Like the other Smash Bros. games, there's a lot of contents that need to be unlocked such as characters, modes, stages, trophies and even more stuffs!



Each character can be unlocked with at least two ways. Here there are shown

  • Ness: 10 VS matches, complete Classic Mode once without using any continue, Story Mode.
  • Falco: 20 VS matches, complete Arena Mode once without using any continue, Story Mode
  • Wario: 30 VS matches, win 100-Men Smash, Story Mode.
  • Jigglypuff: 40 VS matches, do Target Test once outside the Classic Mode.
  • Boo: 50 VS matches, complete Arena Mode within 15 minutes or less, Story Mode.
  • Dark Pit: 60 VS matches, win event 32: The Fallen Angel, Story Mode.
  • Lucina: 70 VS matches, complete Survive in Stadium with 10 characters, Story Mode.
  • Young Link: 80 VS matches, complete both Classic and Arena modes at Hard difficult or higher, Story Mode.
  • Lucario: 90 VS matches, complete Target Test with 20 characters, Story Mode.
  • Paper Mario: 100 VS matches, reach to the 51st floor in Smash Tower, Story Mode.
  • R.O.B.: 110 VS matches, collect at least 250 different trophies, Story Mode.
  • Duck Hunt: 120 VS matches, score at least 20 more KOs than your rival in Rival Smash, Story Mode.
  • Mr. Game & Watch: 130 VS matches, complete Arena Mode with the 45 default characters, Story Mode.
  • Great Fairy: 140 VS matches, complete Event 42: You'll know the power of magic, Story Mode.
  • Koopalings: 150 VS matches, finish Smash Tower once, Story Mode.
  • Professor Layton: 160 VS matches, win "Who knows all Nintendo" once, Story Mode.
  • King K. Rool: 170 VS matches, complete Classic Mode at Normal difficult or higher with all the Super Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Paper Mario and WarioWare series, Story Mode.
  • Excitebiker: 180 VS matches, complete Boss Battle once.
  • Bayonetta: 190 VS matches, complete Classic Mode with all the other characters. You don't have to complete it with Excitebiker and Mew. Story Mode.
  • Mew: 200 VS matches, have Mew come out from a Master Ball or a Pokéball.

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