Super Smash Bros. E
Game Box
Developer(s) PokeLinkEs
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Media Included Wii Disc

Super Smash Bros. E is a Super Smash Bros. game that introduces many new characters.



Name Description World
Mario The well known plumber comes to fight in the classic smash-style! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Bowser The evil king of the Koopas fights to the end with extreme moves! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Link The friendly non-speaking hero fights with strong sword slashes! Legend of Zelda Emblem
Zelda The princess of Hyrule gives the fight a bit of magic! Legend of Zelda Emblem
DK DK slams the arena with extreme kong attacks! File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif
Diddy Kong The little kong fights with supreme kong attacks! File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif
Kirby The pink ball of sucking power copies all other characters! File:Kirby Emblem.gif
Waddle Dee* A newcomer to the arena, Waddle Dee adds to team Kirby! File:Kirby Emblem.gif

Samus Aran

This powerful armored fighter uses futuristic weapons to win! File:Metroid Emblem.gif
Fox McCloud The defender of Corneria, Fox beats everyone with cool moves! File:Star Fox Emblem.gif
Pikachu The electric mouse Pokémon. Electrifies enemies to win! File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Pokémon Trainer Training with different pokémon, the trainer starts with Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle! File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Ephraim* The prince of Renais uses Siegmund to beat all enemies! Fire Emblem Emblem
Sheik The Sheikah who is actually Zelda uses quick moves! (Part of Zelda) Legend of Zelda Emblem
Wario The evil enemy of the Mario Bros. is here, and it doesn't smell good! File:Wario Emblem.gif
Ness The PSI boy is here to fight the powerful! Earthbound Emblem



Name How to unlock Description World
Luigi Win 10 fights as Mario The green plumber is back to smash! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Bowser Jr.* Beat bowser 10 times as Mario The youngest child of Bowser fights with a kid's powers! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Ganondorf Win 15 fights as Link The Gerudo king shows up with powerful dark magic! Legend of Zelda Emblem
Mask Link* Win 20 fights Link is here with the transformation masks! Legend of Zelda Emblem
Meta Knight Win 10 fights as Kirby The masked knight slashes the arena with the Galaxia! File:Kirby Emblem.gif
King Dedede Win 25 fights The king of Dreamland comes back to the arena! File:Kirby Emblem.gif
Ridley* Win 5 fights as Samus Aran The killer evil creature crashes the arena! File:Metroid Emblem.gif
Falco Lombardi Win 10 fights as Fox The space fighter of Star Fox is in the arena! File:Star Fox Emblem.gif
Wolf O'Donnell Win 30 fights The leader of Star Wolf fights with super-strength! File:Star Fox Emblem.gif
Rayquaza* Win 50 fights The protector of the atmosphere throws legendary power into the arena! File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Ethan\Lyra* Win 10 fights as Pokémon Trainer The Johto trainers fight with Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil! File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Brandon\May* Beat Pokémon Trainer 10 times as Ethan\Lyra The Hoenn trainers fight with Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic! File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Lucas\Dawn* Beat Ethan\Lyra 10 times as Brandon\May The Sinnoh trainers fight with Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar! File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Marth Fight on a Fire Emblem stage 7 times The prince of Altea is here and is ready to slay the arena! Fire Emblem Emblem
Seth* Beat Ephraim 10 times A general of Renais, Seth is here to clear the arena of evil! Fire Emblem Emblem
Peach Win 70 fights The princess of Mushroom Kingdom is here to fight! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Vaati* Win 100 fights The evil demon of the Four Sword is here to fight! Legend of Zelda Emblem
Pit Fight on Skyworld 10 times The young angel saves the world also fights in the arena! File:Kid Icarus Emblem.gif
Palutena* Win 10 fights as Pit The goddess of Skyworld is here with strength that only a god possesses! File:Kid Icarus Emblem.gif
Paper Mario* Win 100 fights as a Mario world character The red plumber is here paper thin, fighting with Super Paper attacks! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Mr. L* Win 20 fights as Luigi The Green Thunder's here, fighting with electro-powerful moves! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Skull Kid* Win 150 Fights The mysterious Skull Kid is here to fight without asking anybody! Legend of Zelda Emblem
Waluigi* Win 20 fights as Wario Waluigi appears as a character on his own, rival for the Mario Bros. again! File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Lucas Win 30 fights as Ness The young hero of Tazmily Village is here with magic! Earthbound Emblem


