Super Smash Bros. Dispute
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Dispute is The newest edition of The Smash series. The game was very successful upon release and this is The first Smash game To feature fourth-party characters. This game features tons of content and DLC will be available for The game. The game will get released sometime in 2017.



  • Brawl - The standard Super Smash Bros. game mode. Select any character available and select your opponents (if you have no humans other than you playing). Then, pick a stage and fight! You can customize the game type to make it something other than time battle (such as stock battle where people have limited lives or coin battle where people collect coins to win). Items can be turned on or off depending on what you think. You can also fight in teams (there are three teams). Play to beat your opponents and show who's the best!
  • Special Brawl - This is like Brawl mode, but in this one you can bend the rules a little. You get various options to create your own custom game (such as make people metal, or even giant). Once you have everything figured out, start the game by picking your character and a stage. See what games you can come up with!
  • Boss Rush - A mode that will let you play as bosses, and fight on huge stages.
  • Co-Op Classic - A version of classic that allows you to fight through classic with two players. Each player is on the same team.
  • Tournament - This mode is a tournament (you should know what those are). Play against up to 36 opponents, advancing from round to round until finally the championship match is played. You can choose your opponents and customize the rules like in Brawl mode, and have different amounts of people playing each match (up to four).
  • Smash Run - Smash Run is a 4-player, labyrinth-exploring, boost-collecting battle game. First, the fighters enter a vast playing field. There's a 5-minute time limit! During these 5 minutes you'll explore the field, battle enemies, and collect boosts to power up. There are 6 types of boosts - Speed, Jump, Attack, Special, Arms and Defense. When the time limit is up, you'll carry the boosts you collected into battle. You can also get custom moves and equipment in this mode. Their are three maps to choose from, one being unlockable, you have the Retro one from Smash 3DS and the new one as well as the unlockable one which takes place in various sections Of Nintendo-Elemented series, going into one world into another.


  • Story Mode: The Portal - Story mode of the game. Mario and Peach were living their normal day when suddenly, this huge portal opens up, and characters from other Nintendo series join together to see the mysterious someone who set up the portals
  • Classic Mode - The Classic Mode from 64, Melee & Brawl returns. Players fight in a sequence of fight's in The order, as well as bonus events, such as Target Test, Race To The Finish, Board The Platforms, ECT. Once you are done, you must then face off Master Hand (Or Both Crazy & Master Hands On Intense).
  • AllStar Mode - The AllStar Mode, After you've unlocked every character is available! In this mode, you duel off every entire characters!
  • Events - In Events mode, you have to complete a certain mission. These missions vary from KOing a character in a certain time to defeating your foes with a Final Smash. When you complete some missions, more will be unlocked. Some of them give you a prize as well. There are forty-one events total, and each one can be played on Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. The higher the level number is, the harder the level (in most cases).

Story Mode: The Portal

The Super Smash Bros. encounter portals in the universe that lead to different universes. However, Primids are out to defeat them in accomplishing this! The true goal is to turn off all the portals caused from something. Can be found here.


