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Here there are the on-screen entrances. Like Smash 64 the characters appear with their entrances in Classic Mode, Arena Mode and All-Star Mode. Each character has two entrances and some characters have a Smash Entrance but only in some stages.


  • Jumps out of a warp pipe saying "Let-a-go!"
  • Arrives flying with his Cape.


  • Jumps out of a warp pipe saying "Mamma mia!"
  • Runs scared.
  • Boos are scaring him (Smash Entrance in Luigi's Mansion).


  • Falls from the sky with her parasol saying "Hi!"
  • Arrives with Toadsworth.


  • Comes down from his Airship.
  • Comes out from a wall of flames.

Rosalina and Luma

  • Appear from a star.
  • Lands from the Comet Observatory.
  • Comes out from the Library (Smash Entrance in Comet Observatory).

Bowser Jr.

  • Arrives flying and does a face.
  • Is falling but the Junior Clown Car takes him.


  • Drives a kart.
  • Throws a Mario Party's dice and arrives.


  • Uses Geno Boost and falls slowly.
  • Shines as a star and comes.


  • Jumps on clouds.
  • Uses HP Rain.


  • Jumps out of his egg.
  • Does a flutter jump.
  • The second part of his egg falls and then he exits (Smash Entrance, in Yoshi).

Donkey Kong

  • Exits from a DK Barrel.
  • Rides Rambi.
  • Jumps from the background (Smash Entrance in Freeze Island).

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