In this page there are the taunts in the game. Each character can do three taunts: a side taunt, an up taunt and a down taunt and some characters can do a Smash Taunt so they are signed here. A new fact about taunts in Devastation is that you can cancel the taunt whenever you want during it by pressing the B button.


  • Up: Mario grows in size, then returns small.
  • Side: takes his cap off and spins saying "Who-oh!", then wears his cap again.
  • Down: juggles with a fireball, in the same way as Dr. Mario did in Smash 4 with a Megavitamin.

Donkey Kong

  • Up: beats his chest.
  • Side: looks at the camera and makes a face like he was confused.
  • Down: plays with the New Nintendo 3DS. He can play these games: Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 7, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D or Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


  • Up: puts his sword in the hilt.
  • Side: Navi flies around him saying "Hey, listen", "Look!" or "Watch out!".
  • Down: stands on one leg and performs a pose.


  • Up: holds her cannon upwards.
  • Side: part of her cannon comes out.
  • Down: points her cannon forward, then backward her.


  • Up: jumps saying "Yoshi!"
  • Side: tries to catch his tail, then understands that is his tail.
  • Down: dances in circle and then says "Yoshi, Yoshi!"


Each Kirby taunt can be used to remove the copy ability but while doing it, the taunt can't be cancelled. However, you can cancel each Kirby taunt if you don't have any copy ability.

  • Up: performs a victory dance.
  • Side: spins and then stops on a foot.
  • Down: waves and says "Hi!".


Unlike many characters, Fox speaks also in Japanese.

  • Up: charges his fire saying "Iku zo!/Here I come!"
  • Side: throws and catches his blaster.
  • Down: incites his opponents saying them "Kakatte Koi!/Come on!"


  • Up: makes a lot of sparks saying "Piiiiiiiii!"
  • Side: waves while saying "Pika, Pika!"
  • Down: lies on the ground rolling and saying "Pikaaaaaa!"


  • Up: shouts scared.
  • Side: lies on the ground like a missile, then comes up.
  • Down: takes his cap off and scratches his head, then take it in again.

Captain Falcon

  • Up: charges fire.
  • Side: says "Show me your moves!". While facing left, the taunt ends before.
  • Down: calls the opponents saying "Come on!"


  • Up: nods and says "Ok!"
  • Side: swings his baseball bat.
  • Down: moves his hand in front of him and makes a PK tail.


  • Up: rolls backward and forward saying "Jigglypuff!"
  • Side: spins very fast and then stops in a pose.
  • Down: tries to don't sleep.


  • Up: takes out her parasol and says "Sweet!"
  • Side: dances saying "La la la la la la!"
  • Down: spins, then stops, winks and says "Uh-huh!"


  • Up: spins and roars.
  • Side: bites forward five times.
  • Down: roars angry.


  • Up: prays.
  • Side: activates a fire similar to Dyn's Fire.
  • Down: transforms into Sheik.


  • Up: stands on a hand.
  • Side: shows her chain.
  • Down: transforms into Zelda.

Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers' side taunt changes if there are the two Climbers or only a Climber. However, each taunt is a little slower without a Climber due to his or her sadness because the loneliness.

  • Up: they both jump.
  • Side: if together, the slap their hands, if alone, he or she shows the hammer forward saying "Ho!" in both cases.
  • Down: jump around in circle, happy.


  • Up: hovers spinning and laughs.
  • Side: in his hand some dark magic appears.
  • Down: take out and watches to his sword. If held, Ganondorf performs a strong side attack.


Unlike many other characters, Falco speaks in another language if the console is set in a particular one. Falco speaks in Japanese, English or Italian (due to having an Italian surname: Lombardi).

  • Up: kicks his reflector saying "Rakushu Da ze/Piece of cake/Scarso".
  • Side: spins then makes a pose like his Smash 4 artwork and says "Ore no Emono ni Te wo Dasu na!/Hands of my prey/Via le mani dalla mia preda!"
  • Down: stands on one foot raising up and saying "Kakatte ki Na!/Get some!/Non provocarmi!"

Young Link

  • Up: watches to Tatl who flies upwards.
  • Side: puts on his Keaton Mask. By doing this taunt again, Young Link puts it away.
  • Down: drinks a bottle of Lon Lon Milk. This is the longest taunt in the game and can't be interrupted but restores 3% of damage to Young Link.

Fierce Deity Link

  • Up: charges an hit, then slashes forward. It has an hitbox (total damage of 7%).
  • Side: puts his sword in the hilt.
  • Down: watches to some butterflies, meaning that he's still a child.


Pichu has a total number of six taunts. In fact facing left or right, he taunts differently.

  • Up: charges it up (left)/scratches his ear (right)
  • Side: lies down saying "Pichu!" (left)/jumps twice saying "Mmmmh, Pichu!"
  • Down: sleeps a bit (left)/pays more attention, like he saw something interesting (right).

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Up: rings his bell upwards.
  • Side: rings his bell.
  • Down: sits and sighs.


  • Up: points his sword upwards.
  • Side: puts his sword in the hilt doing an elegant movement.
  • Down: points his sword upwards and then in front of him saying "Minna, Miteite Kure!".


  • Up: sits down in the air.
  • Side: spins and laughs maniacally.
  • Down: creates spheres of shadow from the hands.

Diddy Kong

  • Up: throw his cap upwards and it goes on his head.
  • Side: stretches himself like he slept.
  • Down: juggles.

Zero Suit Samus

  • Up: throws her paralyzer upwards saying "Is that all?"
  • Side: swipes her plasma whip saying "Try me."
  • Down: spins her plasma whip saying "You're mine!"


  • Up: divides his bow in two parts, then points them upward as an "X" saying "Come on!"
  • Side: calls "Lady Palutena!"
  • Down: makes a pose like ascending.

Meta Knight

  • Up: disappears spinning in his cape.
  • Side: swings his sword in front of him saying "Fight me!"
  • Down: opens his wings and says "Come!".

Pokémon Trainer

The Pokémon Trainer does the same taunts depending of the direction chosen with the Pokémon.

  • Up: throws his Pokéball and catches it.
  • Side: looks to a badge.
  • Down: looks into his bag.


By pressing A during each taunt, Squirtle will put his sunglasses on.

  • Up: jump and does a backflip saying "Squirtle Squirtle!". In Japanese says "Zenigame!" and in Italian "Squirtle pronto!" (Squirtle said this line in a dubbed Italian version of the anime).
  • Side: creates some water saying "Squiiirtle!"
  • Down: withdraws in his shell spinning.


  • Up: shakes himself, spinning his plant.
  • Side: his vines go up and says "Saur, Ivysaur!"
  • Down: some of his dust come up.


Faces the camera, roars and stomps. Each taunt is a variation of this.


  • Up: puts his sword in front of him, some wind appears and grunts.
  • Side: puts his sword backward and says "Prepare yourself". In Japanese says "Kakugo Shiro"
  • Down: slams his sword in the ground, grunts and some wind appears.

King Dedede

  • Up: points his hammer upward in a celebrating fashion.
  • Side: spins around in circle laughing.
  • Down: stomps his hand on his belly.


  • Up: laughs hardly and closes his mouth with his hands.
  • Side: shows his bottom.
  • Down: does three "Wa, wa, wa!" with his hands as a "W".
  • On Wario Bike: does a "W" with his hand, chants and put his finger into his nose.


  • Up: jumps up and down.
  • Side: counts his Pikmin.
  • Down: Pikmin carry Olimar.

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