  • Stadium - a variety of minigames await...
    • Target Test - Break the targets as fast as you can!
    • Target Blast - Launch the bomb as far as you can to hit the targets and make it explode.
    • Multi-Man Melee - Take on the Fighting Gel Group in a variety of different set-ups:
      • 10-Man mode - Challenges the player to defeat ten opponents. This is the shortest of all Multi-Man Melees and Multi-Man Brawls, usually taking between 10 and 20 seconds to complete for an amateur player, though world records are all within roughly 6 and 7 seconds.
      • 100-Man mode - Challenges the player to defeat one hundred opponents. This usually takes a few minutes for players to clear, and can get quite difficult on higher difficulties.
      • 3-Minute mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible within 3 minutes.
      • 15-Minute mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible within 15 minutes. This is arguably one of the more difficult Multi-Man Melees and Brawls, though simple strategies such as spamming a certain move or evading the opponents altogether will suffice.
      • Endless mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible before being knocked out themselves. It has no time limit, nor does it have a knock-out limit, unlike other Multi-Man Melees and Multi-Man Brawls, and as such can go on for an infinite amount of time.
      • Cruel mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents, with high handicaps and increased aggressiveness, as possible before being knocked out themselves. It is unarguably the most challenging Multi-Man Melees or Brawl, as the opponents faced are immensely harder than those who appear in the other modes.
    • Board the Platforms - The player must land on ten platforms, scattered throughout a custom stage, as quickly as possible.
  • Trophies - Check out your trophies here or spend some coins launching them in Trophy Pinball.
    • Trophy Pinball - Every ball requires 15 coins. Simply launch that ball into the machine and hope you get a high enough score to get some trophies, coins, or custom equipment and moves.
  • Amiibo - Bring your Amiibo to life to have a training partner or a team player. One new feature of the Amiibos is that they can join in the battle at any time if the option allows it. Another new feature of the Amiibos is that they can be brought into the solo modes as well as a partner or opponent. See the Amiibo for all supported Amiibos.
  • Sound - Listen to the music, set up custom songs, and check out all the noises in the game.
  • Stats - Want to know what your fighter records are? Want to know what your high scores at? Well, this is the perfect mode for you!
  • Album - See all the shots you've been taking here.
  • Smash TV - See your replays here and upload them to YouTube for all to see.
  • Tips - Get tips on the game. Or just cool trivial facts. You can look for certain ones or go into a certain order.
  • Chronicle - A full list of all the characters in chronological order.
  • Challenge Board - A list of challenges that will be unlocked over the course of gameplay. Can you beat all 1,000 challenges?


Default Characters

Image Name Symbol Special Moves
533px-Mario SSB4 Artwork-0 Mario
SSB Mario Series
Standard Fireball
Side Cape
Up Super Jump Punch
Down F.L.U.D.D.
Final Smash Super Mario
DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3)
Standard Giant Punch
Side Headbutt
Up Spinning Kong
Down Hand Slap
Final Smash Konga Beat
LinkHW Link
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21)
Standard Hero's Bow
Side Gale Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
307px-SSB4 - Samus Artwork Samus
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11)
Standard Charge Shot
Side Missile
Up Screw Attack
Down Bomb
Final Smash Zero Laser
347px-YoshiSSB4 Yoshi
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24)
Standard Egg Lay
Side Egg Roll
Up Egg Throw
Down Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Yoshi
589px-KirbySSB4 Kirby
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9)
Standard Inhale
Side Hammer
Up Final Cutter
Down Stone
Final Smash Hypernova
391px-FoxSSB4 Fox
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18)
Standard Blaster
Side Fox Illusion
Up Fire Fox
Down Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
502px-SSB4 - Pikachu Artwork Pikachu
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
Standard Thunder Jolt
Side Skull Bash
Up Quick Attack
Down Thunder
Final Smash Volt Tackle


Zz-smashbros-icon- (4)
Standard PK Freeze
Side PK Fire
Up PK Thunder
Down PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm
419px-Captain Falcon SSB4 Captain Falcon
Zz-smashbros-icon- (7)
Standard Falcon Punch
Side Raptor Boost
Up Falcon Dive
Down Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon
343px-Wii U Peach artwork-0 Peach
SSB Mario Series
Standard Toad
Side Peach Bomber
Up Peach Parasol
Down Vegetable
Final Smash Peach Blossom
473px-Diddy Kong SSB4 - Artwork Diddy Kong
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3)
Standard Peanut Popgun
Side Monky Flip
Up Rocketbarrel Boost
Down Banana Peel
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage
334px-Hyrule Warriors - Zelda Artwork Zelda
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21)
Standard Nayru's Love
Side Din's Fire
Up Farore's Wind
Down Phantom Slash
Final Smash Light Arrow
322px-ZeroSuitSamusSSB4 Zero Suit Samus
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11)
Standard Paralyzer
Side Plasma Whip
Up Jetboots
Down Flip Jump
Final Smash Gunship
411px-SSB4 - Dedede Artwork King Dedede
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9)
Standard Inhale
Side Gordo Toss
Up Super Dedede Jump
Down Jet Hammer
Final Smash Waddle Dee Army
480px-Meta Knight SSB4 Meta-Knight
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9)
Standard Mach Tornado
Side Drill Rush
Up Shuttle Loop
Down Dimensional Cape
Final Smash Galaxia Darkness
259px-Falco Sprite SSBB Falco
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18)
Standard Blaster
Side Falco Phantasm
Up Fire Bird
Down Reflector
Final Smash Arwing
SSBBRZS Jigglypuff


Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
Standard Rollout
Side Pound
Up Sing
Down Rest
Final Smash Puff Up
BrawlIvysaur Ivysaur

Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)

Standard Bullet Seed
Side Razor Leaf
Up Vine Whip
Down Sysnthesis
Final Smash Solar Beam
Ice Climbers Sprite SSBB (1) The Ice Climber <center>SSB Ice Climber Series Standard Ice Shot
Side Squal Hammer
Up Belay
Down Blizzard
Final Smash Iceberg
383px-SSB4 - Marth Artwork Marth
Zz-smashbros-icon- (6)
Standard Shield Breaker
Side Dancing Blade
Up Dolphin Slash
Down Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit


Zz-smashbros-icon- (6)
Standard Eruption
Side Quick Draw
Up Aether
Down Counter
Final Smash Great Aether

Lucina (DISPUTE)

Zz-smashbros-icon- (6)
Standard Shield Breaker
Side Dancing Blade
Up Dolphin Slash
Down Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit


Zz-smashbros-icon- (8)
Standard Palutena's Arrow
Side Upperdash Arm
Up Power of Flight
Down Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash Three Sacred Treasures


Zz-smashbros-icon- (8)
Standard Autoreticle
Side Reflect Barrier
Up Warp
Down Celestial Fireworks
Final Smash Black Beam
Wario Sprite SSBB Wario
Zz-smashbros-icon- (22)
Standard Chomp
Side Wario Bike
Up Corkscrew
Down Wario Waft
Final Smash Wario-Man
Mr. Game &amp; Watch(Clear)

Mr. Game & Watch

Game&amp;Watch Emblem
Standard Chef
Side Judge
Up Fire
Down Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus
360px-VillagerSSB4 The Villager
Zz-smashbros-icon- (1)
Standard Pocket
Side Lloid Rocket
Up Bee Ride
Down Timber
Final Smash Dream Home
480px-LittleMacSSB4 Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Series
Standard Straight Lunge
Side Jolt Haymaker
Up Rising Uppercut
Down Slip Counter
Final Smash Giga Mac
Other Dudes (3) Shulk
Xenoblade Emblem
Standard Monado Slash
Side Stream Edge
Up Air Slash
Down Shaker Edge
Final Smash True Monado

Balloon Fighter

SSB Balloon Fight Series
Standard Balloon Burst
Side Deflation Boost
Up Flipper
Down Balloon Blow
Final Smash Balloon Trip


SSB Splatoon Series
Standard Splattershot
Side Ink Roller
Up Squid Jump
Down Ink Squid
Final Smash Let's Get Kraken!

Spring Man

Standard Spring Arm Uppercut
Side Boomerang
Up Tribolt
Down Toaster
Final Smash ARM CHAOS
407px-SSB4 - Sonic Artwork


Zz-smashbros-icon- (17)
Standard Homing Attack
Side Spin Dash
Up Spring Jump
Down Spin Charge
Final Smash Super Sonic


Pac-Man SSB symbol
Standard Bonus Fruit
Side Power Pellet
Up Pac-Jump
Down Fire Hydrant
Final Smash Classic Pac-Man
250px-Mii Gunner SSB4

The Mii Gunner

Tumblr m83rsrUYIU1r37powo6 250
Standard Charge Blast
Side Flame Pillar
Up Lunar Launch
Down Echo Reflector
Final Smash Full Blast
250px-Mii Swordfighter SSB4

The Mii Swordfighter

Tumblr m83rsrUYIU1r37powo6 250
Standard Gale Strike
Side Airborne Assault
Up Stone Scabbard
Down Blade Counter
Final Smash Final Edge
250px-Mii Brawler SSB4

The Mii Fighter

Tumblr m83rsrUYIU1r37powo6 250
Standard Shot Put
Side Onslaught
Up Soaring Axe Kick
Down Head-On Assault
Final Smash Omega Blitz

Unlockable Characters

These characters can Get unlocked To completing certain tasks.