Story Mode

Part 1

The story begins in Lukk Lake, where Link and Mario are fighting. The player chooses which player to use, and after winning gets to enter an island in the middle of the lake. If Link wins, in the middle of the island the player will find Zelda trapped in a net, and then Ganondorf jumps from the water and attacks Link. If Mario wins, Mario will go to the island to find an old net. The player chooses between investigating the net to throw a fireball on it. Both will trigger a scene in which Bowser jumps out of the water. (Link) Link beats Ganondorf, and then sees Mario getting caught by Bowser and carried into Lukk Woods. (Mario) Mario beats Bowser, and sees Link getting caught by Ganondorf and carried into Ehfer Desert. (Link) Link enters Lukk Woods to find Mario. Link enters the first adventure area, Lukk Woods. After finishing the area, Link hears a crashing sound. Link finds Lucas testing his PK powers on a tree. Link explains to Lucas that he's going to save Mario, and Lucas joins the team. (Mario) Mario goes into Ehfer Desert, and enters his first area, Ehfer Dunes. After finishing the area, Mario hears fight sounds. Mario goes behind a dune to see Ephraim testing his powers on a sand figure. Mario explains that he is going to save Link, and Ephraim joins the team. (Link) Link and Lucas go deeper into Lukk Woods, entering the second area, Deep Lukk. After getting to the middle of the woods, Link and Lucas hear some strange sounds. They go a bit deeper and see Virzion, the Grassland Pokémon, rampaging. After beating Virzion, Link and Lucas meet Diddy Kong, who thanks them and joins the team. (Mario) Mario and Ephraim keep going deeper into the desert, entering the second Mario part area, Ehfer Ruins. They eventually finish the area, and hear many strange sounds coming from inside a half-sunk temple. Mario and Ephraim enter the temple, finding Kirby trying to fight Djinn, a fire typed creature. Kirby turns around after hearing Ephraim readying his lance, Siegmund, and the boss fight begins. After beating Djinn, using any of the three, Kirby joins the team.

