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This is the page for all the assist trophies and Pokeballs in Super Smash Bros. Duel.

Assist Trophies


Image Name Series Commonality Description
Hammer bro Hammer Bro. Super Mario Common Hammer Bro. throws multiple hammers, which will provide 5% damage to any brawler that gets hit.
Babybowser Baby Bowser Super Mario Rare Baby Bowser shoots multiple fireballs from his mouth, providing 6% damage for each brawler hit.
Bullet Bill MKW2!! Bullet Bill Super Mario Uncommon Bullet Bill boosts through the stage 8 times, providing 10% damage for each brawler hit.
King K. Rool King K. Rool Donkey Kong Uncommon King K. Rool charges across the stage 3 times, providing 20% damage for each brawler hit.
Birdo.. Birdo Yoshi Uncommon Birdo throws multiple eggs, providing 7% damage for each brawler hit.
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Wario Common Waluigi throws three Bob-omb's, which will provide between 10% - 30% damage, depending on how close the brawler was to the explosion.
Saria3D Saria Legend of Zelda Rare Saria will pull out her Fairy Ocarina and play Saria's Song, this will hypnotize the other brawlers making them vunerable to attack. She will provide 8% extra damage to every attack.
Goron Goron Legend of Zelda Uncommon Goron will roll up into a ball and charge around the stage. He will provide 14% damage for every brawler hit.
Prince Fluff Walk Prince Fluff Kirby


Prince Fluff wrangles up the other brawlers for 20 seconds to give the summoner chance to hit them. Prince Fluff provides 8% extra damage for every hit the summoner performs.
Goroh Samurai Goroh F-Zero Rare Samurai Goroh attacks the other brawlers with his sword. He provides 6% damage for each hit.
LouieEltario Louie Pikmin Common Louie throws Pikmin at the other brawlers and provides 4% damage for each brawler hit.
255px-Sylus Sylux Metroid Rare Sylux forms into his alternate form, Lockjaw and drops many tripwire bombs, which will explode when an opponent steps on it. The bombs provide 28% damage per explosion.
Lyndis Lyn Fire Emblem Rare Lyn hits any other brawler with her sword, providing 9% damage for each hit.
Slippy Slippy Toad Star Fox Uncommon Slippy Toad's communication appears on the screen, blocking the view of the opponents.
Phyrron Pyrrhon Kid Icarus Very Rare Pyrrhon shoots three blasts of fire, setting the other brawlers alight. This provides a 5% constant damage until the brawler enters water, dies or until 70% damage has occured.
Jeff1 Jeff Earthbound Uncommon Jeff fires a single rocket which provides 19% damage for each player hit.
SHADOW THE HEDGHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shadow Sonic Common Shadow uses his Chaos Control to slow down the movement of the other brawlers.
WhiteMageSSBPI White Mage Final Fantasy Uncommon White Mage uses her magic to heal the summoner and damage the other brawlers. She provides 30% damage or healing.
The boss The Boss Metal Gear Common The Boss uses her blades to attack the other brawlers. She provides 7% damage for each attack.
Slime Slime Dragon Quest Common Slime constanlty jumps on the other brawlers, providing 5% damage each time.
IsaacBlank Issac Golden Sun Uncommon Issac hits all the other brawlers, providing 8% damage for each hit.
200px-Mr. Resetti Mr. Resetti Animal Crossing Rare Mr. Resetti produces a speech bubble, which blocks the screen for the other brawlers.
Starfy Starfy Starfy Rare Starfy performs spin attacks, which provide 7% damage for each hit.


Image Name Series Commonality Description How to Unlock
Koopalings Koopalings Super Mario Very Rare Three random koopalings are summoned and will attack the other three brawlers. each Koopaling will provide 60% damage. Play as all Mario Characters, Play on all Mario Stages and Use all of the other Mario Assists.
Megaleg Megaleg Super Mario Very Rare Megaleg will drop down from the sky and start stomping all the other brawlers. He provides 25% damage for each stomp and 14% damage for each flatten. Play as Bowser and Bowser Jr 80 Times
RambiRhino Rambi Donkey Kong Rare Rambi will charge through the stage five times, providing 15% damage for every brawler hit. Play as Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong 15 times each.
FiSkywardSword Fi Legend of Zelda Very Rare Fi blocks all attacks and items from all other opponents. She also provides 7% extra damage for each hit. Play as Link, Zelda, Toon Link, Toon Zelda and Midna 15 Times each
334px-GSDDKaris Karis Golden Sun Rare Karis uses her staff to attack the other brawlers, providing 7% damage for each hit. Play 40 Matches with Little Mac.
KRTDL Magolor Magalor Kirby Ultra Rare Magalor will use his magic to control the summoner's opponents by forcing them to attack themselves and walk off the side Play 100 matches with Kirby Characters.
250px-Dark Samus MP3 Dark Samus Metroid Rare Dark Samus fires three Dark Homing Missiles, which provide 35% damage for each brawler hit. Play as Samus, Spire and Ridley 35 Times
Dark pit Dark Pit Kid Icarus Very Rare Dark Pit absorbs energy from the other brawlers, making there attacks weaker and then shoots then with a dark bow, providing 30% damage. Play 30 Matches as Pit and Magnus.
Silver Silver the hedgehog Sonic Rare Silver uses his telekinetic abilities to freeze the other brawlers providing 5% extra damage for each brawler hit whilst in this state. Play as Sonic 50 Times
220px-Ninja Ninja Final Fantasy Ultra Rare Ninja uses all of his weapons, including shurikens, katana's and boomerang's to hit the other brawlers. He provides 25% damage for each brawler hit. Unlock Black Mage in story mode



Image Name Commonality Description
002Ivysaur Ivysaur Common Ivysaur attacks the other players
005Charmeleon Charmeleon Common Charmeleon breathes fire around the stage
009Blastoise Blastoise Common Blastoise rolls around the stage in his shell
010Caterpie Caterpie Uncommon Caterpie blanks out the stage with his stench
015Beedrill Beedrill Rare Beedrill attacks all opposing players
088Grimer Grimer Rare Grimer stops the movement of all opposing players
017Pidgeotto Pidgeotto Common Pidgeotto attacks opponents with his claws
Arbok Arbok Rare Arbok sprays acid around the stage, infecting other brawlers
028Sandslash Sandslash Uncommon Sandslash covers the stage in sand, making it hard to move
033Nidorino Nidorino Common Nidorino stabs opponents with his horn
PokémonVulpix Vulpix Rare Vulpix whips opponents with its tail
Jigglypuff Brawl Jigglypuff Rare Jigglypuff rolls around the stage, flattening opponents
041Zubat Zubat Very Rare Zubat flies around the stage, knocking opponents of the side of the stage
047Parasect Parasect
Dugtrio Dream Dugtrio
054Psyduck Psyduck
059Arcanine Arcanine
066Machop Machop
076Golem Golem
096Drowzee Drowzee
101Electrode Electrode
106Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
122Mr. Mime Mr. Mime

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