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Super smash bros dragonstar
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Super Smash Bros. Dragonstar, also known as SSB DragonstarSSB Dragon or SSBD, is an upcoming installment of the Super Smash Bros. video game series, set to be released on October 6th, 2023. The game can be seen as a new installment for the series, as well as a remake of the 2018 game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unlike the previous entry in the series, Dragonstar focuses on including as many newcomers as possible while still returning every single playable character from previous installments.

Game modes


The iconic Smash mode remains roughly the same in Super Smash Bros. Dragonstar, in terms of gameplay and functionnalities.



Story mode

A very prominent aspect of Super Smash Bros. Dragonstar is its story mode, which bares the title Super Smash Bros. Dragonstar: Stygian Gospel.

Stygian Gospel

The story is fairly simple: a mysterious hooded being calling himself "The Primordial One" has taken over the world of Super Smash Bros.: He has a colossal army of deadly soldiers, and plan on using it to capture the greatest heroes of the land. Stygian Gospel will be the main way of unlocking characters, since nearly every newcomer and veteran will inevitably be playable, and thus, unlocked in the others modes. 


During the events of Stygian Gospel, players will confront a fairly large ammount of ennemies from various franchises.

Ennemy Series Description
Goomba SSBD Super Mario Bros. Much like in their original games, Goombas simply walk in only one direction and cand be defeated either by jumping on them or by using regular/special attacks.
Koopa SSBD Super Mario Bros. Also much like in their original game, Koopas simply walk in only one direction, but, instead of just disappearing, Koopas turn into green shells when defeated. The player can then pick up the green shell and use it to damage other foes.
Paragoomba SSBD Super Mario Bros. These ennemies are completely identical to Goombas, with the additional ability of performing bigger jumps. When hit, Paragoombas lose their wings and become ordinary Goombas.


Stygian Gospel has a lot of bosses. A good part of them becoming stage hazards when beaten (Kraid, Max Brass...) but others actually becoming playable characters (Waluigi, Dimentio...). COMING SOON

Playable characters

SSB Dragonstar is largely Much like in the previous game, All newcomers are unlockable, through the Story Mode or the Dragonstar Events. All 68 (including Echo Fighters) veterans are returning, making the roster even bigger. Characters with an Epsilon sign are Echos of the character preceding them. Some veterans, like Wario or Young Link, were actually completely redesigned; Wario was split into WarioWare Wario and Wario Land Wario and Young Link became a 4-in-1 character using masks from Majora's Mask. Ganondorf also has been completely changed, making him for the first time his own unique character, and not a bad Falcon clone.

Mario SSBDLuigi SSBDPeach SSBDDaisy (1)Captain Toad SSBDToadette SSBDBowser SSBDragonDrMario SSBDBaby Bros. SSBDRosalina SSBDBowserJr SSBDWaluigi SSBDPetey SSBDBoo SSBDFawful SSBDWart SSBDGeno SSBDRabbid Mario SSBDPaper Mario SSBDVivian SSBDDimentio SSBDCount Bleck SSBDYoshi SSBDKamek SSBDDonkey SSBDDiddy SSBDCranky SSBDFunky Kong SSBDDixie SSBDK. Rool SSBDLink SSBDYoung Link SSBDToon Link SSBDMidna Wolf Link SSBDZelda SSBDSheik SSBDGanondorf SSBDGanon SSBDSkull Kid SSBDVaati SSBDragonSamus SSBDZero Suit SSBDAnthony SSBDRidley SSBDSylux SSBDRundas SSBDDark Samus SSBDKIrby SSBDBandana SSBDFluff SSBDMeta Knight SSBDGalacta Knight SSBDKing Dedede SSBDMagolor SSBDSusie SSBDFox SSBDFalco SSBDKrystal SSBDragonWolf SSBDAndross SSBDPikachu SSBDJigglypuff SSBDPichu SSBDMewtwo SSBDPokémon Trainer SSBDLucario SSBDGreninja SSBDDecidueye SSBDMimikyu SSBDLycanroc SSBDNecrozma SSBDCaptain Falcon SSBDBlood Falcon SSBDJody Summer SSBDBlack Shadow SSBDNess SSBDNinten SSBDLucas SSBDKumatora SSBDMasked Man SSBDrgonPorky SSBDIce Climbers SSBDMarth SSBDLucina SSBDRoy SSBDEliwood SSBDIke SSBDRobin SSBDCorrin SSBDHector SSBDAlm SSBDLyn SSBDCamilla SSBDCelica SSBDMrGameAndWatch SSBDPit SSBDDark Pit SSBDPalutena SSBDMagnus SSBDragonGaol SSBDViridi SSBDPhosphora SSBDMedusa SSBDragonHades SSBDWario Lander SSBDWario SSBDOlimar SSBDROB SSBDVillager SSBDWii Fit Trainer SSBDLittle Mac SSBDShulk SSBDInkling SSBDOctoling SSBDDuck Hunt SSBDRibbon Girl SSBDHelix SSBDTwintelle SSBDMaster Mummy SSBDSukapon SSBDSnake SSBDSonic SSBDMega Man SSBDPac-Man SSBDPac-DevilRyu SSBDCloud SSBDBayo SSBdJeanne SSBDRayman SSBDGlobox SSBDTeensie SSBDBarbara SSBDShovel Knight SSBDPlague Knight SSBDSpecter Knight SSBDKing Knight SSBDLilac SSBDShantae SSBDGungeoneer SSBDThe Knight SSBD
Brawler SSBDSwordfighter SSBDGunner SSBD

Veteran Changes

Character Series Major changes
Mario SSBD Super Mario Bros. - Mario's has a new foward-aerial, where he swings his signature hammer in front of him. Despite being faster and dealing less damage, the attack is roughly the same and stays a very powerful meteor smash.
- Mario's down-aerial is now is iconic ground pound, and a fairly powerful attack.
- Mario has a completely new down-B based on the now-former-object Super Leaf, that sees him using a Tanooki tail to whip his opponents. Mario can also float in the air for a short time if the player holds B
- Mario has a new final smash called "Super Star Power", here he uses a Super Star to become invincible for a short time. During this time, all of his attacks do 1.5 more damage.
- Mario has five new costumes: A black and white one refering Super Mario Land, one resembling Shadow Mario from Sunshine, his N64 appearance from the original smash, his explorer outfit from Super Mario Odyssey and his tennis outfit from Mario Tennis Aces.
Luigi SSBD Super Mario Bros. - Luigi also has a new forward-aerial, similar to Mario's, where he akwardly swings his hammer from bottom to top.

- His Poltergeist 5000 is now present his forward-throw, up-throw and back-throw. - Luigi has four new costumes: one referencing his appearance in Super Mario Odyssey, with a bow tie and small ballons in his back, a Mr. L costume, his original appearance in Smash 64 and his tennis outfit from Mario Tennis Aces.

Peach SSBD - Peach's umbrella now transforms into Perry when she uses her up-B.

- Her final smash now consists of her "Joy" vibe from Super Princess Peach. She gains the ability to fly for a short time, and can creates small tornados that damages foes during this time. - Peach has five new costumes: a Rosalina palette, a Shadow Queen costume from Paper Mario, her wedding dress from Super Mario Odyssey, her bikini from Super Mario Odyssey and her explorer outfit from Super Mario Odyssey.

Daisy (1) Super Mario Bros. - No important changes.