Part 2

The screen fades out, and then into a scene of Samus flying in her spaceship. Suddenly, a laser beam hits the spaceship's engine. Samus crashes into a planet nearby, looking at the flying Arwing above her. Samus enters her first area, Planet Fedz. After finishing the area, Samus meets Falco who also crashes into the planet. Falco explains to Samus that a space parasite took over his Arwing, and that this parasite shot Samus and crashed him. The space parasite goes out from the Arwing, and the boss battle begins. After finishing the fight, Smaus and Falco find a piece of paper in the parasite's body, on it written Galactic Space Pirate Federation. Samus and Falco agree to go to investigate the Federation, and the screen fades back into Link. (Link) Link, Lucas and Diddy get out from the woods, getting into Lukkefer Swamp. After finishing the area, the team hears crashing sounds. they turn to see Diababa, a giant Deku Baba mutated by the swamp's waters. Link, Lucas and Diddy beat together the Diababa, on the first special fight: Diddy hangs from a vine, collecting bombs and holding them with his feet, Lucas using PK fire to activate the bombs and Link with his arrows to shoot the bombs into Diababa's mouth. (Mario) Mario and his team also get to Lukkefer Swamp, finishing the area and meeting a giant swamp golem named Gullemud. The team beat Gullemud in a special way, too: Mario uses a fireball to dry the boss, Ephraim uses Siegmund to mark a few holes and Kirby uses his hammer to break down the marked chunck. (Samus) Samus and Falco get to the GSPF main building. After finishing the area, Falco and Samus walk in a hall, when the ceiling suddenly crashes, and Ridley comes down from it. Ridley screams at the two, as they charge their weapons, and the boss fight begins. After beating the boss, Ridley jumps back from the ceiling, screaming. Samus and Falco keep going, as two eyes flash behind them. (Link) Link's team keep going and reach the Ehfer Desert, entering Ehfer ruins. After finishing the ruins, the three hear strange sounds from behind. They turn around to see Eyerok, who tries to slam his hands on a spining yellow tornado, turning out to be Meta Knight. Meta Knight lands in front of the three, and the fight begins. After finishing the fight, Meta Knight shows the trio the way out of the ruins and into Ehfer Dunes, and joins the team. (Mario) Mario and the team enter Lukk Woods, into Deep Lukk. They pass the area and see some leaves flying from the large tree in front of them. They look behind the tree to see a giant leafy creature attacking Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong jumps on the creature, named Grovent, throws a barrel towards the trio, slams the creature's head and the fight begins, regularly. After beating the creature, DK shows the way to the trio and joins the team. (Smaus) Samus and Falco keep going in the hall, as a creature jumps at them. Samus and Falco shot at the creature, that turns out to be Waddle Dee. Waddle Dee points to the two at three robotic aliens that came to investigate the happening, so all three run away into the GSPF Robot Factory. After finishing the area the three hear some sounds from behind, turning out to be a squad of robot aliens. The team beat the 30 aliens and keep going into the building, and then far scratching sounds are heard. (Link) The team goes on in the desert, when Meta Knight spots what seems like a large fortress. The team all agree to go to the fortress, entering Ehfer Dunes. After finishing Ehfer Dunes, the team enter the fortress. They hear footsteps from a staircase nearby, and as they ready their weapons, Mackoya, an evil general, opens the staircase door. He calls two of his henchmen, and the fight begins. After beating the boss, the team go up in the staircase and towards a jail cell, and then the screen fades out. (Mario) Mario and the team get to Lukk Woods area, and finish the place. They climb a large tree that DK pointed at, entering the Great Lukk Tree semi-area. After finishing the semi-area too, they notice a strange, darker pile of leaves on the ground. They blow the leaves and enter a secret cavern, and walk towards a wooden jail cell, as the screen fades out. (Samus) The three fighters arrive at a large hall with a stand in the middle. They get closer, and then accidently Waddle Dee steps on a detecter and the stand disappears, while 25 aliens enter the hall. THe player chooses fighters, and the battle begins. After winning, the stand appears back, and on it Samus notices a laser gun. Samus takes it, and Falco understands that it belongs to Fox. A door opens in front of the three, and they go in. Inside the new room, the three find Kracko, a giant spiny cloud. Kracko shoots a thunder ray at them and begins a fight. After winning, the three take a note from Kracko with picture of Fox on it, and a map. The three begin to go after the map, and the screen fades out.

Part 3

The screen changes to King Dedede, who sits on his throne. He starts to yawn as a Waddle Doo runs into the room, explaining to Dedede that a Waddle Dee from the army is gone. Dedede jumps angrily from his throne and enters a spaceship, launching himself to space. He lands on a yellow planet with many star-shapes. He enters the Starland Planet semi-area, and finishes it. After finishing, an army of 35 Waddle Dee robots attack him. He beats them all, and the spots a building far away. He flies there, and there meets a giant robotic Waddle Dee. He fights the robot and wins, entering the building with a sign above it saying: "G.S.P.F". (Link) The screen returns to Link's team, who are going towards a jail cell. They hear a scream, as the ceiling crashes and Bowser falls from above, roaring at the team. The team all ready their weapons, and the fight between Bowser and the team begins. After beating Bowser, he roars and falls on the ground revealing Mario trapped in the cage behind. Link rushes to open the cage, in which there are also other characters: Ephraim, Donkey Kong and Kirby. The prisoners tell the team that Bowser is actually a part of a large team, the Galactic Space Pirate Federation. Together, they all agree to go and stop the pirates. (Mario) As the team go towards the cage, Ganondorf slams the ground with a sword slash. The team begin to charge their powers, and the fight begins. After beating Ganondorf, he falls on the ground, surrounds himself with a purple aura ang flies away. Mario and the team rush to the cage, where Link and other characters are caught: Lucas, Diddy Kong and Meta Knight. The prisoners tell the team that Ganondorf is actually a part of a large team, the Galactic Space Pirate Federation. (From now on, Mario and Link merge into one part- Main) (Samus) Samus, Falco and Waddle Dee, who are following a map, reach a narrow passage and hear sounds from the other side. Samus goes in the passage and listens, when a roboic alien spots her. She shoots the alien, but others have alredy came. The passage opens as 50 different aliens enter the area, and the three begin to fight. After finishing the fight, the three cross the now wider passage and arrive at a large hall, where they can hear screams and slashes. The notice Ridley in a large cage, trying to get away. Samus begins to go back as Falco shoots the lock, and Ridley gets away. He screams at the three, flies up, and returns with Fox on his back. He crashes the wall and flies away as Falco runs to make sure Fox is breathing. Fox stands up and takes a look at the map, and then shows the three a way into a secret passage. All four enter the passage, and the screen fades out again.

