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Super Smash Bros. EXE is a PC game related to Super Smash Flash 1 and 2. It is a popular action game.

Default Characters

Here are some Starter characters.

characters universe final smash
mario mario fire mario
peach mario peach blossom
mii wii mii madness
donkey kong donkey kong konga beat
diddy kong donkey kong rocketbarral barage
yoshi yoshi super dragon
waluigi wario striker waluigi
link legend of zelda triforce slash
zelda/sheik legend of zelda light arrow
samus/zero suit samus metroid zero beam/power suit smaus
isaac golden sun sun ray
lloyd tales falcon's crest
kirby kirby cook kirby
meta knight kirby galaxia darkness
megaman megaman megaman x
fox star fox landmaster
krystal star fox super staff
captain falcon f-zero blue falcon
bomberman bomberman bomber-copter
pikachu pokemon volt tackle
pokemon trainer (squirtle charizard ivysaur) pokemon triple finish
lucario pokemon aura storm
marth fire emblem criticle hit
ike fire emblem great aether
lucas earthbound pk starstorm
sonic sonic super sonic
tails sonic tornado


street fighters final showdown
sora kingdom of hearts keyblade slash
cloud final fantasty super attack
crono cronos trigger team up
naruto naruto kyubi naruto
goku dragon ball super saiyan goku
ichigo bleach bankai ichigo
inu yasha inu yasha giant sword

Secret/Unlockable Characters

Here are some unlockable characters

character universe final smash
luigi mario fire luigi
bowser mario giga bowser
R.O.B. R.O.B. diffusion beam
king k. rool donkey kong chompers the kritter
wario wario wario-man
ganondorf legend of zelda beast ganon
toon link wind waker triforce slash
midna legend of zelda giant wolf link
mr. game and watch game and watch octopus
ice climbers ice climber avalanche
pit kid icarus paleutena's fire
kratos tales dark realm
king dedede kirby waddle dee army
olimar pikimin end of day
zero megaman black zero
falco star fox landmaster
wolf star fox landmaster
jigglypuff pokemon puff up
mewtwo pokemon psychic eruption
zoroark pokemon darkness awakening
roy fire emblem sword slash
ness earthbound pk starstorm
banjo and kazookie banjo and kazookie broom defense
knuckles sonic chaos plume
shadow sonic super shadow
snake metal gear grenade launcher
riku/dark riku kingdom of hearts dark keyblade slash
black mage final fantasty oh no!
sasuke naruto mega shadow clone jutsu
vegeta dragon ball super saiyen vegeta

more info coming soon.

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