Super Smash Bros. Discord (formerly known as Super Smash Bros. for The V²) is the seventh Super Smash Bros. game. After Sakurai returned to the series in the sixth installment, it was decided that the next Super Smash Bros. for The V² console would be directed and developed by Toroko. As such, it picks up slightly from Super Smash Bros. Assemble.

Super Smash Bros. Discord is a Super Smash Bros. game that references other fan-made material as well as focusing on customization. Almost all characters now have a alternate outfit or multiple alternate outfits, and custom moves have been heavily retooled so that most characters have completely different moves to choose from as opposed to the variants that mostly dominated Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Additionally, there is a brand new story mode with story telling devices inspired by Kid Icarus Uprising. The roster is more focused in the vein of author appeal similar to Super Smash Bros. Assemble or Super Smash Bros. Union as opposed to a "realistic" roster.

A sister game called Super Smash Bros. Spectrum is being developed as well on the Super Smash Bros. Fanon wiki that will have an even less realistic roster and features some shared elements such as characters. A third game, Super Smash Bros. Ethereal is supposed to collect all the content from the two games as well as bring in new features and characters itself. Both sister games are currently on hiatus.


The game was originally known as Super Smash Bros. for The V² and was announced at the Winter Showcase 2015. At the time, this was more of a concept and not something actually in progress, but it showed the intentions of the roster to expand past not just in Nintendo's canonical past, but also in it's fanon history (as shown by the reveal of Cosmetta). It also showed the reveal of Goku, a 4th party character that would be replacing Popeye.

Super Smash Bros. Discord was revealed on 7/14/16 as more or less a "follow-up" from Super Mario Maker Phi in that it was a sequel to one of Toroko's Exotendo works. The new title was revealed as well. The game would relinquish in development hell for quite a long time, reappearing under the Infinite Content branding on 3/25/18. It is hoped that this new development leads to a more complete product over the course of the year.


New Mechanics

From Super Smash Bros. Assemble and improved:

  • Better customization - Character creation, equipment and custom moves have been retooled for this installment. Every character now has three custom moves for each special move to use, and many of the custom moves are now either more apparent variants or entirely brand new moves.
  • Tiered items - Items now have tiers, with Tier 1 Items showing up at the beginning of the match, with Tier 2 and 3 items showing up later in the match. Tiered Items can be turned off and customized.
  • Omega, Alpha, Zeta Stages - Omega Stages return, being Final Destination versions for every stage. Joining them are Alpha Stages (Battlefield versions of every stage) and Zeta Stages (No hazards).
  • Custom Music - Load any music from your SD Card (must be a MP3 or WAV file) and play it on any stage! Up to ten custom songs for each stage.
  • Power Smash - A small meter that appears inside the portrait of a character slowly fills up the more attacks that land. When it is full, the next attack that lands will have double the power. This can be turned off in the options or be customized to have 3x or 4x the power.

All new:

  • X-Cancel - At the cost of some of your Power Smash energy, you can cancel ANY move at any time and execute a different one with the shield button. Some moves take more energy to cancel and can't be cancelled if you don't have enough Power Smash energy.
  • Rage Overhaul - The higher your percentage, the faster the Power Smash meter fills. Characters with lots of rage become more susceptible to grab attacks.
  • Special Team Names - A minor addition, but most characters have special team names with other characters that the announcer will use during team battles. They only apply to 2v2 matches.



SmashTab Discord
Smash (also known as VS MODE) is a multiplayer mode that enables players and/or computer players to fight against each other or in a variety of settings. The characters can participate in a variety of battles, including Free-for-alls and team battles. The players can also set the rules for the battle including the amount of time, the amount of stock, the items that can be used, handicaps, and the stage that the battle will take place on. The players can also choose settings for the computer players including computer players' levels. Some of these features, however, have to be unlocked in order for them to be used.

This is considered the main mode of the game and almost everything in the game is based off this mode.

8PlayerSmashTab Discord

In 8 Player Smash, up to eight players can play a mayhem-filled match on larger stages. In addition to red, blue, yellow, and green indicators for players 1-4, players 5-8 receive new indicators colored orange, cyan, purple, and slate respectively. In Team Battles, an additional team color, the yellow team, can be selected. Additionally, when using the Team Battle function in 8-Player Smash, CPUs will almost always utilize the life stealing technique, even more often than they do in the other modes.


Story Mode: X Marks the Spot


X Marks the Spot is a extensive side scrolling beat-em-up platformer not unlike the Subspace Emissary. However, the structure of the story and how the player progresses through this mode is altered; it is instead more open to exploration and problem solving. The player is tasked with finding various treasures and using them to open paths to new levels. Each level contains four treasures and finding one will end the level.

The plot concerns a treasure hunt that sees the Smash characters going against each other to find the legendary "X" treasure; a treasure so elusive and valuable that even pits the best of friends against each other. With various factions and bonds being forged and betrayed, everyone must work with and against each other should they desire the treasure.

More information can be found at Story Mode: X Marks the Spot!

Smash Run +

SmashRun Mode


VaultTab Discord


Starting Characters

Image + Name Info
Newcomer DragonQueen

Dragon Queen

SSBSpectrum DragonQueen

DiscordRoster DragonQueen
Dragon Queen is a new character joining the roster, not hailing from any series and being exclusive to Smash Bros. Hailing from a long lineage of fighters known as Dragon Kings, Dragon Queen is the first woman to take up the title. Dragon Queen is seen as the most rounded character of the cast, replacing Mario in this role. Dragon Queen is portrayed as a ambitious young woman who does not take her responsibilities seriously, usually goofing off. She will have to learn to take her title more seriously during the course of X Marks the Spot.

Move Description
Entrance Dragon Queen enters out from a flaming hoop, spreading her wings as she cracks her knuckles.
Neutral Special
Burning Knuckle
Dragon Queen breathes fire on her glove and jabs it forward, landing it in her opponent's stomach, causing them to fly back horizontally. A good keepaway melee attack that deals 7% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 2 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 3 - TBA: TBA
Side Special
Dragon Flame
Dragon Queen blasts a burst of flame in front of her, releasing it as a giant ball of fire that goes horizontally. She can charge up this burst of flame to deal even more damage. The attack in total does 5%-13% damage depending on it's level of charge.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 2 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 3 - TBA: TBA
Up Special
Tail Sweep
Queen Dragon soars upwards, allowing her extra height to use her jumps while her tail reflects projectiles and does 3% damage. Acts as both a loose recovery move and a loose counter, although the timing needs to be concise.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 2 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 3 - TBA: TBA
Down Special
Dragon's Gate
Queen Dragon charges up a burst of flame and blows it out forwards, able to burn up projectiles and keep foes away from her by dealing 6% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 2 - TBA: TBA
    • Custom 3 - TBA: TBA
Final Smash
Loyalty to the Scales
Four dragons surround Queen Dragon in a wheel behind her as she unleashes four flaming geysers to the left and right of the stage (which deal 25% damage), able to shoot flaming projectiles (dealing 5% damage) to toss her opponents towards the flames on the left and right of the stages until the timer runs out.
  • Up Taunt - Snickers as she flaps her wings, sitting back in the air.
  • Side Taunt - Smashes her fists together as she cracks her neck.
  • Down Taunt - Raises both arms in the air before swinging them downwards.
Special Team-Up Names


Alternate Costumes
Mario - Mario Party 10-1-


SSBDiscord MarioSymbol

DiscordRoster Mario
Mario was first created by Shigero Miyamoto as the protagonist for the game Donkey Kong for the Arcade. He would follow this up with more arcade games such as Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario Bros. He's practically Nintendo's biggest character and their mascot and he just recently celebrated his 30th anniversary.

Move Description
Entrance Mario out of a pipe like in Super Mario 64, taking off his hat before putting it back on as he lands.
Neutral Special
Mario fires out a classic fireball that is good for spacing out opponents or unleashing a quick attack. It can hit the ground three times before vanishing. it deals 6% damage. Mario can also charge it to do more damage, up to 8%.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Fast Fireball: Mario can fire and charge his fireballs faster, but only deals 4% damage uncharged and 6% damage charged.
    • Custom 2 - Iceball: Mario can fire ice balls that have a 30% chance to freeze opponents; they deal 6% damage but cannot be charged.
    • Custom 3 - Poisonball: Mario can fire poison charged balls that have a 30% chance to poison opponents, dealing 3% damage per second until it wears off; they deal 5% damage otherwise. Cannot be charged.
Side Special
Mario uses a cape from Super Mario World to reflect projectiles and deals 5% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Black Cape: Mario can ensheath himself in the cape to soften attacks by 50% of their original damage.
    • Custom 2 - Tanooki Tail: Mario can swipe at opponents to deal 5% damage and can parry attacks with the correct timing.
    • Custom 3 - Star Spin: Mario can spin around, reflecting attacks and can be used to extend his jumps.
Up Special
Mario propels up into the air using FLUDD, keeping him up into the air. Anyone under him will be damaged by 3% when they get under his water jets.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Scalding FLUDD: Mario deals 6% damage with FLUDD's jets, but his propulsion is severely cut down.
    • Custom 2 - Paint FLUDD: Mario can cover opponents in paint, severely slowing their movement but has less time in air and deals 2% damage instead.
    • Custom 3 - Super FLUDD Jet: Mario can propel high into the air in a single burst, dealing 5% damage to anyone underneath him. He cannot maintain his position in the air.
Down Special
Hat Spin
Mario spins his cap around him, clearing the area around him and dealing 7% damage. He can also hold it and release it for a temporary platform.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Spiked Hat Spin: Mario deals 9% damage with a spiked hat, but is somewhat slower to execute.
    • Custom 2 - Magic Hat Spin: Mario can teleport foes away with him when he spins the hat, but won't do any actual damage, just knockback.
    • Custom 3 - Fire Hat Spin: Mario fires fireballs out from his hat when executing this move, dealing extra damage. Fireballs deal 4% damage.
Final Smash
Final 64
Mario puts on the wing cap and flies across the stage, before putting on the Metal Cap and crushing a opponent on the head like a Thwomp, before grabbing a opponent and swinging them across the stage to a spiked sphere that explodes. Mario then does a backflip and does the peace sign, finishing his smash with a circular fade to black before the fight resumes. The attack does 164 damage to one opponent, and 64 to any other opponents nearby the activation.
  • Up Taunt - Does the victory sign from Super Mario World.
  • Side Taunt - Takes off his cap and wipes sweat from his brow.
  • Down Taunt - Takes a nap like he does in Super Mario 64.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Luigi - Mario Bros.
  • With Peach - Cake Companions
  • With Bowser - Mortal Frenemies
  • With Wario - Mirror Starrios
  • With Yoshi - Childhood Friends
  • With Rosalina - Stargazed Somethings
Alternate Costumes
Luigi - Mario Party 10


SSBDiscord MarioSymbol Luigi

DiscordRoster Luigi
Luigi was introduced mostly as a palette swap for Mario for the second player, but in Lost Levels and in Super Mario Bros. 2 he was made more distinct. While he may live in Mario's shadow, he is making a name for himself and even recently celebrated a year named after him.