Free Mode

A free fight, in which the player chooses Time, Lives, Coin Rush or Team Battle.

  • Time: Choose a number of minutes or infinite time.
  • Lives: Choose a number of lives each character has (Different for every character, unlike Brawl)
  • Coin Rush: Attack your enemies to get coins. You can choose a maximum coin amount or infinte coins. You automatically gain the coins, unlike Brawl's version.
  • Team Battle: Choose a foe that will make a team of 10 (Like in classic mode).

Mission Mode

Missions that unlock stages, etc. List of missions:

  • Super Bowser Bros.: Beat 3 Marios as Bowser
  • Sorry, Mario...: Defend Peach from Mario for one minute as Bowser
  • Courage Defender: Beat 3 Zeldas as Link
  • Unmusical Talent: Beat DK with Kirby's final smash
  • Musical Talent: Beat Kirby with DK's final smash
  • Waddle DooDeeDoo: Beat 3 Waddle Dees with Waddle Dee Army
  • Better Pokémon: Beat all the three Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon with Pikachu
  • Space Defender: Beat Samus with Fox
  • Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser: Beat Giant Metal Bowser as Mario
  • Rely on Chansey: Survive on Pokémon Center until Chansey arrives
  • How the Reginleif Spins: Beat Ephraim with Ephraim's final smash
  • Stay Undercover: Beat Link as Sheik without turning into Zelda
  • Super Princess Peach: Beat Bowser as Peach (Must have Peach)
  • Diddy Defend: Defend DK from Mario for one minute as Diddy Kong

After getting all characters

  • Triforce Talent: Choose a Triforce wielder (Link, Zelda, Ganondorf) and beat the two others left.
  • Under the Mask: Beat Link, Zelda and Ganondorf as Mask Link without switching masks.
  • Green Thunder: Beat Mr. L as Luigi.
  • Dededelicous: Beat King Dedede as Kirby only using the sucking power.
  • Pokémon Stadium Fighters: Choose a Pokémon Trainer and beat three others.
  • Adult Brotherhood: Beat Luigi as Mario.
  • Younger Brotherhood: Beat Mario as Luigi.
  • The Four Sword Enemy: Beat Ganondorf as Vaati.
  • The Protected's Brother: Defend Ephraim from Marth for three minutes as Seth.
  • Matching the Area: Stay as the mathcing mask of Mask Link in Termina Field for one loop.

Special Mode

A mode that consists of 5 modes: Super Fight, Home-Run Contest, Boss Battles, Classic and All-star.

  • Super Fight: A fight in which only Smash Balls arrive, and players are giant.
  • Home-Run Contest: A mode in which players use attacks to send a metal box flying far.
  • Boss Battles: Unlocked after finishing the story mode. Fight 5 bosses one after another.
  • Classic: The classic SSB mode, consists of fighting 10 characters one after another and then fighting Master Hand.
  • All-Star: A mode in which the player fights every game character in the game one after another.


  • Tournament: Players fight each other in a tournament until one character wins.
  • Turn Fight: A fight designed for more players than Wii remotes. Choose between loser out to winner out.
  • Trophies: The trophies gained by the player.
  • Sticker Book: The stickers gained by the player.
  • Sound Test: The collection of music the player unlocked.
  • Test Arena: A mode in which the player chooses everything about the enemy.

