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Super Smash Bros. Dustup is the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. series of crossover fighting games and was developed by Sora Ltd. and published by Nintendo for the V2. In this game, there are many new fighters as well as new stages, assist trophies, and other items.


The gameplay is mainly the same as the previous installments in the series. The goal of the game is the same as the other installments, which is to damage opponents so you can increase their damage percentage. The higher the percentage is, the faster players will end up flyng off the stage. Players must knock their foes off of the stage to perform a KO. The player with the most KOs in the end wins.

There are three other modes, which are: Stock, Stamina and Coin. In Stock, everyone has a set number of lives and so the last man left standing is the winner. In Stamina, everyone has a set number of HP. And in Coin mode, players try to collect the most coins. The player with the most coins in the end is the winner.

Basic moves can be done either on land or in mid-air and using the a button lets the player perform Special Moves. Different variations of these moves can be done. An important move is the shield which every character can use to block attacks. They can also dodge attacks by while they are using the shield and it can also be performed in mid-air to dodge attacks. If the shield is too small, the player is left open to attacks and if the shield breaks, the player becomes stunned. Once the player has grabbed an opponent he or she can either damage the opponent with theirs attacks or they can throw the opponent away.

Items will drop down on to the stage during the battle, these can be turned off and customized in the item switch menu. Items are listed in Tiers, with Tier 1 Items showing up at the beginning of the match, thus Tier 2 and 3 items will show up later in the match.

Moveset customization returns from the last game. Four variants of each move are available to unlock. In the Customization menu, you can create your own fighter with these customized moves. You can now also customize Final Smashes with each one having a second variant.

The player can now choose between the mechanics of 64, Melee, Brawl, and Super Smash Bros 4, and they can also customize the game's speed.



  • Brawl - The standard Super Smash Bros. game mode. Pick any of the available characters and then you pick a stage and fight! You can also fight in teams. Play show your opponents that you are the the best!
  • Special Brawl - This is like Brawl mode, but in this one, you get various options to create your own custom game. See what type of games you can come up with!
  • Tournament - In this mode, you play against up to 40 opponents, going from round to round until the final match. You can choose your opponents and customize the rules in this mode, just like in Brawl mode.
  • Smash Run - Smash Run is an eight-player battle game. First, the fighters enter a large area with a 5-minute time limit! During these 5 minutes you'll explore the map, battle enemies, and collect power ups There are 6 types of power ups: Speed, Jump, Attack, Special, Arms and Defense. When the time limit is up, you'll carry your collected power ups into battle with you. You can also gain new custom moves and equipment in this mode.
  • Smash Tour - This mode plays like a bored game in which use Mii characters to move around the board. Players can collect powerups, which raise their characters' stats and items, which possess various effects, and playable fighters, which will be put into use during battles: the characters are used in the order they were obtained. Each player may hold up to ten characters and four items. Battles are initiated by landing on the same space as another player or landing on a battle space. At the beginning of a battle, a player may select an item to use, and will then face the others. During gameplay, random events can occur: they range from non-playable characters roaming the board and giving bonuses to players to boss battles.


  • Classic Mode - In this mode, players choose different paths as they run through a "world map", fighting against CPU opponents. Players are able to alter their "Fighter Balance", a system where coins are spent to adjust the intensity level. The higher the intensity, the stronger opponents will be and the greater the rewards will be..
  • Events - In this mode, you have to complete missions. There are forty-one of these events total, and each one can be played on Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. The higher the level number is, the harder the level will be.
  • Tower of Smash - A giant tower that is filled with enemies and bosses. In the one hundredth room, you face the two final bosses in a row, Umbra and Tabbu.
  • Smash Travel - In this mode, you ride on top of a train or plane that pits you against various fighters. There are two vatiations: Master Travel and Crazy Travel. You cangain tickets that can be used later in the game.

Story Mode: Final Siege

The World of Trophies is invaded by an army of of strange beings known as Cubots who seek to concur and destroy the world, but they are also joined by the left overs of the Subspace army, they are led by an insane man known as Umbra, who is looking for four strange gems that are scattered all over the world. Our heroes must stop him before uses them to bring the evil being known as Tabbu back from the dead.

It can be found here.


  • Stadium - The player can play a variety of minigames, such as
    • Target Test - Try to break the targets as fast as you can!
    • Target Blast - Launch the bomb as far as you can to hit the targets and make it explode.
    • Multi-Man Melee - Take on the Fighting Shadow Team in a variety of different game modes.
    • Board the Platforms - The player must find and land on twelve platforms that scattered throughout the stage, as quickly as they can.
  • Trophies - You canheck out your trophies here or spend some coins trying to earn new ones in Trophy Pachinko.
  • Amiibo - Bring your Amiibo to life!
  • Shop - A store owwned by Rusty, from Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. You can buy things for your game here, and if you have haggling tickets that cans sometimes be found in Smash Travel and others modes you can bargain with him.
  • Sound - Listen to the game's music and check out all the noises in the game, you can even upload your own songs in to the game!
  • Challenge Board - A list of challenges that will be unlocked over the course of gameplay. Can you beat all 1,000 challenges?



Starter Stages

Tumblr n3udw1LGqG1tsp14vo1 500
SSB3DS Paper Mario
N3DS SuperSmashBros Stage05 Screen 01
Bowser's Castle
Dr mario stage super smash bros 4
20823568 mariovs donkeykongtippingstars launchtrailer ign-1425584735830 540h
Gangplank Galleon v0.9b
Tumblr inline ncp1uu8PAH1siyyqt
Bridge of Eldin SSB4
N3DS SuperSmashBros Stage06 Screen 02
SSBU Halberd
SSB4 Prism Tower
Distortion world by kalaremon-d3axjhq
Night Walk Fever
Urchin Underpass
WiiU SuperSmashBros Stage09 Screen 01
Pac-land Stage
Final fantasia

Unlockble Stages 

Star-fox-64 macbeth
Kirbys-epic-yarn1 1829655b
GYROMITE zps240629c8
SSB4-Wii U Congratulations Mr. Game & Watch All-Star
Colores de las hojas de Hanenbow SSBB
America Stage
00 guacamelee scre 2553683b
Undertale smash bros

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