Image Name Symbol Special Moves
345px-Luigi SSBU


SSB Mario Series
Standard Fireball
Side Green Missile
Up Super Jump Punch
Down Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Poltergust
544px-SSB4 - Bowser Artwork Bowser
SSB Mario Series
Standard Fire Breath
Side Flying Slam
Up Whirling Fortress
Down Bowser Bomb
Final Smash Giga Bowser

Mario Kart

SSB Mario Series
Standard Banana Throw
Side Green Shell Toss
Up Glider
Down Homing Red Shell
Final Smash Lucky Seven
Duck Hunt SSB4

Duck Hunt Dog

SSB Duck Hunt Series
Standard Trick Shot
Side Clay Shooting
Up Duck Jump
Down The Wild Gunmen
Final Smash NES Zapper Posse
Funky SSB4

Funky Kong

Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) Standard Sunglass Throw
Side Funky Surf
Up Race!
Down Hand Slap
Final Smash Helicopter
370px-HW Ganondorf


Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Standard Magic Ball
Side Great Sword
Up Skyward Strike
Down Shockwabe Blast
Final Smash Beast Ganon

Toon Link

Zz-smashbros-icon- (21)
Standard Hero's Bow
Side Gale Boomerang
Up Deku Leaf
Down Bomb
Final Smash Wind Waker


Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Standard Charge Hammer
Side Hammer Swing
Up Hammer-Copter
Down Hammer Spin
Final Smash Hammer Rage

Robobot Kirby

Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Standard Beam
Side Jet
Up Wheel
Down Bomb
Final Smash Hypernova
352px-Wolf Sprite SSBB Wolf
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18)
Standard Claw Blaster
Side Wolf Slash
Up Fire Wolf
Down Reflector
Final Smash Wolfen


Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
Standard Shadow Ball
Side Confusion
Up Teleport
Down Disable
Final Smash Mega Mewtwo X
342px-Lucario SSB4 Artwork


Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
Standard Aura Sphere
Side Force Palm
Up Extreeme Speed
Down Double Team
Final Smash Aura Storm
250px-GreninjaWiiU-3DS Greninja
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
Standard Water Shuriken
Side Shadow Sneak
Up Aqua Jet
Down Substitute
Final Smash Night Slash


Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
Standard Energy Ball
Side Leaf Blade
Up Leaf Storm
Down Absorb
Final Smash Mega Sceptile
Ness Ness
Zz-smashbros-icon- (4)
Standard PK FLash
Side PK Fire
Up PK Thunder
Down PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm


Zz-smashbros-icon- (6)
Standard Flare Blade
Side Double-Edge Dance
Up Blazer
Down Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit
480px-OlimarSSB4 Olimar
Zz-smashbros-icon- (13)
Standard Pikmin Pluck
Side Pikmin Throw
Up Winged Pikmin
Down Pikmin Order
Final Smash End of Day


Zz-smashbros-icon- (22)
Standard Tennis Racket
Side Uppercut Dash
Up Spin Jump
Down Bomb
Final Smash Its Waluigi Time!!!
250px-R.O.B.; Robot(Clear)


ROB Emblem
Standard Robo Beam
Side Arm Rotor
Up Robo Burner
Down Gyro
Final Smash Diffusion Beam


SSB Tomodachi Life Series
Standard Interior
Side Photo Shoot
Up Super All-Time Favorite Food
Down Music Box
Final Smash Hostile Fight

Byte And Barq

Standard Barq Byte
Side Seekie
Up Cracker
Down Bubb
Final Smash TEAM ATTACK!
Rayman Leak Render


SSB Rayman Series
Standard Blue Punch
Side Plum
Up Swingmen
Down Vortex Fist
Final Smash Mosquito Ride

Mega Man

Zz-smashbros-icon- (10)
Standard Metal Blade
Side Crash Bomber
Up Rush Coil
Down Leaf Shield
Final Smash Mega Man Legends
Metal gear solid4


SSB Metal Gear Series
Standard Hand Grenade
Side Remote Missile
Up Cypher
Down C4
Final Smash Grenade Launcher


Standard Spin Attack
Side TNT
Up Jetpack
Down Fruit Bazooka
Final Smash The Invincible Aku-Aku
ShovelKnightSSB Shovel Knight
SSB Shovel Knight Series
Standard Chaos Sphere
Side Dust Knuckle
Up Propeller Dagger
Down War Horn
Final Smash Catch
Captain n smashified by daeron red fire-d98ysxi Captain N Standard NES Zapper
Side Wii Remote
Up R.O.B.
Down Game Boy
Final Smash Gaming Legacies

Downloadable Characters

Image Name Symbol Special Moves
King K Rool!

