Here, there are the stages in SSBDevastaton. Some of them are unlockable and they are noticed. Also some stages can accommodate an 8-Player Smash, so they are noticed in the "Overview" section.

Both versions

There are six stages that are playable both in the handheld version and in the console version. They are Battlefield, Final Destination, Eryth Sea, Training Room, Ink War and London.


  • Series: Super Smash Bros.
  • Appearance in the handheld version: while retaining his basilar layout with a main platform and three ones, in the handheld version Battlefield's location is set in a glade with trees, mountains and a river. There's not day and night circle but there's a seasonal circle: it starts from the spring, which makes the trees bloom, then there's the summer and the sun shines, following there's the autumn and leaves fall from the trees. Finally there's the winter. There is also a climatic change: in spring and autumn can both rain or the sun can shine. In summer never rains and the sun shines more than in autumn or spring. In winter there's never sun: it always snows.
  • Appearance in the console version: the layout is the same in both versions but the place changes: Battlefield is set in a futuristic town. The day and night circle is revamped as on night in the city the lights are turned on. Sometimes some UFOs can be seen. The image chosen here for the Battlefield was chosen during the development so the background is a neutral one.

Final Destination

SSBS! - Final Destination
  • Series: Super Smash Bros.
  • Appearance in the handheld version: unlike Battlefield, Final Destination doesn't have many differences between the versions. Final Destination's background mainly consists in a galactic sky. However the background changes and then it goes from an artic scene to a volcanic one, passing trough a seaside and a jungle.
  • Appearance in the console version: in the console version, Final Destination follows a spaceship and sometimes can go to Master Core's lair. However, there aren't many changes between this and the handheld version.

Eryth Sea

  • Series: Xenoblade
  • Overview: Eryth sea is similar to Gaur Plain but with less platforms and the sea in the void. There are two main platforms and two others at a lower level for a total of four. In the console version the stage is bigger: there are two other platforms in the sides and you can swim in the sea.

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