In Palutena's Temple, Pit can perform a Smash taunt in which he talks with the Goddess of Light Palutena, the Goddess of Nature Viridi and some guests like Dark Pit and Chrom. Here there are the dialogues for the characters absent in Smash for Wii U.

Captain Toad=

Pit: Who's this small guy? Is he (she if the player has chosen one of Captain Toadette costumes) an explorer?

Palutena: He's Captain Toad (Toadette)

Viridi: Namely a Toad (Toadette) who decided to wear a torch.

Pit: That backpack seems very heavy.

Palutena: It is. But Captain Toad can jump high using his Starshroom. Also, watch out from his (her) Pickaxe. This move inflicts great damage but leaves Captain Toad (Toadette) helpless.

Pit: Well, I'm not scared by small guys!

Viridi: Irresponsible! I hope Captain Toad will defeat you quickly but hardly!

Palutena: You always hope Pit will be defeated.

Pit: But I never lose!



Viridi: Ha ha ha! An angel scared by a ghost.

Palutena: It's not the first time you face off against an undead, Pit.

Pit: You're right Lady Palutena. But ghosts scare me! They are so... Ghosty!

Viridi: Ghosty? And this isn't a ghost: this is a Boo!

Palutena: Remember, Pit, Boo can become heavier or lighter using his moves. When being heavier, it's harder to KO him!

Viridi: Even if I think Pit won't face of against a ghost.

Pit: H-h-h-he's laughing t-t-to me!


Pit: Hey, that's Bowser Jr.!

Viridi: You need glasses! That's *name of Koopaling*, one of the Koopalings (NTSC)/one of Bowser's Minions (PAL)!

Palutena: His (her if there's Wendy) relationship with Bowser is a mystery.

Viridi: Did you know that this guy has six others brothers? They share every move except for one.

Palutena: However, each Koopaling/Bowser's Minion has unique characteristics.

Viridi: The order from the heaviest to the lightest is Morton, Roy, Iggy, Ludwig, Larry, Wendy and Lemmy.

Palutena: Also, the from the strongest to the weakest the order is this: Roy, Morton, Ludwig, Wendy, Iggy, Larry and Lemmy. Remember this to be always ready to face off against these tough brothers.

Pit: I actually prefer the Mario Brothers.

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