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This is the page for unlockable trophies in Super Smash Bros. Duel

NOTE: All dates set prior to the creation of this trophy page.


Image Name Debut Latest Description
Mario Trophy Mario Donkey Kong (1981) Mario Party 9 (2012) Mario is a plumber who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom, along with his brother, Luigi. He often goes on quests to save Peach and defeat Bowser. Mario is one of the main Nintendo Mascots.
Luigi Trophy Luigi Mario Bros. (1983) Mario Party 9 (2012) Luigi is a plumber whom, along with his brother Mario, reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi often helps Mario on his quests to save Peach, but sometimes goes on his own quests.
Peach Trophy Peach Mario Bros. (1985) Mario Party 9 (2012) Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is often kidnapped by Bowser and saved by Mario. She resides with many of the Toad species within her castle and portrayed to have a love interest in Mario.
Bowser Trophy SSBD Bowser Mario Bros. (1985) Mario Party 9 (2012) Bowser is leader of the Koopa Troop and enemy of Mario. Bowser often kidnaps and defeated by Mario. His plans often involve taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and they often fail.
Bowser Jr Trophy Bowser Jr Super Mario Sunshine (2002) Mario Party 9 (2012) Bowser Jr is the eighth and the youngest of the Koopalings. He is Bowser's most favoured child and often helps him kidnap Peach and defeat Mario.
Rosalina Trophy Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Mario Kart 7 (2011) Rosalina is a human who lives on the Comet Observatory, with the Luma's, who she believes are her adopted children. she helps Mario collect Power Stars and defeat Bowser to rescue the princess.
TaBooki Trophy TaBooki Mario Kart: Pro Circuit (2012) Mario Baseball 3DS (2012) TaBooki is a boo merged with a Tanooki Leaf. His real name is Yvan and he was a shy boo, who got left in a mansion. One day, he touched a shiny leaf and was then hit by thunder, giving him the form he has today.
Hammer Bro. Trophy Hammer Bro. Super Mario Bros. (1985) Mario Party 9 (2012) Hammer Bro.'s are sub-species of Koopa, who wield hammers. Hammer Bro.'s are one of Bowser's most elite members of his army as they have much more protection than normal Koopa's.
Baby Bowser Trophy Baby Bowser Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995) Yoshi's Island DS (2006) Baby Bowser is the infant form of Bowser, even though he is not related to him. During his childhood, Baby Bowser was reared by Kamek and now has the ability to spit fireballs.
Bullet Bill Trophy Bullet Bill Super Mario Bros. (1985) Mario Party 9 (2012) Bullet Bills are recurring enemies in the Mario Series. Even though they have menacing looks, Bullet Bill's are quite weak and can be defeated by jumping on them.
Daisy Trophy Daisy Super Mario Land (1989) Mario Party 9 (2012) Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland. She is a tomboy and has a keen interest in flowers. She is best friends with Peach and is shown to have a love interest in Luigi.
Toad Trophy Toad Super Mario Bros. (1985) Mario Party 9 (2012) Toad is Princess Peach's attendent and resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is a member of the Toads, who widely populate the Mushroom Kingdom.

Donkey Kong

Image Name Debut Recent Description
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (1981) Mario Party 9 (2012)


Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description

Legend of Zelda

Image Name Debut Recent Description
Link Trophy Link The Legend of Zelda (1987) Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) Link is the "chosen hero" and wielder of the Master Sword. Link can use a variety of weapons including bombs, clawshots, bow and arrow and boomerang's.
Zelda Trophy Zelda The Legend of Zelda (1987) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule and the human form of the Goddess, Hylia. Most of the time, Zelda is kidnapped by Ganondorf and Link has to save her.
Toon Link Trophy Toon Link Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (2002/2003) Legend of Zelda: Spirit Track (2009) Toon Link is the toon version of Link. The only differerence between Link and Toon Link is Toon Link has more of a cartoon like appearance than Link.
Machi Trophy Machi Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) Machi is a member of the Kikwi's, who reside in Faron Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Machi is the most relaxed Kikwi, who asks Link to help him find the rest of his friends.


Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description

Kid Icarus

Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description

Star Fox

Image Name Debut Recent Description

Fire Emblem

Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description

Sonic the Hedgehog

Image Name Debut Recent Description

Final Fantasy

Image Name Debut Recent Description


Image Name Debut Recent Description

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