Move Description
Entrance Luigi opens up a door and peeks his head in, looking scared. He then pushes himself out, attempting to look braver.
Neutral Special
Luigi fires out a shocking green electric ball that does not bounce. While uncharged, it only does 4% damage, but if Luigi spends the time to charge it, it can deal a whopping 11% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Green Fireball: Luigi fires a green fireball that is good for spacing and deals 6% damage, but can only be charged to deal 9% damage.
    • Custom 2 - Booball: Luigi can fire a white boo-shaped projectile that deals more damage if the opponent is facing away from it. 5% damage if facing it, 8% damage if not facing it.
    • Custom 3 - Fast Electroball: Luigi's electroball move is much faster to execute and charge, but only deals 8% damage charged and 2% damage uncharged.
Side Special
Green Missile
Luigi charges up and fires himself like a missile, dealing 7% damage. Luigi can do an additional attack in the air that covers his body in green fire when the player taps the attack button again, dealing 9% damage with 2% recoil damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Aqua Missile: Luigi now bounces and moves like a seal, with water emitting from him. This allows him to make multiple attacks in missile formation without having to charge up again. Each attack does 6% damage but he looses the ability to form green energy around him.
    • Custom 2 - Shadow Missile: When Luigi hits someone, they are damaged for 6% and a random negative effect is placed on them, similar to Luigi's shadowzone effect. Cannot be charged.
    • Custom 3 - Sluggish Missile: A slower but stronger version of the attack that deals 11% damage on contact; cannot be charged.
Up Special
Green Hammer
Luigi propels up into the air with a green hammer, doing a body spin the air before slamming into the ground. Opponents can be harmed for 8% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Baby Hammer: Luigi uses a much smaller hammer that deals less damage (5%) but gives a huge squeaky jumping boost.
    • Custom 2 - Baahammer: Luigi uses a hammer with a sheep's head on it, dealing 6% damage and putting the opponent to sleep.
    • Custom 3 - Fast Hammer: Luigi executes the move much faster, but deals 7% damage and doesn't jump quite as high.
Down Special
Green Drill
Luigi jumps up high into the air, before coming straight down with his body twisting as green energy surrounds him, resembling a green drill. This deals 3% damage but breaks shields.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Scoot Drill: Luigi moves forward with the drill under him like a jackhammer, dealing 9% damage.
    • Custom 2 - Ice Drill: When Luigi drills into a character, they become frozen temporarily and Luigi can push them away provided he's fast enough. The drill only does 5% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Luiginary Typhoon: Using Luiginoids, Luigi can send out a devastating attack dealing 12% damage using Luiginoids. It has a huge charge period and needs to be executed in the air; should Luigi hit the ground before fully charging it, it will fail.
Final Smash
Poltergust 3000
Luigi sucks in his opponents and blasts them out for 130% damage.
  • Up Taunt - Makes a L sign with his hand, before firing it off like a gun with sound effects from Luigi.
  • Side Taunt - Falls over and uses his stomach as a balancing point for his body.
  • Down Taunt - Kicks the ground; this taunt can actually deal damage (5%) and is a powerful meteor smash when done in midair.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Mario - Mario Bros.
  • With Peach - Waltzing Brawlers
  • With Bowser - Greenskinned Grapplers
  • With Wario - Mirrorside Frenzies
  • With Yoshi - Green Machine
  • With Rosalina - Photo Friends
Alternate Costumes
Peach - Mario Party 10


SSBDiscord MarioSymbol Peach

DiscordRoster Peach
The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and common target of kidnappings from the king of the Koopas himself, Bowser. Peach often acts as a peacemaker, but that doesn't mean she's above fighting. She has a smart and feisty side to her that she sometimes showcases. She has a unique floating ability that gives her an advantage in battle.

Move Description
Entrance Peach appears spinning out of a shower of hearts, then winks and poses with her parasol saying "Hi!"
Neutral Special
Peach pulls a Toad to cancel projectiles and launch a multi-hit spote counter attack that deals 6% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Sleepy Toad: Peach pulls a Toad that sends her opponents to sleep should they attack Toad.
    • Custom 2 - Grumpy Toad: Peach pulls a Toad that releases spores without countering projeciles. Loses it's countering properties.
    • Custom 3 - Bashful Toad: Peach pulls a Toad that catches the projectiles and then releases them when Peach executes the attack again.
Side Special
Peach Bomber
Peach lunges her hips forward, knocking opponents away from her for 5% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Flower Bomber: Peach does a hip bash that plants flowers on enemies' heads.
    • Custom 2 - Flying Peach Bomber: Peach does a farther hip bash that is harder to hit with but does 10% damage when it lands.
    • Custom 3 - Daisy Bomber: Peach does a shorter hip bash that makes opponents catch on fire, dealing 3% damage per second.
Up Special
Perry Parasol
Peach leaps into the air, unleashing Perry to hover in the air. When Perry is attack, he will unleash a emotional attack onto the attacker while closing up. The emotional attack will deal either 4% (Gloom), 6% (Joy), or 8% (Rage) damage. Very rarely Peach will instead be healed for 5% damage (Calm).
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Gloomy Perry: Perry flies up much lower and always deals 4% damage to opponents. He closes after two hits.
    • Custom 2 - Joyful Perry: Perry flies up much higher and always deals 6% damage to opponents. He closes after one hit.
    • Custom 3 - Raging Perry: Perry flies up with a burning side effect, closing when he reaches his max height. He always deals 8% damage to opponents.
Down Special
Peach pulls a vegetable out from the ground and releases it onto her opponent for various amounts of damage depending on what she pulls out.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Super Vegetables: Peach takes longer to pull out vegetables with the added benefit of them being heavier and more damaging.
    • Custom 2 - Micro Vegetables: Peach is quicker to pull out vegetables but they are smaller and do less damage.
    • Custom 3 - Rocket Pluck: Peach takes a long time to pluck out a rocket ship, which can be used to propel herself in the air and do a ton of damage to anyone up there.
Final Smash
Peach Blossom
Peach unleashes a move that puts everyone to sleep and drops blossoms for her to snack on while everyone's in sleepyvile.
  • Up Taunt - Twirls her parasol and does the victory sign like Mario.
  • Side Taunt - Dances in a taunting way.
  • Down Taunt - Wags her finger and winks.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Mario - Cake Companions
  • With Luigi - Waltzing Brawlers
  • With Bowser - Bride and Groom?!
  • With Wario - Golddigger and Gold Heart
  • With Yoshi - Fruit Pals
  • With Rosalina - Planet Princesses
Alternate Costumes
Bowser - Mario Party 10


SSBDiscord MarioSymbol Bowser
DiscordRoster Bowser

Bowser is the King of the Koopas, often depicted as Mario's greatest foe. A strong turtle with a fire breath and a spiky shell, Bowser relies on brute strength to get what he wants and doesn't really resort to trickery- that's for lesser villains like King Boo or Fawful. Like him or not, he's honest about what he wants.

