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In this section, you can see all the background characters in the stages (if they are). They were put here and not in the stages page because having a page full of information can be boring to read.

3D World

  • Cat Goombas appear in Super Bell Hill section, Boomerang Bros. appear in Beep Block Skyway section, Snow Pokeys, Para-Biddibuddies and Ice Skating Goombas appear in Snoball Park section, Fuzzies and Mines appear in Clear Pipe Cruise. These characters appear as enemies.
  • Goombas in Super Bell Hill, Conkdor in some sections, Biddybuddy in Snoball Park and Piranha Plant in Clear Pipe Cruise appear in the background.

Comet Observatory

  • Lumas, Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade, Polari, Rosalina, Mario and Luigi (the later three when aren't fighting) appear in the background.

Bowser Castle 64

  • Some Paratroopas fly in the background.
  • If the game is paused, you can enlarge the camera and you can see a Koopa Troopa and a Wiggler eating pop-corns and observing the match.
  • When Giga Bowser appears, comes also a Magikoopa.

Special Cup

  • Shy Guys are driving.
  • Toads appear in Cloudtop Cruise, Bone Dry Dunes and Rainbow Road. In Cloutop Cruise they are in a giant Clown-Koopa like vehicle, in Bone Dry Dunes they just stand, in Rainbow Road they are dressed as spacemen. They don't have any effect.

Dr. Luigi

  • Dizzy, Drowsy and the Magenta Virus from Dr. Luigi appear.

Mushroom Park

  • Many Toads appear in the park.

Delfino Plaza

  • Piantas and Nokis appear in the Plaza.

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