King K. Rool

Zz-smashbros-icon- (3)
Standard Spiky Cannonball
Side Blue Cloud
Up Copter Pack
Down Pit Fall
Final Smash Chamber Blast
RecklessSafetyManUniverse Reckless Safety Notice Guy
Standard Vase\Friend Projectiles
Side Reckless Flailing
Up Reckless Tornado Rizer
Down Imitating Just Dance
Final Smash Removing The Wrist Strap
Chibi robo smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9ak4np


SSB Chibi-Robo Series
Standard Chibi-Blaster
Side Toothbrush
Up Chibi-Copter
Down Cup Shield
Final Smash Drake Redcrest
Fig 20 shadow


Zz-smashbros-icon- (17)
Standard Pistol Shot!
Side Chaos Sphere
Up Chaos Control
Down Rocket Kick
Final Smash Chaos Blast
Smashified style bomberman render of 4 4 by nibroc rock-d95pvn5


SSB Bomberman Series Standard Bomb Throw
Side Bomb Lay
Up Jetpack
Down Bomb Kick
Final Smash Light Bomb


Tekken vector by kisssaki Standard Demon Breath
Side Dragon Uppercut
Up Wind Slicer
Down Auger
Final Smash Mishima Combo


Standard Chill
Side Flint
Up Gust
Down Forge
Final Smash Judgement
Banjo and KazooieSSBV


BanjoKazooieSymbol Standard Egg Fire!
Side Beak Barge
Up Flight Pad
Down Beak Buster
Final Smash Dragon Kazooie & Mumbo Jumbo

Aiden Pearce

Standard Missile Fire
Side Hell's Hot Rod
Up Flower Bounce
Down Style Roulette
Final Smash Spider-Tank

Characters Exclusive To Boss Rush

Image Name Symbol Special Moves


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Standard Shuriken Boomerang
Side Shark Blade
Up Golden Brackets
Down Dragon Laser
Final Smash Off-Waves
Master Hand SSB4 Master Hand
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Standard Laser
Side Gun
Up Crush
Down Ground Slap
Final Smash Attack Spam!
Crazy Hand

Crazy Hand

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Standard Finger Bomb
Side Finger Drill
Up Big Slap
Down Floor Sweep
Final Smash Epic Attack Spam!
Ridley SSB4


Zz-smashbros-icon- (11)
Standard Fireball
Side Command Grab
Up Fly
Down Reflector
Final Smash Meta-Ridley
Emperor Bulblax

Emperor Bulblax

Zz-smashbros-icon- (13) Standard Bulbmin Pluck
Side Bulbmin Throw
Up Bulbmin Fling
Down Dirt
Final Smash Bulbmin Stampede

Petey Piranha

SSB Mario Series Standard Goop Upchuck
Side Tornado
Up Fly
Down Petal Gun
Final Smash Screech


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Standard Dash
Side Vacuum
Up Crash
Down Mine
Final Smash Missile


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Standard Mask
Side Vehicle
Up Uppercut
Down Stomp
Final Smash Rage!


Xenoblade Emblem Standard Thrash
Side Slash
Up Crash
Down Clash
Final Smash Xenoblade