Move Description
Entrance Bowser emerges from a wall of flame, roaring as he enters the arena.
Neutral Special
Fire Breath
Bowser lets out a jet of fire from his mouth, able to aim it upwards or downwards in the direction he faces. It will gradually lose strength and range the longer used, but after a period of not being used it will regain it's full strength and power.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Fire Shot: Bowser releases a single, giant fireball from his mouth, does not weaken with use. Can pierce opponents and shields.
    • Custom 2 - Fire Roar: Bowser lets out a jet of fire that is twice the size and has twice the range, but loses it's charge much faster and takes longer to recharge.
    • Custom 3 - Blue Flame Breath: Bowser lets out a blue jet of flames, which starts small but increases in range the more it is used, but does less damage the bigger it is.
Side Special
Goomba Storm
Bowser holds a Goomba Ball in his hand and throws it, with a bunch of summoned Goombas running towards the nearest opponent to swarm them and latch onto them, doing varying degrees of damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Big Goomba: Bowser throws a Big Goomba Ball, which gets two giant Goombas to attack his opponent instead, dealing more damage but can be countered easier.
    • Custom 2 - Flying Slam: Bowser grabs his opponent and takes them up into the air to do a belly slam- this move is infamous for it's ability to be used to kill both the player and their opponent and can KO opponents at 120% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Dash Slam: A variant of the Flying Slam that is faster and has less aerial distance, but does less damage.
Up Special
Whirling Fortress
Bowser goes into his shell and spins rapidly with his spikes, defending him against projectile damage and allows him to move forward or back while in this state.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Spike Ball: Bowser turns into a ball and can move around freely and faster inside, although he doesn't get any defensive bonuses.
    • Custom 2 - Flying Fortress: This variant of the Whirling Fortress makes Bowser float off the ground while sliding and allows him to jump, although the defensive bonuses are severely downgraded.
    • Custom 3 - Bombing Fortress: This move can only be used once before Bowser returns to his normal form, but does the most damage. Any projectiles that hit will cause him to retract out of his shell early.
Down Special
Whirlwind Throw
Bowser grabs his opponent and holds them in one hand. Hitting the attack button will allow Bowser to swing up into a powerful toss that throws them far across the attack field, grounding them if they hit the stage ground.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Bowser Bomb: A powerful Ground Pound move where Bowser jumps into the air and slams into the ground with his full force. Emits a shockwave upon landing and will break full shields if all of its grounded hitboxes connect.
    • Custom 2 - Sliding Punch: Bowser can perform a powerful punch that makes him slide forward, allowing him to cross across platforms and do serious damage, although the move does have a windup.
    • Custom 3 - Hammer King: Bowser pulls out two hammers and tosses them in arc ahead of him, dealing moderate damage.
Final Smash
Giga Bowser
Bowser unleashes his mighty Giga Bowser form, which uses his moveset from Melee and Brawl but supersized and doing increased elemental damage. He can't use for very long, but his absurd reach and power will allow Bowser to deal a lot of damage.
  • Up Taunt - Sways his head backward around while roaring and exhaling steam from his mouth.
  • Side Taunt - Lets out a fierce roar, with flakes of ash spewing out from his mouth.
  • Down Taunt - Opens up his arms and makes a motion waving towards him, growling.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Mario - Mortal Frenemies
  • With Luigi - Greenskinned Grapplers
  • With Peach - Bride and Groom?!
  • With Wario - Enemy of Enemies
  • With Yoshi - Legendary Dragons
  • With Rosalina - Galactic Empires
Alternate Costumes




SSBDiscord ZeldaSymbol
DiscordRoster Link

Link is the valiant hero of "The Legend of Zelda" series in which they fight against the evil Ganon to recover the Triforce. This incarnation takes after Breath of the Wild, a wildly different Zelda game that has a huge world for you to explore. There are two genders players can choose from: Male or Female. Neither do anything different but they have different models and voices.

Move Description
Entrance Link comes in by the way of Paraglider, pulling out the Master Sword from the hilt.
Neutral Special
Link uses the Magnesis rune to pull a magnetic object towards them. This can be used to pull opponents close to Link or pull in certain projectiles or even character towards them.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Magnesis+: Link has a longer ranger Magnesis attack that doesn't do as much damage.
    • Custom 2 - Urbosa's Fury: Link releases Urbosa's Fury, a shocking electrical attack around him that can only be used once before it has to be charged up again. A yellow wheel of energy will appear next to Link on the status and model, slowly filling up over time and disappearing once fully charged.
    • Custom 3 - Urbosa's Fury+: A more bigger, and damaging version of Urbosa's Fury that takes much longer to charge.
Side Special
Link blasts the Statis Rune at his opponent, freezing them in the air for a limited time. Doesn't do any damage and is fairly short, but can be used with other attacks to launch them away and accumulate damage quickly.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Stasis+: A longer lasting version of Stasis that absorbs less damage and generally takes more effort to launch further.
    • Custom 2 - Thunderblade: Link swings with the Thunderblade, electrifying their foe with the strike.
    • Custom 3 - Lizal Boomerang: Link tosses a Lizal Boomerang to hurt his opponent from a distance. They can use it as a short range weapon if the opponent is close.
Up Special
Link freezes a pool of water under him to create a elevating platform that can be used to get higher or serve to block projectiles.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Cryonis+: A longer wind up for a much bigger ice block that is fortified against projectiles.
    • Custom 2 - Revali's Gale: Creates a gale that lets Link soar up high in the sky, floating down with the Paraglider. Can be used in the air.
    • Custom 3 - Revali's Gale+: This move blasts Link way higher in the air, although it cannot be used in the air.
Down Special
Remote Bomb
Link drops a cube shaped bomb, which can be detonated once Link performs the down B motion again. Opponents can pick it up, although this can be their undoing if Link decides it's a good time to detonate it!
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Remote Roll Bomb: A rolling version of the Remote Bomb, which slides in the direction Link was facing. Does the same damage and has the same range. Can be picked up as well.
    • Custom 2 - Daruk's Protection: A shield forms around Link, protecting them from damage for as long as Link has energy for it. Is cancelled as soon as the player stops pressing the Down Special.
    • Custom 3 - Daruk's Protection +: A shield forms around Link to protect them from harm. Has a larger energy meter but cannot be cancelled.
Final Smash
Mipha's Grace
Link heals a huge amount of health and will continue to heal for a short time. Additionally, Link gains three yellow hearts on their HUD that allows them to take 30% damage without it counting towards their damage counter.
  • Up Taunt - Eats a pepper to keep their tempature up in cold stages, a Chillfin Trout in hotter stages, and a apple in non-specific tempature stages.
  • Side Taunt - Link rubs their wrist and hangs their head back.
  • Down Taunt - Link nearly nods themselves to sleep before waking themselves up.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Linkle - Heroes of Time
  • With Cia - Green Hearts
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Linkle


SSBDiscord ZeldaSymbol Linkle
DiscordRoster Linkle

Linkle is a young woman who takes care of Cuccos, and believes herself to be the Hero of Time, using her compass as proof as it has been handed down from generation to generation. She is a hero at heart, but she is so bad at directions despite owning a compass and map. Her primary weapons are crossbows.

Move Description
Entrance Linkle floats in by carrying a Cucco, pulling out her twin bows.
Neutral Special
Heroine's Bows
Linkle pulls out her twin crossbows, firing two arrows in her direction, doing 5% damage for each arrow.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Shock Arrows: Linkle uses shock arrows, which shocks the opponent when used, dealing 4% damage for each arrow with a shock effect attached.
    • Custom 2 - Bomb Arrows: Linkle uses bomb arrows, which do 10% damage each and explode when they make contact with anything.
    • Custom 3 - Ancient Arrows: Linkle uses very powerful arrows that can only be used once before a very long cooldown preventing her from using them occurs. In the meantime, she can only use weak bronze tipped arrows that deal 1% damage.
Side Special
Bomb Kick
Linkle fires a large bomb into the air, then kicks it to make it go off, launching the explosive away from her.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Small Bomb Kick: Linkle kicks a smaller bomb with less radius, although she can kick it farther and faster.
    • Custom 2 - Cucco Kick: Linkle winces as she kicks a Cucco, sending a swarm near the opponent she kicked it to. This move can backfire on Linkle if there is nobody near by.
    • Custom 3 - Four Bomb Squadron: Linkle launches bombs in four directions around her and comes down with a sliding kick.
Up Special
Flight of the Cucco
Linkle hoists a Cucco over her head and can jump higher as a result, as well as float down. Should players hit the Cucco while she has it over her head, Cuccos will swarm the stage and attack whoever attacked the Cucco. This has the side effect of killing Linkle's recovery though.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Big Cucco: Linkle hoists a bigger Cucco that can't make her jump higher or let her float, but opponents are less likely to miss the Cucco when firing at Linkle.
    • Custom 2 - Crystal Cucco: Linkle hoists up a reflective Cucco that will reflect projectiles, although it will not summon other Cuccos when it reflects projeciles. It has slightly worsened effects of a normal Cucco.
    • Custom 3 - Black Cucco: Linkle hoists up a black Cucco that shoots out thunder of it's beak when in the air. It cannot summon other Cuccos to attack when it is attacked, although it has the same properties of her normal Cucco attack.
Down Special
Rapid Crossfire
Linkle moves around while shooting arrows in rapid-fire straight in front of her, until her meter depletes. After this meter depletes, she has to wait for it to go back up before performing this move again.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Reckless Crossfire: Linkle twirls while shooting arrows rapidly, allowing her to shoot from behind and in front of her. This drains her meter faster.
    • Custom 2 - Fire Crossfire: Linkle fires off fire arrows while shooting arrows rapidly, doing slightly more damage. This drains her meter faster.
    • Custom 3 - Ice Crossfire: Linkle fires off ice arrows while shooting arrows rapidly, allowing her to freeze opponents. This drains her meter faster.
Final Smash
Heroine of Time
Linkle points to her opponent and the Triforce surrounds them ala Triforce Slash, and she shoots hundreds of arrows rapidly into her opponent, dealing up to 130% damage.
  • Up Taunt - Linkle takes on/off her hood on her cloak.
  • Side Taunt - Linkle pets a Cucco on the head, giggling.
  • Down Taunt - Linkle looks at her compass, which spins around.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Link - Heroes of Time
  • With Cia - Possessive Girls
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Cia
HW Cia Dark Staff


SSBDiscord Zelda Cia
DiscordRoster Cia

Cia was the Guardian of Time who harbored affections towards the Hero of Time, which in turn opened herself up to corruption of her soul by Ganon. She isn't quiet about her desires, having a strong sense of ego and self. She wants to make the world and everything in it hers, especially Link.