Attack List

Name B B-Side B-Up B-Down Final Smash
Mario Fireball Iceball Super Jump Ground Pound Giga Mario
Bowser Firebreath Shell Slam Koopa Throw Koopa Slam Koopa Hoard
Link Arrow Boomerang Spin Attack Megaton Hammer Triforce Slash
Zelda Nayru's Love Farore's Wind Din's Fire Transformation Call of Goddesses
DK Ground Slam Barrel Throw Strength Clap Barrrel Blow Chest Pound
Diddy Kong Peanut Gun Head Grab Jet Barrel Peanut Feast Peanut Jet
Kirby Swallow Kirby Hammer Warp Star Rock Kirby Sing Kirby
Waddle Dee Spear Spin Dash Attack Spearicopter Ground Stab Waddle Dee Army
Samus Aran Energy Ball Ball Spin Spin Jump Ball Bomb Zero Laser
Fox McCloud Laser Gun Dash Fire Blast Defender Landmaster
Pikachu Thunderbolt Headbutt Quick Attack Thunder Iron Tail
Pokémon Trainer

Bulbasaur: Leech Seed

Squirtle: Withdraw

Charmander: Flamethrower

Bulbasaur: Razor Leaf

Squirtle: Bubblebeam

Charmander: Fire Spin

Bulbasaur: Seed Bomb

Squirtle: Rapid Spin

Charmander: Flame Burst

Switch Pokémon

Triple Finish
Ephraim Siegmund Stab Javelin Throw Flame Shield Canto Siegmund Spin
Sheik Deku Nut Blast Cloud Goddess Harp Transform Light Arrow
Ness PK Flash PK Fire PK Thunder PSI Magnet PK Starstorm
Wario Garlic Stink Wario Bike Coin Magnet Wario Fart Final Fart
Luigi Electroball Luigi Missile Super Jump Ground Pound Negative Zone
Bowser Jr. Flame Breath Shell Spin Shell Jump Graffiti Shadow Marios
Ganondorf Thunder Ball Dark Ray Levitate Sword Slash Beast Ganon
Mask Link

Deku Link: Magic Ball

Goron Link: Goron Pound

Zora Link: Zora Slash

Deku Link: Deku Spin

Goron Link: Goron Spin

Zora Link: Zora Boomerangs

Deku Link: Flower Fly

Goron Link: Goron Jump

Zora Link: Midair Swim

Switch Mask Fierce Deity Link
Meta Knight Meta Tornado Meta Slash Meta Wings Spin Slash Galaxia Darkness
King Dedede Swallow Super Hammer High Jump Waddle Doo Monster Summon
Ridley Firebreath Air Slash Upward Strike Throw Meta Ridley
Falco Lombardi Laser Gun Dash Fire Blast Defender Arwing
Wolf O'Donnell Laser Gun Dash Fire Blast Defender Wolfen
Rayquaza Dragon Pulse Outrage Fly Dig Hyper Beam

