This page is for the items of Super Smash Bros. Dynasty.


Image Item Effect Series
Smash Ball
Smash Ball Breaking it allows you to use your Final Smash. Super Smash Bros.
Assist Trophy
Assist Trophy Summons a random character to help the character who used it. Super Smash Bros.
Poké Ball When thrown, it will summon a random Pokémon to assist the user. Pokémon
Metal box
Metal Box Turns the user temporarily into metal. They get heavier and have greater resistance. Mario
Super Mushroom The user becomes huge for 6 seconds. Mario
Poison Mushroom - Mario Kart 8 Wii U
Poison Mushroom The user becomes miniature for 6 seconds. Mario
Hammer The user unleashes a barrage of hammer swings, knocking an opponent vertically. It is very powerful, but the user cannot use any other attack or mid-air jump while using it. Donkey Kong
Cucco If the player jumps while holding it, he will descend slowly. Also, if one hits the bird too many times, a flock of them will appear and attack at him/her. Legend of Zelda
Heart container2
Heart Container Heals the player who eats it by 100 percent. Legend of Zelda
Power Bomb A very powerful throwable explosive, similar to the Bob-Omb. Metroid
Dragoon When a player manages to collect all 3 parts of it, he/she can then ram into the stage, knocking out all players within the crosshair. Kirby
Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomato Eating one of these reduces the consumer's damage by 50 percentage points. Kirby
Franklin Badge
Franklin Badge Reflects any projectile. EarthBound/Mother
Zodiac Wand It fires purple star projectiles. If charged, their power increases as well as their size. Each star deals 6% damage, 16% if fully charged. Golden Sun
Pitfall Can be set on the ground. Other characters fall straight into a pit when walking over it, or if hit directly with it. Animal Crossing
Unira Throwing an Unira into the ground or attacking it causes its spikes to extend, damaging opponents who bump into it. Clu Clu Land
WiiFit Balance Board When a player stands on it, they will either get faster and lighter but weaker, or heavier, slower and stronger for a few seconds. WiiFit
Motion-Sensor Bomb When thrown, they will be attached to the floor or wall and will detonate when a player walks on them. They are very powerful and can ahrly be seen. Perfect Dark
Cloaking Device Makes the player invisible for 10 seconds. Perfect Dark

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