Move Description
Entrance Cia cackles as she enters out of the Gate of Souls. If Link or Linkle is in the match, she will proclaim "You're mine~!"
Neutral Special
Scepter of Time
Cia reverses the flow of time of any projectile thrown at her, being able to project it back at the opponent who shot it or someone who gets in the way.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Scepter of Broken Time: Cia breaks any projectile that gets within her radius upon this move's activation, cancelling it out.
    • Custom 2 - Scepter of Unwound Time: Cia snaps the projectile back at the original opponent who threw it, causing it to explode into darkness and dealing 8% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Scepter of Shattered Time: Cia shatters the projectile into a million shards, dealing small bits of damages with the shards.
Side Special
Dark Orb
Cia shoots a slow moving but powerful dark orb that swerves towards the opponent, dealing 10% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Umbra Orb: Cia shoots an evil slower orb that explodes when it makes contact with anything, dealing 15% damage.
    • Custom 2 - Corrupt Orb: Cia shoots a faster dark orb with a red tint that turns projectiles into dark projectiles that heal Cia when they hit her.
    • Custom 3 - Light Orb: Cia shoots a dazzlingly fast orb that does very little damage made of light magic.
Up Special
Crackling Scepter
Cia releases a smattering of thunder, dealing 4% damage before releasing three dark orbs at nearby opponents, dealing 3% damage each.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Cackling Scepter: This version of the attack just releases the dark orbs at a boosted 4% damage each.
    • Custom 2 - Skyward Dark: Cia points her staff skyward and temporarily surrounds herself in dark energy, charging up a dark aura around her that makes her immune to flinching.
    • Custom 3 - Whipward Dark: Cia unleashes her whip, whipping opponents around upwards before shooting off a blast of dark energy at them.
Down Special
Whiplash Shockwaves
Cia transforms her scepter into a whip, whipping at opponents to deal 10% damage or at the ground to create dark shockwaves, with each shockwave dealing 8% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Umbric Shockwaves: Cia uses her staff to create dark shockwaves that are much larger but only deal 6% damage each.
    • Custom 2 - Midnight Pools: Cia creates four pools of dark energy on the ground around her. If an opponent steps on one of them, they will erupt with dark energy and damage enemies.
    • Custom 3 - Daylight Pools: Cia creates four pools of light energy on the ground around her. If a opponent steps on one of them, they will encased in a light crystal and be unable to attack for a temporary amount of time.
Final Smash
Darkness Within
Cia unleashes a dark version of Link to attack with a dark version of the Triforce slash, before summoning them away to whip them hard and then finally blasting them with a dark energy blast.
  • Up Taunt - Cia spins her scepter around and says "You underestimate me at your peril."
  • Side Taunt - Cia leans on her staff and teasingly says "Why don't you cool down?"
  • Down Taunt - Cia laughs as she stomps the ground, shouting "This keep is MINE!"
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Linkle - Possessive Girls
  • With Link - Green Hearts
Alternate Costumes


SSBDiscord KirbySymbol
DiscordRoster Kirby

Round little Kirby lives on the peaceful Planet Popstar, in Dream Land. He can inhale things with his big mouth, either copying their abilities or spitting them out again. He likes to eat and eat a lot but despite this he's light as a feather!

Move Description
Entrance Kirby crashes into the stage using a Warp Star, flopping onto the ground before jumping up happily.
Neutral Special
Kirby uses his inhale ability to suck in nearby opponents, able to swallow them and hold them for a limited time or copy their ability, being able to use their neutral special. When swallowed Kirby does 8% damage, and a spit will do 6% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Star Spit: Kirby cannot copy abilities, but he can swallow multiple opponents and blast them out in a huge damaging star spit that can do a whopping 35% damage at max size.
    • Custom 2 - Copy: Kirby uses the Copy Copy Ability to scan a opponent and get their power. It's quicker, although the functionality of Inhale is a bit less useful. It will do 7% damage upon scan.
    • Custom 3 - Jump Inhale: Kirby jumps forward before inhaling, dealing as a horizontal recovery and spitting out opponents will do 10% damage. However, swallowing to copy abilities will only do 6% damage.
Side Special
Hammer Flip
Kirby holds a hammer in his hand and begins to charge it up before letting it loose, flames and sparks going everywhere as he flips it. It is a effective KO tool and when in air, Kirby will do it twice before hitting the ground.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Blizzard Hammer Flip: Kirby creates a series of increasingly-large icicles in front of him, the more the longer the move is charged. They launch off once the hammer been swung.
    • Custom 2 - Sizzle Hammer Flip: Kirby shoots out fireballs as he swings, the number of which depending on how long he charges up, and the fireballs explode on contact.
    • Custom 3 - Splash Hammer Flip: Kirby shoots droplets forward as he swings, the more the more he charges.
Up Special
Final Cutter
Kirby charges up a sword and slams it down into the ground, emitting a shockwave. It can meteor smash any opponents he comes into contact with upon descending. Somewhat predictable due it's start up animation.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Double-Bladed Laser Sword: Kirby attacks with a double-bladed laser sword in a wide arc that can cancel projectiles tossed at it. It has a constant hitbox, protecting Kirby's back when not swung. When the blade is out, Kirby can only jump once and cannot float. Crouching or doing another attack will sheathe the blade.
    • Custom 2 - Super Boomerang: Kirby splits himself in a powerful cutting boomerang and a defenseless half that is vulnerable to damage.
    • Custom 3 - Explosive Ninja Stars: Kirby throws explosive Ninja Stars that get embedded into whatever he throws them into them, which blow up a second later.
Down Special
Kirby transforms into a stone and is unable to move while in this form, but can take some damage without getting hurt (although there is a set durability) and when in the air he will smash opponents when he hits them.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Volcano: Kirby shoots firey rocks from his head, able to tilt it in any direction he wishes to fire. This deals 9% damage.
    • Custom 2 - Curling Stone: Kirby becomes a curling stone and slides along the ground, freezing anything in his path. This deals 7% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Drill: A drill grows from Kirby's arm which allows him to rocket sideways, massacring all enemies in his path. Kirby can release the drill and it continues on even through walls until it disappears. This deals 8% damage.
Final Smash
Kirby turns rainbow colors as his mouth opens wide, sucking platforms, items, and opponents and then spitting it out in a huge rainbow colored Star Spit as he reverts back to normal.
  • Up Taunt - Kirby inward to face the screen and wave his arms while saying "Hi!"
  • Side Taunt - Kirby does a shuffle dance reminiscent of his victory dance from his home series.
  • Down Taunt - Kirby makes a evil grin similar to the Soul Melter expression from Kirby: Star Allies.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Gooey - Copy Pals
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Gooey
KSA Gooey artwork


SSBDiscord KirbySymbol Gooey
DiscordRoster Gooey

Gooey is Kirby's friend who was split off from Dark Matter and has become a valuable ally to Kirby, even if he comes across as a little confused a little too often. Gooey is similar to Kirby in that he can use Copy Abilities and uses the Animal Buddies in his moveset, but can also copy abilities just like Kirby!

Move Description
Entrance Gooey pops out of a bag, looking bug-eyed as he hops out.
Neutral Special
Using his tongue, Gooey can grab opponents and swallow them to spit them out or copy their neutral special. Gooey does not get a unique hat when he copies a opponent. He does 12% damage when swallowing a opponent and 4% spitting out.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Latching Tongue: Gooey's tongue reaches out longer, although Gooey can only grab opponents and toss them for 14% damage and cannot copy their abilities.
    • Custom 2 - Black Thunder: Gooey opens his mouth to generate out black thunder, able to direct it up or down, dealing 7% damage per 30 frames to opponents touching the thunder.
    • Custom 3 - Nago Spark: Nago rubs against Gooey, building up a static charge. Gooey can then move around freely and sparks will shoot out and damage enemies.
Side Special
Rick Needle
Rick hugs Gooey from the front and the hair on Rick's back sticks out, like a porcupine. This attack only protects Gooey from the back.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Nago Needle: Nago spins Gooey who shoots a blitz of spikes quickly, launching at slightly varied angles and dealing 10% damage to opponents.
    • Custom 2 - ChuChu Needle: ChuChu coats Gooey, launching five needles out from herself, two going left/right, one straight up, and two covering the angles in between. Each needle does 6% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Pitch Needle: Pitch flies straight forward until the button is released, sharp beak outstretched the whole time. This is useful for traveling across the stage quickly. It does 10% damage.
Up Special
Coo Ice
Coo launches three angled icicles as he carries Gooey, each icicle dealing 8% damage. He can only flap his wings five times before Gooey will be dropped in a helpless state.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Nago Ice: Nago aims Gooey downward as they jet out a burst of cold breath and launch through the air, freezing opponents that touch their icy breath.
    • Custom 2 - ChuChu Ice: ChuChu jumps on Gooey's head and lobs multiple snowballs at different angles quickly, dealing 4%-20% damage to opponents.
    • Custom 3 - Rick Ice: Gooey gets on top of Rick and becomes a snowman, creating defensive ice shields that freeze the opponent if they're in the small radius and deals 4% damage. Also freezes projectiles.
Down Special
Nago Clean
Gooey turns into a cloth which Nago pushes along the ground. This deals 6% damage and can be used quickly.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Pitch Clean: Pitch turns into a bucket of water, which Gooey dumps out for 14% damage. The water travels in a slight arc before exploding into smaller blobs, dealing some additional damage.
    • Custom 2 - Coo Clean: Coo becomes a feather duster wielded by Gooey, who can use it to sweep away opponents for 9% damage.
    • Custom 3 - ChuChu Clean: ChuChu and Gooey fly around on a broom for a limited The only part of the broom that deals damage are the bristles, which deal 5% damage. The broom crashes after 3 seconds, which deals 16% damage.
Final Smash
Dark Ascent
Gooey swallows the Love-Love Stick and takes flight, gaining orange orbs around him. He can spit out infinite amount of stars.
  • Up Taunt - Gooey twirls a parasol with his tongue.
  • Side Taunt - Gooey spits out Kine, who flops out on land before Gooey eats him again.
  • Down Taunt - Gooey swings his tongue around like a whip.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Kirby - Copy Pals
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Marx


SSBDiscord KirbySymbol Marx
DiscordRoster Marx

Marx originally enlisted Kirby's help to stop the Moon and Sun from fighting, to grab pieces of Star Power to get a wish from Galactic Nova. Once Kirby did this, Marx wished for his own selfish vie for power, and took over Popstar for himself. Since then, Marx has come back from his apparent death and teamed up with Kirby to escape the Nova Zoo, although he really isn't that great of a friend, always lying to Kirby. Marx reappears with most of his moves seen in his Kirby Super Star boss appearance, giving him a wide range of powerful elemental abilities.



