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This page features all the unlockable content in Super Smash Bros. Duel.


Image Name Skill Group How to Unlock Number of Matches Special Moves
Bowser Jr Artwork (SSBD) Bowser Jr Tricky Clear Classic Mode with Bowser on Normal difficulty or higher. 30 Standard Special Move: Shell Spin
Side Special Move: Spin Kick
Up Special Move: Shell Spike
Down Special Move: Magic Paintbrush
Final Smash: Shadow Mario
BrawlToonLink Toon Link Technical Clear Classic Mode with Link on Normal or higher. 60

Standard Special Move: Hero's Bow
Side Special Move: Boomerang
Up Special Move: Sword Slash
Down Special Move: Bomb
Final Smash: Triforce Slash

Mona Artwork Mona Ranged Buy for 1000 Coins in the store 90 Standard Special Move: Mona's Elephant
Side Special Move: Throwing Pizza
Up Special Move: Football Kick
Down Special Move: Banana Peel
Final Smash: Mona-woman
BrawlKingDedede King Dedede Power Clear Classic Mode with Kirby on Normal difficulty or higher. 120 Standard Special Move: Inhale
Side Special Move: Waddle Dee Toss
Up Special Move: Dedede Ram
Down Special Move: Jet Hammer
Final Smash: Propellor Hammer
Krystal SSBD Krystal Technical Clear Adventure Mode with Fox or Falco on Hard difficulty or higher. 150 Standard Special Move: Staff Spin
Side Special Move: Staff Jab
Up Special Move: Staff Turret
Down Special Move: Kursed Change
Final Smash: Landmaster
Dixie Kong Artwork (SSBD) Dixie Kong Ranged Clear Star Bit Collector with 15 Characters 180 Standard Special Move: Ponytail Whip
Side Special Move: Barrel Roll
Up Special Move: Helicopter Twirl
Down Special Move: Ponytail Latch
Final Smash: Wild Move
Jack SSBD Jack All-Round Collect 10 Trophies 210 Standard Special Move: Candle Light
Side Special Move: Spooky Spear
Up Special Move: Spooky Book
Down Special Move: Pumpkin
Final Smash: Spirit of Halloween
Masked Man SSBD Masked Man Power Complete Adventure Mode with Ness and Lucas on Normal difficulty or higher 240

Standard Special Move: Lightning Bolt
Side Special Move: Sword Jab
Up Special Move: Wing Updraft
Down Special Move: Cannon Fire
Final Smash: Weapon Artillery

Jolteon SsBD Jolteon Ranged Clear 20 Missions. 270 Standard Special Move: Radial Bolt
Side Special Move: Charge
Up Special Move: Headbutt
Down Special Move: Stomp
Final Smash:
Magnus SSBD Magnus Power Clear Adventure Mode with Pit on Hard difficulty or higher 300 Standard Special Move: Blade Swing
Side Special Move: Blade Hook
Up Special Move: Blade Arc
Down Special Move: Iron Stomp
Final Smash: Blessed Blade
Tyrell SSBD Tyrell Power Clear Classic Mode with Matthew on Hard Difficulty or higher 330 Standard Special Move: Axe Swing
Side Special Move: Fire Slice
Up Special Move: Volcano
Down Special Move: Axe Slash
Final Smash: Heat Wave
RidleySSBB Ridley Power Clear Adventure Mode with Samus or Spire on Very Hard difficulty or higher. 360

Standard Special Move: Fireball
Side Special Move: Tail Whip
Up Special Move: Claw Swipes
Down Special Move: Crush Trap
Final Smash: Meta Wings

Kamek SSBD Kamek All Round Complete Classic Mode with Mario and Luigi on Hard difficulty or higher 390

Standard Special Move: Sceptre Slash
Side Special Move: Magic Bolt
Up Special Move: Fly Up
Down Special Move: Kamek Copy
Final Smash: Mega Kamek

