth and Link, but he's much more than that. Takamaru uses his katana, but it isn't just that. He can also use many throwing knives in quick succession, and can also throw windmill swords. He can use the technique of invisibilty to dodge opponents, throw shurikens, and can even find random items from the tanookis he can summon.




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