SSBDiscord PikachuSymbol
DiscordRoster Pikachu

Recognized the world over, Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon that stores energy in its cheeks for use in battle. He's so popular that he overshadows his evolution Raichu and a ton of Pokemon look eerily similar to him...

Pikachu is a well-rounded fighter with speedy, powerful electric attacks. He can execute Thunder Jolt as a projectile attack, shoot itself forward and attack with it's head, use a quick melee attack that can be executed multiple times in quick succession, and summon thunder from the sky.

Newcomer Mimikyu


SSBDiscord PokemonSymbol Mimikyu
DiscordRoster Mimikyu

Mimikyu just wants to be loved. He never got it because of his deathly appearance, so it hides under the rags of Pikachu merchandise that ironically is no longer loved. Lurking in shadowy desolate corners, all it really wants is a friend. If it has to fight to get one, it will do so!

Samus ssbu keyshot render by arrow 4 u-d8mchyc


SSBSpectrum Metroid Samus
DiscordRoster Samus

Samus' Power Suit isn't as speedy as her Zero Suit but deals more so with power, being cabable of shooting missiles and using powerful charged projectiles. She also has a new melee counter that can be used in air or on ground, knocking the baddies away. This suit has been severely buffed in this installment of the Smash series, giving Samus the upgrade she has sorely needed.

ZSS2 101

Zero Suit Samus

SSBSpectrum Metroid ZSSamus
DiscordRoster ZeroSuitSamus

Samus' Zero Suit is speedier and nimbler than her Power Suit, able to quickly kick at opponents and attack them with her Paralyzer, but she lacks a good projectile and doesn't have nearly enough attacking power as the Power Suit. Despite this, she can very well hold her own using the Zero Suit, even against tough opponents. There are rumors she has some kind of involvement with R.O.B...

Newcomer Ridley


SSBSpectrum Metroid Ridley
DiscordRoster Ridley

The head of the Space Pirates on Zebes, Ridley soars through space on wicked wings. Ridley may look like a mindless monster, but he's actually quite intelligent. He's huge for a Smash character, which makes him a huge target. Ridley has a ton of options in both the air and on ground, which makes him pretty deadly.

While a huge target, Ridley has good options for both ground and aerials, although many of his attacks are wide and make him somewhat hard to control for beginners. He has a lot of jumps and a glide (that can be executed by pressing the side button twice). His normal special is a Giant Fireball that can be aimed in several directions. His side special is a Flying Grab that slams the opponent into the ground, digging them in. His down special allows him to gain superarmor, which allows him to take damage but won't be knocked back or flinch, however it goes away after a certain amount of time or amount of hits. His up special is a very hard to use Ridley Glide, which is a very wide flight move that moves more vertical than horizontal.



SSBSpectrum ROB
DiscordRoster ROB

R.O.B, or the Robotic Operating Buddy, is a robot hailing from the Isle of the Ancients and was part of a grand race created by Dr. Hector. The Isle of the Ancients was destroyed during the Subspace Emissary, leaving R.O.B as the last of his kind. He attacks using spinning gyros and lasers from his eyes, as well as using rocket thrusters as recovery. He is rumored to have some kind of involvement with Samus...

Move Description
Entrance R.O.B.'s parts assemble down from the sky as thunder blasts, piecing R.O.B. together as he blinks and comes alive.
Neutral Special
Robo Beam
R.O.B fires off a beam that does 10% damage, and if his light on the top of his head flashes red, he can unleash a super charged beam that does up to 18% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Infinite Robo Beam: Robo Beam can be fired consecutively, but at the cost of a lower damage output, shorter range and its ability to ricochet. Super Robo Beam also takes longer to charge.
    • Custom 2 - Radish Throw: R.O.B. throws out a radish for Smicks to chase after, which they will follow after, dealing damage in their path before their hitbox becomes inactive upon eating the Radish.
    • Custom 3 - Signal Test: R.O.B. releases a expansive square beam that is generally wider than the Robo Beam but does less damage.
Side Special
Arm Rotor
R.O.B quickly spins his torso around, dealing 3%-5% damage and then ending it with a uppercut that does 7% damage. It can trap opponents reliably in it's loop and its last hit has KO potential, more so than it did before.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Flipper Glitch: R.O.B. releases the Flipper Glitch from Stack-Up, which bounces across the stage, dealing damage to opponents in it's way.
    • Custom 2 - Reflector Arm: A version of Arm Rotor that does more damage and reflects projectiles with 80% more power than they originally had, but at the cost of its trapping ability.
    • Custom 3 - Bouncy Flipper: A version of the Flipper Glitch that bounces way higher and more unpredictable in it's movement, dealing 25% damage.
Up Special
Robo Burner
R.O.B. activates his thrusts, allowing for impressive vertical and horizontal recovery. Every time it ignites, a small hitbox will go off allowing R.O.B to do a little bit of damage. The only problem is that it is based off fuel, although it can be regained when R.O.B is grounded.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Robo Rocket: Releases all of R.O.B.'s rocket fuel at once in a super high jump, with the same amount of time being required to recharge.
    • Custom 2 - Stack-Up: R.O.B. puts a Block from Stack Up under him, rapidly able to create a tower of five blocks that allow him to create a elevated platform that can block attacks. It can be knocked down with attacks, having 15% health. Uses R.O.B.'s rocket fuel to create the tower.
    • Custom 3 - Robotic Tentacles: R.O.B. extends off the ground with the tentacles, making him faster and extending the length of his normally pithy grab, although he can no longer use Robo Burner.
Down Special
R.O.B places a Gyro on his base and charges it, pushing it out or using it as a item. If the player rapidly presses the attack button, it will "supercharge", allowing R.O.B to throw it out quicker with heavier damage, although this comes at the cost of his Robo Burner fuel.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Dynamite Trap: R.O.B. drops off some dynamite from Gyromite, which explodes 2 seconds afterwards, dealing heavy damage.
    • Custom 2 - Spike Glitch: R.O.B. has the Spike Glitch from Stack-Up encircle him, protecting him from damage.
    • Custom 3 - Tentacle Burial: R.O.B. extends out his robotic tentacles and buries them into the ground, setting them up as traps.
Final Smash
Ultimate Diffusion Beam
R.O.B begins his Final Smash with the Diffusion Beam being projected in front of him, steadily getting stronger and bigger over time, dealing more damage. He then turns into a Diffusion Beam cannon, with three screen sized beams being projected across the stage to deal major damage.
  • Up Taunt - R.O.B. faces the screen and then spins his head and torso in a circle.
  • Side Taunt - R.O.B. faces the screen and sways his head around while emitting flashing sparkles from his eyes.
  • Down Taunt - R.O.B. faces the screen and moves his torso down to his base before spinning it back up into place
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Samus - Metal Partners
  • With Zero Suit Samus - The Girl and The Robot
Alternate Costumes


SSBSpectrum KidIcarus
DiscordRoster Pit

Pit is the captain of Palutena's royal guard. Despite the wings on his back, Pit needs the Power of Flight from Palutena in order to truly fly. He gets teased by most of the gods, but when they need him most, he's there and ready to serve.

Palutena Uprising


SSBSpectrum KidIcarus Palutena
DiscordRoster Palutena

Palutena is the Goddess of Light and the ruler of Angel Land, as well as the commander of Pit and the Icarus Army. Her power is not above being corrupted, but she has a more humanistic insight than most other gods due to her son Strafe, who was born in the Fantendoverse which she periodically makes trips to. Her moveset uses her divine abilities that she would normally gift to Pit on his adventures, but anything a angel can do a goddess can do better.

Newcomer Prosphora


SSBSpectrum KidIcarus Phosphora
DiscordRoster Phosphora

Phosphora is part of Virdi's forces, using the power of lightning to aid her in her battles. She is also as fast as lightning too! She's a playful personality, teasing both Palutena and Pit in her original appearance but became quick friends with them when Virdi was kidnapped by Gaia. Her electric personality is reflected in her quick, speedy moveset, although if she extends herself too much she will have to charge up.

FE Warriors Robin Female

FE Warriors Robin Male


SSBSpectrum Robin
DiscordRoster Robin

When Robin is found at the start of Fire Emblem: Awakening, she (or he!) discovers that, even without their memories, they are a master tactician. While Robin uses a electric sword called Thoron, Robin uses primarily magic attacks from their Tomes in their specials, making them a cut different than Marth or Ike. Their tomes and their sword can only be used so many times before they need to wait for them to get back.