Image Name Symbol
Tumblr lw17nb7mWb1qgvvtno1 500 Jolly Roger Bay SSB Mario Series
THE LUIGI&#039;S MANSION STAGE !SSBB ***Luigi's Mansion SSB Mario Series
225px-MK7-DS-WP Waluigi Pinball SSB Mario Series
640px-PM Bowserscastle Bowsers Castle SSB Mario Series
370px-SunsetShore3 Sunset Shores Zz-smashbros-icon- (3)
THE !JUNGLE JAPES **Jungle Japes Zz-smashbros-icon- (3)
800px-Templeoftimeinside Temple Of Time Zz-smashbros-icon- (21)
Super-smash-bros-for-wii-u-3ds-spirit-tracks ****Spirit Tracks Zz-smashbros-icon- (21)
NORFAIR ***Norfair Zz-smashbros-icon- (11)
TOURIEN Tourien Zz-smashbros-icon- (11)
THE YOSHI&#039;S !ISLAND **Yoshi's Island Zz-smashbros-icon- (24)
Melee Fountain of dreams **Fountain Of Dreams Zz-smashbros-icon- (9)
THE !COOKIE COUNTRY Cookie Country Zz-smashbros-icon- (9)
CommandAquas The Aquas Zz-smashbros-icon- (18)
468px-013 ***Lylat Cruise Zz-smashbros-icon- (18)
300px-Spear Pillar SSBB ***Spear Pillar Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
40122-Pokemon Stadium (USA)-3 Pokémon Stadium 3 Zz-smashbros-icon- (15)
!THREED Threed Zz-smashbros-icon- (4)
Th351THLOE **Fourside Zz-smashbros-icon- (4)
Vegaspalas01 l Casino Palace Zz-smashbros-icon- (7)
Big-Blue-super-smash-bros-brawl-886574 400 315 **Big Blue Zz-smashbros-icon- (7)
Ice-climber-02 The Ice Climber SSB Ice Climber Series
ThCZ13E85P ***The Summit SSB Ice Climber Series
Game-and-Watch-Oil-Panic The Oil Panic Game&amp;Watch Emblem
Super-smash-bros-3ds-how-to-unlock-flat-zone-2-stage ****Flat Zone X Game&amp;Watch Emblem
SSB4 WarioWare, Inc ***WarioWare INC Zz-smashbros-icon- (22)
WaluigiWareINC WaluigiWare INC Zz-smashbros-icon- (22)
Gyromite-1600x1200-RobotHobo Gyromite ROB Emblem
ThZPFX3GX2 The Forest Navel Zz-smashbros-icon- (13)
ThR22Q6ISQ ***The Distant Planet Zz-smashbros-icon- (13)
ZLtankhangar ZanzibarLand SSB Metal Gear Series
ThKICY46BQ ***Shadow Moses Island SSB Metal Gear Series
ThMUMW47QQ Flying Battery Zone Zz-smashbros-icon- (17)
ThYVZU9K76 ***Green Hill Zone Zz-smashbros-icon- (17)
468px-Wiiusmashbrosscrns0115-copyjpg-30b89b 640w ****The Wily Castle Zz-smashbros-icon- (10)
Pacmaze thumb ****PACMAZE Pac-Man SSB symbol







Name In-Game Description Character
The Two Villains Face off Two evils, Ganondorf And Bowser. Link Or Mario
Assist Trophy Fight Maybe that mysterious trophy figure is our key to victory. Only attack Wario with assist trophies. Pikachu
Meta Knight Super Star Its an all out battle! Who is the better Kirby, Meta Knight or Kirby? Meta Knight
Waluigi's Mansion Luigi! Some Purple clothed doppelgänger is trying to destroy your mansion! Make sure he doesn't destroy one bit of it! Luigi
The Epic Race! Mach Rider V.S Captain Falcon! Who's going to finish Big Blue first? Mach Rider
Star Fox V.S Star Wolf Wolf wants to defeat Fox in a three stock fight! Fox Or Falco
Onett Ness & Lucas just want peace in Onett, but someone is out for Lucas! Help Ness protect Lucas. Ness
WarioWare INC Looks Like Wario wants to win the minigames, but Waluigi will not allow that! Make sure you win the minigames, and Wario doesn't. Waluigi
All-Star Dispute Event #1 Its the original 8 default characters! Try to verse them in this fight! Anyone!
Trophy Tussle 1 Try to obtain the random trophy! If you win the two stock's for each opponent, the trophy is yours in your collection! Anyone!
Hungry Bulborb The Bulborb is hungry for Gorillas, try to throw the enemies into The Bulborb's mouth. Olimar
Partners In Time Looks like the babies found their older selves. Make sure you get RID of them. Baby Mario Bros.
Super Sonic Bros. Sonic wants to defeat Mario in a death fight. Sonic
The Grand Fight You play as Mario, and you must fight all the third-party characters [EXCLUDING DLC CHARACTERS] Mario
Crazy Stamina Master The toughest event match in any Smash game. The player must fight every character and every boss in stamina mode with one inch of health. Any


All-Star Order

Years Character
1980-1984 PAC-MAN, Mr. Game & Watch, Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Ice Climbers, & Little Mac
1985-1987 R.O.B., Bowser, Peach, Link, Zelda, Pit, Palutena, Mega Man, Snake & Duck Hunt
1988-1990 Marth, Yoshi, Captain Falcon,