Toon Zelda Artwork Toon Zelda/Toon Sheik Tricky Clear Classic Mode with Toon Link on Very Hard difficulty or higher. 420 Standard Special Move: Sword Attack
Side Special Move: Fire Attack
Up Special Move: Wind Gust
Down Special Move: Form Change
Final Smash: Bow of the Goddess
Toon Sheik Artwork
Little Mac Little Mac Balanced Collect 50 Trophies. 450 Standard Special Move: Swing Attack
Side Special Move: Jab
Up Special Move: Up Punch
Down Special Move: Double Punch
Final Smash: Strong Shockwave
Bandanna Dee SSBD Bandanna Dee Speedy Buy for 600 Coins in the Store 480 Standard Special Move: Spear Pirouette
Side Special Move: Spear Jab
Up Special Move: Spear Drill
Down Special Move: Spear Stab
Final Smash: Boss of the Spear
Zoroark SSBD Zoroark Tricky Complete Adventure on Hard difficulty or higher with 20 different characters 510 Standard Special Move: Claws of Darkness
Side Special Move: Faint Attack
Up Special Move: Illusion Bullet
Down Special Move: Dark Matter
Final Smash: Night Daze
Rosalina Artwork Rosalina Ranged Clear All 1-Player Missions. 540 Standard Special Move: Swift Spiral
Side Special Move: Magic Bolt
Up Special Move: Luma Attack
Down Special Move: Kick
Final Smash: Luma Hoard
Micaiah SSBD Micaiah Technical Unlock whilst playing online via Streetpass or Spotpass by either playing a certain number of matches or amount of time

  • Play for 1 Hour
  • Play 100 Matches
570 Standard Special Move: Rapier Slash
Side Special Move: Rapier Jab
Up Special Move: Magic Spell
Down Special Move: Magic Beam
Final Smash: Thani
Medusa SSBD Medusa Power Collect 100 Trophies 600 Standard Special Move: Staff Attack
Side Special Move: Staff Charge
Up Special Move: Staff Jab
Down Special Move: Stamp
Final Smash: Medusa Head
ROB R.O.B. Balanced Clear Boss Battles with 15 Characters on Normal difficulty or higher. 630 Standard Special Move: Robo Beam
Side Special Move: Arm Rotor
Up Special Move: Robo Burner
Down Special Move: Gyro
Final Smash: Robot Rampage
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Balanced Clear Boss Battles with Wario on Very Hard difficulty or higher. 660 Standard Special Move: Ice Shot
Side Special Move: Squall Hammer
Up Special Move: Belay
Down Special Move: Blizzard
Final Smash: Iceberg
Deoxys SSBd Deoxys Tricky Clear Boss Battles with Pikachu, Victini, Plusle & Minun and Pokemon Trainer on Hard difficulty or higher. 690 Standard Special Move: Spinner
Side Special Move: Psychic
Up Special Move: Zen Headbutt
Down Special Move: Psycho Boost
Final Smash: Hyper Beam
Wolf O&#039;Donnell Wolf Power Buy for 800 Coins in the Store 720 Standard Special Move: Blaster
Side Special Move: Wolf Punch
Up Special Move: Blast
Down Special Move: Pounce
Final Smash: Landmaster
Blados SSBD Blados Tricky Collect 150 Trophies 750 Standard Special Move: Fire Cracker
Side Special Move: Spark Shuriken
Up Special Move: Psy Grenade
Down Special Move: Shadow Shield
Final Smash: Punish
Midna SSBD Midna Tricky Complete Classic Mode with Toon Link and Toon Zelda on Very Hard difficulty or higher 780 Standard Special Move: Twilight Ball
Side Special Move: Hair Punch
Up Special Move: Emitting Twilight
Down Special Move: Form Change
Final Smash: Realm of Twilight
Midna True Form SSBD
BrawlSonic Sonic Speedy Buy Sonic for Free and it will unlock Green Hill and Sonic 810 Standard Special Move: Homing Attack
Side Special Move: Spin Attack
Up Special Move: Spring Jump
Down Special Move: Grind
Final Smash: Super Sonic
Snakes Snake Tricky Unlock whilst playing online via Streetpass or Spotpass by either playing a certain number of matches or amount of time