Move Description
Entrance Robin wakes up from a field of yellow reeds, pulling out their spellbook.
Neutral Special
Robin charges up a thunder attack that does 6% damage on it's lowest charge but 12% damage on it's highest charge (being named to Elthunder when fully charged). Like all of their tome moves, when they run out of uses, they must wait six seconds for it to return.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Thunder+: Robin casts more powerful thunder magic. More powerful overall, but charges slower and the tome has less durability.
    • Custom 2 - Gronnwolf: Robin casts a green wolf head that bites at their opponent and sends them flying back, although only deals 3% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Gronnwolf+: A stronger version of Gronnwolf that deal more damage although the hitbox is more precise and charges slower with less durability.
Side Special
Robin attacks with a tiny fireball that travels diagonally downward from above their head and bursts into a pillar of flame on impact, dealing 4% damage. Like all of their tome moves, when they run out of uses, they must wait six seconds for it to return.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Arcfire+: Robin attacks with a bigger and more damaging fireball, but is slower to execute and has less durability and a longer charge.
    • Custom 2 - Fire Wall: Creates a larger pillar which sticks around longer and offers mild protection against attacks. Cast directly in front of Robin.
    • Custom 3 - Flame Burst: Creates a large pillar of flame before launching a exploding sphere that explodes in a great radius and does a ton of damage. Has the least amount of durability out of all of Robin's attacks and charges the longest.
Up Special
Robin casts wind magic twice below themselves from their Elwind tome, which propels them into the air. It hits twice, with the first hit being able to meteor smash. Like all of their tome moves, when they run out of uses, they must wait six seconds for it to return, meaning Robin will be without a recovery.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Soaring Elwind: Alters the lifting power of each gust. The first hit has less recovery potential and deals less damage, but the second hit has much more recovery potential. Each gust takes significantly longer to cast.
    • Custom 2 - Deft Harpoon: Robin attacks with a harpoon, launching it upwards and the distance depends on the charge. Deals 10% damage. Does not have a durability or charge associated with it.
    • Custom 3 - Deft Harpoon+: A faster version of Deft Harpoon that has a tighter arc but less possible distance and only deals 7% damage. Does not have a durability or charge associated with it.
Down Special
Robin dashes forward as a rune appears before them, marking the radius of their attack. They then attack with explosive charge that deals 12% damage. Like all of their tome moves, when they run out of uses, they must wait six seconds for it to return.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Distant Ignis: Robin can hit opponents farther away but for less damage.
    • Custom 2 - Reposition: Robin can swap spaces with another character on the battlefield if activated with another character.
    • Custom 3 - Eltornado: Robin unleases a small tornado in front of them that blasts opponents upwards.
Final Smash
Pair Up
Robin teams up with Chrom, with Chrom slashing the opponent up in the air while Robin casts thunder and fire magic against the foe. After they finish their barrage, they perform a final simultaneous strike that spikes the opponent to the ground, which can KO at 45%. This also replenishes Robin's weapons.
  • Up Taunt - Points their sword upwards and says, "Let's tip the scales!"
  • Side Taunt - Magically suspends their sword and tome above their hands, rotating the sword in place and flipping through the tome's pages using magic, retorting "Prepare yourself!"
  • Down Taunt - Robin encircles themselves with their sword and tome and says, "You're not ready!"
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Tharja - Plegian Mages
  • With Corrin - Avatars of Dragons
  • With Fjorm - Thunder and Ice
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Tharja


SSBSpectrum Tharja
DiscordRoster Tharja

A dark mage hailing from Plegia that is unconcerned about the conflict between Plegia and Ylisse, joining Chrom and Robin's army when approached. Tharja is deeply in love with Robin, using her dark powers to protect them and destroy anyone that attempts to get in her way. Like Robin, she has limited-use tomes she uses for her specials, although she doesn't use a sword in her normal attacks, opting for short range harming hexes instead.

Move Description
Entrance Tharja appears out from a bunch of black sand, cackling as a dark purple aura surges off her.
Neutral Special
Tharja does a piercing slashing attack with her magic, creating a short range magic knife attack. Like all her tome moves, when this runs out of uses, Tharja cannot use this move at all for five seconds.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Rauðrblade+: Longer ranged version of the Rauðrblade that comes at the cost of dealing less damage.
    • Custom 2 - Rauðrstab: Short ranged version of the Rauðrblade that does more damage.
    • Custom 3 - Rauðrsaw: A rolling, red circular saw that Tharja can unleash, dealing damage to opponents it comes across and can go up walls and ceilings. Disappears after 3 seconds and only two can be used at once.
Side Special
Tharja unleashes a dark attack that encircles her opponent into glowing golden rings that then unleashes a powerful dark attack. Like all her tome moves, when this runs out of uses, Tharja cannot use this move at all for five seconds.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Ruin+: A smaller ranged version of Ruin that does more damage.
    • Custom 2 - Candelabra: Tharja floats over a Candelabra over to her opponent, setting them on fire and dealing damage. The player can control the movement of the Candelabra but it will leave Tharja open to attacks.
    • Custom 3 - Candelabra+: Tharja uses a bigger version of the Candelabra that is slower but deals more damage.
Up Special
Tharja releases a dark floating shockwave that when it hits a opponent, deals a dark combo of attacks. Like all her tome moves, when this runs out of uses, Tharja cannot use this move at all for five seconds.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Retribution+: Tharja releases a bigger version of Retribution that is slower and does less damage, however cannot be blocked.
    • Custom 2 - Vengeance: A counter move that has to be done after a attack lands within a 1 second window, with Tharja sending a bunch of purple shards at her opponent to deal double the damage of their original attack.
    • Custom 3 - Vengeance+: A counter move that has to be done before a attack lands, with Tharja sending a bunch of purple shard at her opponent to deal a set 15% damage.
Down Special
Tharja encases her opponent into a circle of dark energy, sapping away their health as she heals her own. Like all her tome moves, when this runs out of uses, Tharja cannot use this move at all for five seconds.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Distant Nosferatu: Grabs opponents farther away instead of at close range, but deals less damage, heals less and is slower.
    • Custom 2 - Chilling Wind: Tharja sends out a vortex of freezing wind that temporarily freezes her opponents.
    • Custom 3 - Iceburg: Tharja erects a iceburg in front of her, launching foes underneath it.
Final Smash
Tharja teams up with Gaius, who dashes in with his sword after biting down on a lollypop, slashing at the opponent as Tharja casts dark, heavy chains around the opponent. The two then do a simultaneous attack that does heavy damage to the opponent before kicking the opponent to the edge. This move can KO especially heavy characters although light ones are actually likely able to recover should they not be over 60% damage.
  • Up Taunt - Tharja holds her book as if she were hugging it.
  • Side Taunt - Tharja cackles as the tome around her circles around her body in dark energy.
  • Down Taunt - Tharja opens up her palms, sizzling in dark energy as she bites her lip.
Special Team-Up Names
  • With Robin - Plegian Mages
  • With Corrin - Soul Mates?!
  • With Fjorm - Black Ice
Alternate Costumes
FE Warriors Corrin Female


SSBSpectrum Corrin
DiscordRoster Corrin

Corrin was born into the royal family of Hoshido, but was kidnapped and brought to the kingdom of Nohr as an infant, where they have spent much of their life as the prince or princess of the kingdom. Faced with a difficult choice between two families, Corrin chose neither and joined the fight in Smash. Corrin can transform themselves into a dragon, as well as use a rotating chain blade known as the Yato to fight with.

Newcomer Fjorm
FjormFEHeroes Neutral


SSBSpectrum Fjorm
DiscordRoster Fjorm

Fjorm and her elder sister Gunnthrá were princesses of the Ice Kingdom Nifl, ruling alongside their mother, the queen. Surtr attacked and killed their mother and Fjorm attempted to retaliate against him, although she was knocked unconscious during the attack. Surtr kept her alive and left her where she was. Now back on her feet and ready to avenge her fallen kingdom, she uses the power of ice channeled through her spear Leiptr.

Newcomer Talco


SSBSpectrum Talco
DiscordRoster Talco

Tyrea is an agent of the mythical and religious Bionite Order, a religious group worshipping the organic god Bionis. The group is notriously zealous, and the same can be said for Tyrea. Tyrea works as a subject to the royal High Entia First Consort. She attacks with powerful kicks and able to shift into various arts that double her damage and topple opponents, allow her to drain characters' energy, bind opponents to their current position on the stage, or increase her defense. She can be a dangerous fighter to deal with, but also hard to utilize for newer players.

Newcomer Shinobu


SSBDiscord SPSymbol Shinobu
DiscordRoster Shinobu

Shinobu assists ninjas in launching themselves with the Cannon of Justice, which needs to be lined up so ninjas can grab swords and garments while flying through the air. Grabbing all the kites would put these ninja warriors at full power. Shinobu joins Smash as a surprise entrant, using her skills to good use in her moveset.

Move Description
Entrance Shinobu wheels out the Cannon of Justice quickly from behind a bunch of bamboo.
Neutral Special
Flag Raise
Shinobu raises a flag over head which can do some damage with it's hidden hitbox, but primarily this is used to place flags down for her Side Special. There are three kinds of flags.
A blue flag will add defense.
A green flag will add speed.
A red flag will add power.

When done in air, it allows her to glide. She can raise the flags by crouching.

  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Flag Lower: Shinobu raises up a flag and lowers it down quickly, allowing her to do downwards aerial spikes and set traps, as when she puts the flag into the ground, it will launch once someone walks over it.
    • Custom 2 - Quick Flag Raise: Shinobu will raise flags quicker, at the cost of lowering the flag's effects.
    • Custom 3 - Flag Raise+: Shinobu takes longer to raise these flags, but they increase the flag's effects.
Side Special
Ninja Launcher
Shinobu pops into the Cannon of Justice and will go off after 2 seconds; this move has invincibility frames at the start and end of the animation. The player can aim the cannon for different arcs; flags placed down will add extra boosts that she can can temporarily boost herself. Landing on a opponent will do 10% damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Speed Launch: Shinobu shoots off quicker but will only do 7% damage when landing on a opponent.
    • Custom 2 - Slug Launch: Shinobu shoots off later, doing 13% damage when she lands on a opponent.
    • Custom 3 - Star Launch: Shinobu can cancel after being launched, allowing her to jump and attack in the air after being launched, but the attack will be cancelled.
Up Special
Cannon Blast
Shinobu gets inside of a cannon that aims straight up and propels upwards vertically. If a opponent is in her way, she slashes at them for 7% damage and immediately cancels momentum.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Super Cannon Blast: Shinobu launches higher and does 10% damage when slashing opponents, although this takes longer to launch.
    • Custom 2 - Sakura Blast: Shinobu launches upwards and then floats down on a sakura petal leaf. Cannot slash opponents in her way.
    • Custom 3 - Blast Cannon: Shinobu launches a red exploding cannonball in the air that does 9% damage, as opposed to launching herself.
Down Special
Shinobu can displace herself with a scarecrow to quickly get out of harm's way as a counter move to attacks. The scarecrow will explode if attacked after the initial counter.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Rocky Scarecrow: Shinobu displaces her self with a rock, which will crush people under it. Does not explode after being hit.
    • Custom 2 - Atomic Scarecrow: Shinobu displaces herself with a scarecrow that goes off with a big explosion when hit. Shinobu can get caught up in this explosion too!
    • Custom 3 - Skeleton Scarecrow: Shinobu displaces herself with a skeleton on a scarecrow pole, which has no effect when attacked but allows her to do this without having to counter.
Final Smash
Five Star Assault
Shinobu flies in the air, grabbing a golden flag to harass a golden set of armor and swords, slashing at the opponent that is in her path, doing 75% damage and severe knockback.
  • Up Taunt - Shinobu waves a red flag, looking fierce.
  • Side Taunt - Shinobu waves a green flag, looking happy.
  • Down Taunt - Shinobu waves a white flag, looking defeated.
Special Team-Up Names
  • TBA
Newcomer ShovelKnight



