Here there is a list of the advanced techniques in SSBDevastation and some of his physics, which regulates the game.

General techniques

The techniques descripted under can be performed by at least two characters in the game. They are a little hard to perform but can be the key for the victory.


One of the most famous advanced techniques in Melee, Wavedash returns in this game but can't be performed by the entire cast: only character which have a Melee air dodge-style can do this. To do the Wavedash, you have to do a Short Hop and immediately perform an air dodge while pressing in a down-forward direction. The advantages of this techniques are a faster speed for some characters (such as Luigi and Mewtwo) and perform every standing move (like jab, Smash attacks and shield).


Pivot is another technique: with this you can move backward while still facing in a direction. To do this, you have to dash backward and then immediately dash forward, before the full dash animation has finished. You can move and attack with a strong move (like a Smash) with this technique.

Short hop fast fall L-cancel

This is a difficult technique: you must do a short hop, doing an aerial attack, press down and immediately press L, R or Z when landing. You can do aerials quickly with this technique.

Dash attack cancelled up Smash

This useful techniques consists in dashing and then cancelling it in an up Smash, allowing the character to attack while dashing. Some characters have a very good DACUS, like Falco, Link, Excitebiker and Duck Hunt.

Momentum cancelling

Some moves, like Mario's Cape or DK's Headbutt, make the characters stop falling for a moment. That's called Momentum cancelling and it's useful to recovery better.

Double-Jump cancel

Ness, Lucas, Mewtwo, Peach, Yoshi, Victini and Geno can cancel their double jump to attack faster. To do this technique, you have to double jump quickly and attack in the same moment as you perform the double jump.

Physics in the game

This game doesn't introduce many new physics while revamping some older ones like Spike.

Meteor Smash

Some hits like Mario's forward aerial, DK's down aerial and Captain Falcon's up tilt can throw the opponents in a down trajectory and it's hard to escape from this falling at higher percentages of damage. However, during the first 25 frames of the fall, a character can cancel the Meteor Smash jumping or using a Up-B. Ganondorf has the best Meteor Smash in the game while Little Mac and Muddy Mole have the worst ones.

Slide Knockback

A new feature in the game: some moves like WiiFit Trainer's down smash and Vince's down smash will not throw the opponents, instead they will make the opponents slide. This is slide knockback. For example, if you shield Vince's down smash you'll receive no damage but half slide knockback, if powershielded, you'll receive no damage and 1/4 knockback. Slide Knockback is halved on the sand and doubled on the ice.

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