Chikorita: PoisonPowder

Totodile: Bite

Cyndaquil: Lava Plume

Chikorita: Magical Leaf

Totodile: Water Gun

Cyndaquil: Flame Charge

Chikorita: Aromatherapy

Totodile: Aerial Ace

Cyndaquil: Inferno

Switch Pokémon Triple Finish

Treecko: Cut

Mudkip: Whrlpool

Torchic: Peck

Treecko: Absorb

Mudkip: Water Gun

Torchic: Ember

Treecko: Slam

Mudkip: Waterfall

Torchic: Aerial Ace

Switch Pokémon Triple Finish

Turtwig: Bite

Piplup: Fury Attack

Chimchar: Fury Swipes

Turtwig: Mega Drain

Piplup: Ice Beam

Chimchar: Flamethrower

Turtwig: Thrash

Piplup: Drill Peck

Chimchar: Overheat

Switch Pokémon Triple Finish
Marth Quick Slash Sword Dance Dolphin Slash Counter Critical Hit
Seth Silver Lance Dash Sword Jump Counter Critical Hit
Peach Toad Guard Peach Dash Parasol Glide Vegtable Peach Blossom
Vaati Eye Beam Eye Slash Eye Glide Vaati Magic Minish Power
Pit Palutena's Bow Sword Spin Wings of Icarus Mirror Shield Godly Double Slash
Palutena Light Ball Light Ray Sky Jump Light Blast Palutena's Army
Paper Mario Hammer Spin Hammer High Jump Ground Pound Scissors
Mr. L Thunderball Thunder Beam Lightning Jump Twist Thunder Brobot Summon
Skull Kid Bullet Shot Skull Bash Super Jump Evil Puppet Night of the 3rd Day
Waluigi Stomp Lieser Tennis Jump Tennis Slam Tennismash
Lucas PK Freeze PK Fire PK Thunder PSI Magnet PK Starstorm


Name Picture Description Universe
Battlefield BattlefieldSSBE A regular battlefield with no special attributes SmashBrosSymbol
Space Battlefield SpaceBattlefieldSSBE A Final Destination-like area that is used primarly in the? Boss Battles mode SmashBrosSymbol
Peach's Castle Peach'sCastleSSBE A SM64 style Peach's Castle. A coin may appear sometimes to replenish health. File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Pokémon Center PokemonCenterSSBE A Heartgold\Soulsilver based Pokémon Center. Chansey may appear attacking or replinishing health to fighters. File:Pokémon Emblem.gif
Termina Field N\A Majora's Mask based Termina Field. Passes from the main field to the Southern Swap, to the Northern Mountains, Great Bay and Ikana Valley. Legend of Zelda Emblem

Final Smash Details

User(s) Final Smash Details
Mario Giga Mario

Mario becomes Giga Mario, smashing every fighter that comes in his for way for 15 seconds. Mario's foot smashes deliver 20-25% and bury the opponent.