Shovel Knight

ShovelKnightDiscord Symbol
DiscordRoster ShovelKnight

A practitioner bound to the Code of Shovelry, Shovel Knight is able to do a lot with their signature weapon known as the Shovel Blade. Their quick thinking and ingenuity has gotten them out several scrapes, even with their small stature. Honest and helpful, their creed is "Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly!" The player can switch between either a male Shovel Knight or a female Shovel Knight before entering battle.

Move Description
Entrance Shovel Knight jumps onto the stage and hoists their Shovel Blade up.
Neutral Special
Tireless Dig
Shovel Knight can attack with their Shovel Blade, knocking gems and treasure away from their opponent, dealing 5% damage per strike. They can restore their magic through this move.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Tired Dig: A slower version of the move that deals 7% damage and results in more loot.
    • Custom 2 - Frenzied Dig: A faster version of the move that deals 3% damage and results in less loot.
    • Custom 3 - Spade Dig: Shovel Knight uses a Spade Blade, which has a smaller hitbox but deals 9% damage and a lot more loot.
Side Special
Chaos Sphere
Shovel Knight unleashes a green sphere that darts around the stage in random directions, dealing 10% damage. This is a relic move that costs 6 out of 50 magic points.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Dust Knuckles: Shovel Knight punches forward quickly with golden gauntlets, dealing 6% damage and draining two magic points out of 50.
    • Custom 2 - Alchemy Coin: Shovel Knight throws a golden coin that has the chance to make opponents drop a ton of loot for Shovel Knight to collect. It costs 8 magic points out of 50.
    • Custom 3 - Fishing Rod: Shovel Knight draws a fishing line, knocking opponents away for 6% damage or if used at the edge of a stage will have a chance to draw up a healthy amount of loot. Shovel Knight can also use this to rescue allies in team battles should they get thrown off a edge. It drains 6 magic points out of 50.
Up Special
Flare Wand
Shovel Knight can fire a giant fireball that damages foes for 4% damage, with a incredibly wide range. This is a relic move that costs 4 out of 50 magic points to use.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Throwing Anchor: Shovel Knight throws a powerful anchor that goes up in an arc that deals 7% damage and costs 6 magic points out of 50 to execute.
    • Custom 2 - Mobile Gear: Shovel Knight increases their speed on a speeding gear that allows them to grind their foes from below, dealing 5% damage. Costs 6 magic points out of 50 to execute.
    • Custom 3 - Propeller Dagger: Shovel Knight pulls out the Propeller Dagger that makes them fly across horizontally, dealing 7% damage. Costs 4 magic points out of 50 to execute.
Down Special
Shovel Drop
Shovel Knight can do this move to drop down on their opponent and bounce off them, gaining extra height they normally wouldn't have. They also drops loot and magic restoring bottles from the opponent, which Shovel Knight can pick up if they desire.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Weighted Shovel Drop: Shovel Knight descends much faster, with a heavier bounce and dealing 10% damage.
    • Custom 2 - Floaty Shovel Drop: Shovel Knight descends much slower, with a lighter bounce and dealing 3% damage.
    • Custom 3 - Super Shovel Drop: This golden colored Shovel allows Shovel Knight to descend somewhat slower, dealing only 4% damage to foes. Shovel Knight can also press the attack button while in the air to execute a faster drop with a higher bounce, dealing 7% damage.
Final Smash
War Horn
Shovel Knight unleashes a powerful move that damages opponents around him for 150% damage but temporarily prevents Shovel Knight from using any of their Relic moves like the Chaos Sphere or Flare Wand.
  • Up Taunt - Drinks from a Troupple Chalice.
  • Side Taunt - Digs at the ground aimlessly.
  • Down Taunt - Rests by a fire.
Special Team-Up Names
  • TBA
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Travis

Travis Touchdown

TravisTouchdownDiscord Symbol
DiscordRoster TravisTouchdown

A assassin with a beam katana that he won off an auction site, Travis joined the United Assassins Association so he could make more money. Climbing the ladder to become the number 1 assassin in the United Assassins Association, Travis eventually retires from his life as an assassin, living in a RV out in the woods. Travis uses his signature beam katana to battle opponents.

Move Description
Entrance Travis jumps out from his Schpeltiger motorcycle and pulls out the Beam Katana.
Neutral Special
Charge Mode
Travis shakes his laser katana to extend the reach and damage it does, carrying out to all attacks including standard attacks.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Quick Charge: Charging is quicker but the more it is performed, the higher chance it has to tire out Travis, preventing movement after a charge.
    • Custom 2 - Berry Charge: Charging is somewhat slower but lasts longer for special attacks.
    • Custom 3 - Cherry Charge: The longest charge variation, but enemies will be slowed around Travis during the apex of his charge, allowing him to cleanly attack them while their movement is slowed.
Side Special
Strawberry on the Shortcake
Travis strikes forward, doing about 4% damage before unleashing with a swing attack that does 6% damage. Charge Mode can extend this move's reach and it's damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Strawberry Speed: Travis' speed increases immensely when he preforms this attack, and only this attack. Unaffected by Charge Mode.
    • Custom 2 - Grasshopper Strike: The laser katana begins to spark with electricity across the blade, dealing extra damage. Unaffected by Charge Mode.
    • Custom 3 - Silent Strawberry: During the initial lunge, it will not do any damage, but the strike afterwards will do much more damage.
Up Special
Cranberry Chocolate Sundae
Travis swings upwards, pulling off a leap before slamming down into the ground. It doesn't have as much air as Ike's Up Special does, but can potentially do more damage using Charge Mode.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Extended Cranberry: Travis leaps higher into the air and descends down much faster with his katana.
    • Custom 2 - Guard Cranberry: Travis doesn't deal any damage with this custom, as he hoists the katana to do a block that reflects projectiles.
    • Custom 3 - Strike Cranberry: Travis strikes the ground, releasing a shockwave of lightning across the ground.
Down Special
Blueberry Cheese Brownie
Travis puts his laser katana out in a defensive stance, able to reflect and parry projectile attacks. The parry window will get longer if Charge Mode is used.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Earthquake Maker: Travis releases a small minature version of the Earthquake Maker, which shakes the ground around it and deals damage. Unaffected by Charge Mode.
    • Custom 2 - Taunt Blueberry: Travis actively taunts the opponent to attack him, dealing extra damage if they actually do. The window is much shorter, and gets shorter if charged, but will deal more damage.
    • Custom 3 - Slow Blueberry: This has the longest reaction window, but does the least amount of damage.
Final Smash
Tiger Touchdown
Travis transforms into a tiger, able to move across the stage quickly and cannot flinch or get damaged.
  • Up Taunt - Travis pets his cat Jeane.
  • Side Taunt - Flips his laser katana in the air before grabbing it again.
  • Down Taunt - Puts on a VR Helmet, playing Hotline Miami.
Special Team-Up Names
  • TBA
Alternate Costumes
Newcomer Goku


SSBSpectrum Goku
DiscordRoster Goku

Goku is a Saiyan sent to Earth to destroy it but grew up becoming it's greatest protector instead. Goku is defined by his mission to find a stronger, more powerful opponent to fight against, and his Saiyan blood allows him to increase his power over time. He has helped his opponents in the name of making fights tougher as it makes him just as strong. This can usually be at the detriment of the people around him, but he means well...

