All pokemon in Super Smash Bros. Director's Cut. To activate them, toss a pokeball...

Offensive attacks others, Useless for does not attack, and Accidental attacks everyone including you...

Name Pic Attack Type Rareness
Wobbufett Useless Common
Maractus Offensive Uncommon
Snorlax Offensive Uncommon
Reshiram Offensive Rare
Plusle Accidental Uncommon
Minun Accidental Uncommon
Magnezone Offensive Rare
Clefairy Offensive Common
Zekrom Offensive Common
Goldeen Useless Common
Venusaur Accidental Rare
Totodile Offensive Uncommon
Combusken Accidental Rare
Turtwig Offensive Common
Samurott Offensive Rare
Scizor Accidental Rare
Porygon2 Offensive Uncommon
Raichu Offensive Rare

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