  • Play for 3 Hours
  • Play 300 Matches
840 Standard Special Move: Hand Grenade
Side Special Move: Remote Missile
Up Special Move: Cypher
Down Special Move: C4
Final Smash: Grenade Launcher
Black Mage Artwork Black Mage Speedy Play for as Mario and Snake 870 Standard Special Move: Mage's Staff
Side Special Move: Mythril Knife
Up Special Move: Fire
Down Special Move: Thundara
Final Smash: Quake


Stage Image Name Series How to Unlock
Bowser&#039;s Castle (SSBD) Bowser's Castle Super Mario Play as Bowser 20 Times
Toad Road Toad Road Super Mario Play as Luigi 50 Times
Rainbow roadz Rainbow Road Super Mario Play as Rosalina 25 Times
Sunset Hills Sunset Hills Donkey Kong Play as Donkey Kong 25 Times
Tiki Mine Tiki Mine Donkey Kong Complete Classic Mode with Dixie Kong on Normal difficulty or higher
Baby Park (SSBD) Baby Park Yoshi Play as Yoshi 10 Times
Waluigi Stadium Waluigi Stadium Wario Play as Mona 20 Times
Eldin Volcano Eldin Volcano Legend of Zelda Clear Adventure Mode with Link on Hard difficulty or higher
Goron City Goron City Legend of Zelda Play as Toon Zelda 10 Times
Moonlight Mansion Moonlight Mansion Kirby Clear Boss Battles with King Dedede on Hard difficulty or higher
Corneria Strip Corneria Strip Star Fox Play as Krystal 40 Times
Artifact Temple Artifact Temple Metroid Play as Ridley 35 Times
Pokémon Mansion Pokémon Mansion Pokémon Complete Level 5 of Break the Targets with Zoroark within 40 Seconds
Deceitful Labyrinth Deceitful Labyrinth Kid Icarus Play as Magnus 50 Times
Forest Prayer Sanctuary Forest Prayer Sanctuary Earthbound Play as Ness and Lucas 60 Times
Taopo Swamp Taopo Marsh Golden Sun Play as Matthew and Tyrell 30 Times Each
Animal Crossing
Circuit Mario Circuit Super Mario Play as Mario 50 Times
Congo Jungle Congo Jungle Donkey Kong Play as Diddy Kong 50 Times
SSBM! Sta- Yoshi&#039;s Island Yoshi Island Yoshi Play as Baby Mario Bros. 50 Times
WarioWare.Inc SSBET Warioware Inc. Wario Play as Wario 50 Times
Bridge of Eldin Bridge of Eldin Legend of Zelda Play as Ghirahim 30 Times
FountainofDreams Fountain of Dreams Kirby Play as Meta Knight 50 Times
Sector Z SSBET Sector Z Star Fox Play as Wolf 50 Times
Skyworld SSBET Skyworld Kid Icarus Play as Pit 50 Times
Castle Siege Castle Siege Fire Emblem Play as Marth 50 Times
Onett Onett Earthbound Complete Adventure Mode with Ness and Lucas on Normal difficulty or higher
Distant Planet Distant Planet Pikmin Play as Olimar 50 Times
Port Town Aero Dive SSBB Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero Complete Classic Mode with Captain Falcon on Very Hard difficulty or higher
Poké Floats Poké Floats Pokémon Complete Adventure Mode with Pikachu, Rioru and Jolteon on Hard difficulty or higher
Norfair Norfair Metroid Complete Adveture Mode with Samus, Spire and Ridley on Very Hard difficulty or higher
Pictochat SSBET Pictochat Nintendo Collect 150 Trophies
Green Hill Zone SSBET Green Hill Zone Sonic Complete Adventure Mode with Sonic on Very Hard difficulty or higher
Radical Highway Radical Highway Sonic Complete Classic Mode with Sonic on Very Hard difficulty or higher
Shadow Moses Island SSBET Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear Solid Complete Adventure Mode with Snake on Very Hard difficulty or higher
Chocobo Forest Chocobo Forest Final Fantasy Complete Adventure Mode and Classic Mode with Black Mage on Very Hard difficulty or higher

Credits and Copyright

Made by Baby Yoshi

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  • TaBooki Artwork made by Tom V.12.
  • Other orginal arts by Nintendo ©

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