Move Description
Entrance Goku flies in riding the Nimbus Cloud, jumping off as he gets into a fighting stance.
Neutral Special
Goku charges up a energy attack by cupping his hands and releases a long beam of blue energy. The move can be avoided just by ducking for most characters, although it's long reach and the area it covers makes it pretty decent as an attack. It does have a bit of start-up that if used in junction with Kaio-ken, could be cut down significantly.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Bending Kamehameha: A version of the Kamehameha that can change the course mid-blast, allowing it to bend upwards or downwards. The downside is that it is slower.
    • Custom 2 - Continuous Kamehameha: Goku fires multiple one-handed Kamehamehas from both hands. These cover less area but has less start up and can be used to keep away opponents.
    • Custom 3 - Super Kamehameha: This has a ton of extra start up as Goku needs to fully charge the Kamehameha, but releases a wider and taller beam that covers a lot more area and does more damage.
Side Special
Shockwave Fist
Goku's fist pulses with energy before he unleashes it's power, releasing a powerful shockwave when he punches that pushes opponents back and deals quite a bit of damage.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Soaring Fist: Goku's fist is outstretched as it releases a much more powerful shockwave that travels across the stage. It actually doesn't deal any damage but makes opponents get thrown back quite a distance if they get caught in the shockwave.
    • Custom 2 - Invisible Eye Blast: Goku can release a very weak attack by staring at a character. While it doesn't deal much damage or knockback, it doesn't have any start up time and can be used at a decent distance.
    • Custom 3 - Spirit Shot: Goku releases two shockwaves from his hands as he points them away from himself, which deal about half of the damage of Shockwave Fist each.
Up Special
Goku uses the Kaio-ken to turn his ki red and increase the power of his attacks. This in turn, makes his defense drop quite sharply, making him take double the damage from attacks. This only lasts a temporary amount of time.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Super Saiyan: Goku's hair turns yellow and his ki turns yellow, with his attacks becoming speedier at the cost of damage output. His defense is unaffected. This only lasts a temporary amount of time.
    • Custom 2 - Super Saiyan Blue: Goku's hair turns blue and his ki takes on a brilliant bright blue, with his attacks mostly unaffected but his defense increases while his speed drops somewhat. This only lasts a temporary amount of time.
    • Custom 3 - Ultra Instinct: Goku's ki becomes white and he can avoid attacks while standing still. His attacks, speed, and defense are unaffected. This only lasts a temporary amount of time.
Down Special
Spirit Bomb
Goku outstretches hands upwards and charges up a Spirit Bomb that can then be released down as a energy projectile that goes down diagonally downwards. If Goku is hit three times, the Spirit Bomb is cancelled and Goku takes additional damage, but the Spirit Ball and it's range and power increase the longer Goku charges it.
  • Customs
    • Custom 1 - Super Spirit Bomb: Goku starts with a bigger Spirit Bomb but it takes longer to charge to full size. The full size Spirit Bomb is also twice as big as the normal Spirit Bomb attack, as well as twice as devastating.
    • Custom 2 - Instant Spirit Bomb: Goku unleashes a Spirit Bomb instantly, although the charging aspect is dropped entirely in the name of killing it's start-up and is weaker.
    • Custom 3 - Spirit Bomb Absorption: Goku can charge up the Spirit Bomb and then absorb it to gain additional damaging. Combined with his Kaio-ken/transformations, this can seriously increase his attacking strength, but it is much quicker to expire than those transformations and requires a full charge.
Final Smash
Further Beyond
Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3, allowing him to unleash powerful golden Kamehamehas and teleporting and flying across the stage.
  • Up Taunt - Goku spins a umbrella similar to this Dragon Ball eyecatch.
  • Side Taunt - Goku sticks out his staff in a similar pose to this Dragon Ball eyecatch.
  • Down Taunt - Goku raises up his left arm while his right arm is folded over his chest similar to this Dragon Ball Z eyecatch. Any item he's holding will be perched in his arm.
Special Team-Up Names
  • TBA
Alternate Costumes

Unlockable Characters

Image + Name Info

8-Bit Mario

SSBSpectrum Mario 8bitMario

One of the earliest versions of Mario and certainly one of the blockiest. He's a clone of Mario with some different moves and is a bit more of an "expert" Mario. He retains Mario's balanced character traits but has new moves to utilize.

He is touted as a balanced character. He can shoot fire from his palm, perform a spring jump to deflect projectiles, preform a jump that will take coins out of the enemy, and can summon a Bullet Bill blaster to summon a stronger projectile that isn't as fast a fireball.

To unlock, play as Mario 8 times.


MC Adore


MC Adore is the main singer of "Love Posse", a rap group. Her goal is to combine love and rap together. She is seen on the top of the car, either sitting or laying down on top of it. She is actually more of a trio character as you control the rappers and car and alternate between them during attacks.

The trio is a heavy character that tends to stay in place for a lot of it's attacks. When attacking, you control two rappers who need multiple button presses during execution to do more damage while also staying in rhythm. They attack by rapping (which can be built up to do a lot of damage), launching a rocket, using a fork-lift to launch the car into the air, and preforming "Donk-Donk".

Unlock 20 pieces of music.


Zan Partizanne

SSBDiscord KirbySymbol Zan



Unknown unlock conditions.

Dr Coyle SSBDiscord Crop

Dr. Coyle

SSBDiscord ARMS Coyle



Unknown unlock conditions.

Character Assembler

Returning from Super Smash Bros. Assemble is Character Creation. This is a bit more in depth than the last title, with a variety of limbs being able to be unlocked randomly through the various modes to assemble a character out of parts. The limbs don't really matter for stat purposes and can be flipped around and recolored in a variety of colors.

By applying equipment onto the limbs, players can customize the characters how they want with bonus buffs and nerfs. Likewise, they can apply an assortment of custom moves to the character as well. More information on both equipment and moves are coming soon.

Limb Limb Limb Limb
MarioKart MarioCap
Mario Cap
MarioKart LuigiCap
Luigi Cap
MarioKart BowserCap
Bowser Cap
MarioKart PeachHair
Peach Hair
8-Bit Short Arm
8-Bit Short Torso
8-Bit Short Leg
8-Bit Question Block
8-Bit Long Arm
8-Bit Long Torso
8-Bit Long Leg
Mystery Mushroom Spring
8-Bit Spring
MCAdore Arm
MC Adore Arm
MCAdore Glasses
MC Adore Glasses
MCAdore Hair
MC Adore Hair
MCAdore Torso
MC Adore Torso
MCAdore Pants
MC Adore Pants
LovePosse Head1
Love Posse Head 1
LovePosse Head2
Love Posse Head 2
LovePosse Torso
Love Posse Torso


Starting Stages

Battlefield SmashDiscordLogo Big Battlefield SSB4 Icon
Battlefield Discord
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Battlefield (Assemble) SSBAssembleIcon Battlefield (for Wii U/3DS) SSB4 Icon
BattlefieldAssemble Discord
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
WiiU SuperSmashBros Stage11 Screen 01
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Final Destination SSB4 Icon Final Destination (64) SSB64Icon
SSB4 WII U Final-Destination
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Final Destination 64
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Mushroom Kingdom U SSB4 Icon Bowser's Castle SmashDiscordLogo
SSB Mario Series
SSB Mario Series
Super Mario Maker SSB4 Icon Rainbow Ride SSBM Icon
SSB Mario Series
SSB Mario Series
Temple of Souls SmashDiscordLogo Trial Shrine SmashDiscordLogo
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Clock Town SmashDiscordLogo Bell Tower SSBAssembleIcon
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
SSB Pokémon Series

Unlockable Stages



Regular Items

Image + Name Info

Render by Peardian

Tier 2

Game: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Designed to throw, when this item is picked up the player will immediately start to spin to gain speed and momentum. When the time is right, a button press will send the hammer flying and hitting the opponent with immense power and drive them straight into the ground. The hammer head can also fly off on impact, merely dazing the opponent instead.


Render by Peardian

Tier 2

Game: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
When this item is picked up, the player immediately starts to spin around with the hammer, with limited movement capability (no attacks, one jump) dealing big damage to those hit by the hammer. Since it doesnt protect the user from the top, aerial attacks are still viable and the hammer head sometimes will fall off.



Tier 3

Game: Mario Party
The Ztar is the antithesis of the Star. This demented nova will make you slower as it's dark energy cackles over your body, as well as make all your attacks completely ineffective. You're left completely open to whatever your opponents have in store for you. There is one advantage a Ztar has: it's cackling energy will halve the damage of projectiles.

Assist Trophies


Image + Name Info


Rhyhorn runs in a straight line, smashing everything in its path. It is not bothered even if it rushes headlong into a block of steel. This Pokémon may feel some pain from the collision the next day, however.


Cutiefly can detect the auras of living things, including people, Pokémon, and plants. They search out flowers by the color and brightness of their auras and then gather their nectar and pollen. They spread dust all over the stage, making it hard to see and it's somewhat toxic too.


The trio is together from birth. It constantly gathers honey from flowers to please Vespiquen. They bite opponents and gain the effects of the items held by the opponents, which can be devastating if they were holding a bat...


Each of Palossand's grains of sand has its own will. Palossand creates a sandy vortex on the floor of the stage, sucking in opponents and making them slower when inside. When they hit the middle, massive damage and knockback occurs.

Trading Cards

These trading cards were created for the Super Smash Cards trading card game that released shortly before the game released. Virtual versions of these cards appear in Super Smash Bros. Discord as collectibles.


  • This is the second Super Smash Bros. game that Exotoro has made and acts as the bones for The V² Smash Trilogy.
  • The new formatting direction for characters and stages was originally inspired by Jake's Super Smash Bros.. Later, it was inspired by Super Smash Bros. Union, as Helena felt tabbers were ugly and didn't really show as much info as Helena wanted.
  • Despite this being a "sequel" to Super Smash Bros. Assemble, the game seems to ignore the fact certain characters are being re-revealed as newcomers (ala Tharja and Ridley). Helena wanted to make people not feel lost reading it as well not feel "directed" by the roster of the past game.
  • The character of Dragon Queen was added to add a proper "beginning character" due to Mario's moveset becoming a bit more complicated and not necessarily the greatest character for beginners anymore. She was also added to add a proper "face" to the Smash series, with her backstory and name being based off the original name of the Super Smash Bros. prototype "Dragon King".
    • Characters like Primid and Master Hand were considered for her role, but none seemed to really "fit" the kind of character she was supposed to be. Same went for Irid, who had previously shown up in Super Smash Bros. Assemble as a original new character that was playable through DLC.
  • Originally Goku would have worked like Cloud with a power meter allowing him to go Super Saiyan and enhance his attacks, but this feature was scrapped and the Super Saiyan transformations were moved to become special moves.
    • Goku had been part of the project plan since day 1, although he would not get officially revealed until 6/3/18. The reasoning for his inclusion was due to his appearances in so many video games and his relative popularity, as well as his wide movepool. He replaced Popeye for the Fourth Party slot.
  • The trading cards were created using the same template that Kingdoms of Fighters used for it's cards. There have been several alterations, of course, but they use the same border (flipped upside down) and earlier builds of the game showed that the symbol was in the same place.

The V² Smash Trilogy