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Super Smash Bros. Dimensions is an upcoming game for the Super Smash Bros. series it is for the Master Pro, Wii U, and the Nintendo 3DS made by Master Productions Incorporated. It has 53 characters, 41 stages, story mode, and many other modes. Multiplayer, Master Online, and Nintendo Network are all available.



Image Name Series Description
456px-BrawlMario Mario Super Mario Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom has come again to the fight! Mario is a balanced character.
250px-Peachssbb Princess Peach Super Mario The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and girlfriend of Mario, Princess Peach joins the fight again! Peach is a lightweight character.
Dk ssbb Donkey Kong Donkey Kong  Donkey Kong, the famous ape and hero of DK Island joins the fight again! Donkey Kong is a heavyweight character.
592px-YoshiBrawl Yoshi


Yoshi, the lovable hero of Yoshi's Island comes to the fight again! Yoshi is a medium weight character.
WarioClassicBrawl Wario Wario
250px-Link Link The Legend of Zelda Link, the hero of Hyrule comes to the fight again and has the powerful Master Sword with him like always. Link is a medium weight character.
384px-BrawlZelda Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda The Princess of Hyrule, Princess Zelda joins the battlefield again and has magical abilities and with a special down move that transforms Zelda into Sheik. Zelda is a medium weight character.
Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby, the puffy hero of Dreamland joins the big battle again and has a sucking ability that makes him copy opponents and has a floating ability. Kirby is a light weight character.
BrawlMetaKnight Meta Knight Kirby Meta Knight may be small, but he is still a master swordsmen and has many other powerful moves like cyclone attack and much more also Meta Knight has a flying ability and is a light weight character.
Samus Samus Metroid Samus Aran the female bounty hunter from the planet Zeebes comes again to the fight! Samus is a medium weight character and after Samus has used her final smash she trannsforms into Zero Suit Samus.
490px-BrawlDiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong, the sidekick of Donkey Kong comes along to the fight again. Diddy Kong is a lightweight character and can shoot from his peanut popper and fly with his barrel rocketpack.
3DPikachu Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu, the famous Pokémon with electrical powers comes along to the big fight again! Pikachu is a lightweight character.
180px-NessBrawl Ness



Ness, the PSI kid from Onett comes to the battlefield to fight again! Ness is a mediumweight character.
Pit Pit Kid Icarus
Captain Olimar Olimar Pikmin
Fox McCloud Fox Star Fox
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Ice Climber Nana and Popo or just called the Ice Climbers joins the big fight again with their large mallets. Ice Climbers are mediumweight characters.
Sonic2 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, the blue blur comes to join the fight again! Sonic is a mediumweight character.
Ike Ike Fire Emblem
TomNookBrawl Tom Nook Animal Crossing


Image Series How to Unlock
592px-LuigiBrawl Luigi Super Mario

Complete Classic as Mario, Peach on any difficulty or meet him in story mode.

Bowser Super Mario Clear Classic on Hard difficulty


Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario Super Mario Play as Bowser 27 times or meet him in story mode.
MewtwoWiiU Mewtwo Pokémon Clear Classic with 31 characters or meet him in story mode.
JigglyPuff Jigglypuff Pokémon Clear Classic with kirby or meet him in story mode.
LouieEltario Louie Pikmin Clear classic as Olimar on hard difficulty
FalcoBrawl Nincada Star Fox Play as Fox 6 times, clear Classic as Fox on any difficult or higher, or meet him in story mode.
ZoroarkBrawl Zoroark Pokémon Unlock all Masterpieces or meet him in story mode.
BrawlMarth Marth Fire Emblem Meet him in story mode or Clear Classic on Medium as Ike.
Roy Roy Fire Emblem Play as any Fire Emblem character 16 times or meet him in story mode.
CaptainFalconBrawl Captain Falcon F-Zero Meet him in story mode or play the game for 3 hours.
Wolf O'Donnell Wolf Star Fox After completing story mode enter the secret door in the Temple level, play 278 battles, or meet him in story mode.
ShadowBrawl Shadow The Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Clear Classic Mode as Sonic on Intense, meet him in story mode, or play Green Hill Zone 25 times.
GameWatchBrawl Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch Clear Classic with as all characters on any difficulty, play the game for 50 hours, or meet him in story mode.
Nffp6p Krystal Star Fox Clear Classic on any difficulty as any Star Fox character, unlock 13 songs, or meet her in story mode.
180px-LucasBrawl Lucas



Clear Classic mode as Ness on Hard, defeat 281 enemies, or meet him in story mode.
Daisy ssbb Daisy Super Mario Clear Classic mode as Peach on any difficulty, battle 431 times, or meet her in story mode.
BrawlKingDedede King Dedede Kirby Clear All-Star Mode as any Kirby character, clear Classic as any character on Hard or Intense, or meet him in story mode.
BrawlToonLink Toon Link The Legend of Zelda Clear All-Star mode as Link, enter the secret door in the Island level, or meet him in story mode.
Toon Zelda Toon Zelda The Legend of Zelda Complete Classic mode as Zelda on Intense, clear All-Star mode as Toon Link, or meet her in story mode.
150px Red - Ivysaur, Squirtle, Charizard Pokémon Clear Classic as any Pokémon character on any difficulty, unlock the Pokémon Stadium 2 stage, or meet him in story mode.
Snakes Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid Clear Classic mode as 31 characters, unlock the Metal Gear Masterpiece game, or meet him in story mode.

Made by Stelios7 (tbc)




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Assist Trophies and Poké Balls

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Story Mode

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Classic Mode

Adventure Mode

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All-Star Mode


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