Bowser Koopa Hoard Bowser calls a giant Koopa hoard that catches every opponent in it's way until they fall from an edge. If there aren't edges, they disappear after 20 seconds. The Koopa Hoard delivers 10% every 2 seconds of touching a fighter.
Link Triforce Slash (Same as Brawl) Link stands in front of an opponent and traps him in a golden Triforce, and then slashes to rise 83%, then delivers one final blow with high knockback.
Zelda Call of Goddess Zelda calls Din, Farore and Nayru to attack all enemies. The three goddesses appear and begins slashing and punching the enemies of Zelda for about 20 seconds, each attack delivering about 10%.
DK Chest Pound DK begins to pound on his chest with rythm. Every character that gets close to DK is sucked close to DK and when he reaches him he recieves 50% and strong knockback.
Diddy Kong Peanut Jet (Same as Brawl) Diddy flies around the stage shooting peanuts that do 28%, and ram attaks that do 18%
Kirby Sing Kirby Kirby starts singing for 3 seconds, in which every character recieve 50% and weak knockback. Every character that is close to Kirby recieves 100% and is sent on a OHKO.
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Army Waddle Dee jumps to the air and sends two Waddle Dee armies that bounce and attack every character thay meet. Each attack does about 7%.
Samus Aran Zero Laser (Same as Brawl) Samus stops in her place and sends a giant laser beam that deals 75% and sends enemies back strongly.
Fox McCloud, Wolf O'Donell Landmaster (Same as Brawl) The user gets to use a Landmaster tank for a short time. Each laser shot deals 20-30% and each roll deals 10%.
Pikachu Iron Tail Pikachu takes his tail forward and starts spining, KOing every character in this way until he reaches an edge.
Pokémon Trainer, Ethan\Lyra, Brandon\May, Lucas\Dawn Triple Finish The user sends his\her three pokémon that will then run around the stage attacking for 7 seconds. Every hit does about 10%.
Ephraim Siegmund Spin Ephraim raises Siegmund and starts spining it around, KOing every character in front of him.
Sheik Light Arrow Sheik takes the light bow and sends 1-3 arrows, depending on how much opponents sheik has, in a straight line on every opponent very quickly. Paralyzes the opponents hit for 3 seconds and deals 50%.
Wario Final Fart Wario unleashes the ultimate fart, stunning every enemy and KOing every close enemy.
Luigi Negative Zone (Same as Brawl) A large circular field appears around Luigi which causes various negative status effects, such as falling asleep or slowing down.
Bowser Jr. Shadow Marios Bowser Jr. draws many Shadow Marios that follow opponents' movement and attack every opponent they touch, dealing 21% and disappearing.
Ganondorf Beast Ganon (Same as Brawl) Beast Ganon tears sideways across the stage, does 10% on transformation and 47% on dash.
Mask Link Fierce Deity Link Link puts on the Fierce Deity mask and becomes Fierce Deity Link, shooting sword rays that deal 32% and sword-slashes that deal 22%. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Meta Knight Galaxia Darkness (Same as Brawl, little change) Meta Knight swings his cape to trap opponents. Opponents who are caught are struck with a great slash, while non-trapped characters are hit by a quick slice. 40%-42% for trapped opponents; around 10% for others. Won't deal damage to team.
King Dedede Summon Monster Dedede calls N.M.E. to summon Ice Dragon that starts running across the stages, each touch with him freezes and deals 5%. Lasts 7 seconds.
Ridley Meta Ridley Ridley becomes Meta Ridley, making each of his attacks dealing twice the damage and being unable to be knockbacked. Lasts 7 seconds.
Rayquaza Hyper Beam Rayquaza uses Hyper Beam, attacking every foe in front of him with extra high knockback and about 80%.
Marth, Seth Critical Hit (Same as Brawl) The user launches himself sideways, attacking the first character he meets with a OHKO.
Peach Peach Blossom (Same as Brawl) All grounded enemies fall asleep, enemies close to Peach take up to 40% damage, many peaches appear.
Vaati Minish Power Vaati shrinks down all enemies and sends thunders at them, dealing about 70%.
Pit Godly Double Slash Pit gets a giant aura power in each part of his swords, making each of his attacks shot a blue giant energy beam dealing 47%.
Falco Lombardi Arwing The Arwing is similar to the Landmaster, but with better flight and worse driving.
Palutena Palutena's Army (Same as Pit's Brawl) Palutena calls for an army to come. The soldiers fly in to attack oppenents for moderate damage, then die.
Paper Mario Scissors Paper Mario uses a scissors sticker, and cuts every visible opponent, dealing 60-70% (Without knockback) and paralyzing.
Mr. L Brobot Summon Mr. L jumps out of the screen and returns in a Brobot, being able to shoot missiles, stomp enemies, etc. for high damage.
Skull Kid Night of the 3rd Day Skull Kid jumps to the middle of the screen and raises both of his hands. The moon from Majora's Mask comes and OHKOs every character from the top to the middle of the screen.
Waluigi Tennismash Waluigi takes his tennis racket and KOs every opponent on his platform after a wide smash.
Lucas, Ness PK Starstorm (Same as Brawl) The user summons many energy beams from the sky, dealing 32% each.

Assist Trophy Characters

Character Ability Universe
Kooper Kooper uses Power Shell to attack every character in front of him, disappearing after 5 seconds if not falling. File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Chocobo The user jumps on the Chocobo and dashes into enemies, dealing 12% each time, for 5 seconds. FinalFantasySymbol
Eirika Eirika takes out Sieglinde and stays in place, waiting for an enemy to stop, jumping at him and slashing doing about 35%. Almost same as Lyn in Brawl. Fire Emblem Emblem
Impa Impa takes the number of enemies there are in Deku Nuts and throws around, each character hit taking 27% and stunning. Legend of Zelda Emblem
Metroid (Same as Brawl) The Metroid flies around the stage, sticking into characters dealing damage. Goes away after dealing 50%. File:Metroid Emblem.gif
Chef Kawasaki Kawasaki takes his frying pan and throws many food items and Superspicy Curries. File:Kirby Emblem.gif
Dynablade Dynablade chooses one enemy and KOs it. (Very Rare) File:Kirby Emblem.gif
Luma Luma summons many shooting stars, acting as a weaker Ness's and Lucas's Final Smash. File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif
Dimentio Dimentio twists the dimensions around the user, making the user impossible to hit. (Rare) File:Mario Bros. Emblem.gif

Character Pictures