Here, there are the event matches in SSBDevastation. The events are listed like Melee and Brawl as a list.

Solo Events

Evil Kings

With Mario, you must defeat Bowser and Ganondorf in Mushroomy Kingdom. Mario has 2 stocks and his opponents one each. This event is similar to Trouble King, Two Trouble Kings and The Original Heavyweights. If you take no damage, you will earn 500 coins.

Return of Villains

With Bowser, you must defeat Mario and Link in 3D World. Bowser has 2 stocks and Mario and Link one each. This event is the opposite of Evil Kings. If you take no damage, you will earn 500 coins.

Mechanic Fight

As Sukapon, you had to defeat a little and a giant Chibi-Robo in Battlefield. Each character has 2 stocks. If you complete the event in 30 seconds or less, you will earn a Chibi-Tot trophy.

Speed Up

As Fox, you must defeat Captain Falcon, Toad and Little Mac in a 2x speed match in Corneria. Each character has a stock. Complete the event in hard difficult to earn the Arwing stamp.

In the Dream World

As Pikachu, you have to survive against a Hoopa and two Flying Men in Magicant for a minute. Hoopa has infinite stocks and the Flying Men can't be defeated. Complete the event with defeating Hoopa once to earn the Flying Men trophy.

Bounty Hunter

As Samus with Captain Falcon as ally, you must defeat Ridley and Captain Falcon dressed as Blood Falcon in Mute City. Samus and Captain Falcon have a stock but Ridley and Blood Falcon have 2 ones. Complete the event to unlock Brinstar Depths.

Revenge of the Mushroom!

As Toad, you must defeat Giga Bowser in Bowser's Castle 64. There are also Mario, Luigi and Peach but the mustn't be defeated. They are listed in team with you but they won't attack Giga Bowser. You have two stocks, Giga Bowser and your allies one. Complete the event hitting Giga Bowser with a stage's bomb to earn the Unlucky Cat custom move.

All-Stars Battle: Regulars

As a chosen character, you must defeat in the order Captain Falcon, Luigi, Pikachu, Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, Samus, Link, Donkey Kong and Mario respectively in Mute City, Dr. Luigi, Kanto and Johto, Sargasso Space Zone, Rainbow Paintbrush, Yoshi, Alinos, Palace of Twilight, Freeze Island and Comet Observatory. You character has 2 stocks. Complete the event at normal difficult to win Metal Mario's trophy.

Beauties and the beasts

You have three characters as they represent you stocks. They are Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina and Luma and Zelda. You have to defeat Bowser, Ganondorf and Ridley as they represent each one a stock too. The stage is Palace of Twilight. Clear the event with losing only a stock or less to win the Gunship trophy.  

Teleporting away from you

As Hoopa with 999% of damage, you must escape from Toon Link for 30 seconds in Prism Tower. Due to the high damage, even an arrow will KO you and Toon Link has infinite stocks. Clear the event at hard difficult to win the Prism Tower trophy.

King of weapons

As Ice Climbers, you must defeat King Dedede, Link, Ike, Marth, Robin, Isaac and Meta Knight in The Great Cave Offensive. Each one has one stock. By defeating each opponent, you win 5000 coins.

Fit. I said fit. I. SAID. FIT!

As WiiFit Trainer, you must keep Little Mac running for a minute in Minor Circuit. Little Mac follows you but when you stop he'll stop to. Also, King Hippo always appears in this event. Complete the event making Little Mac defeat King Hippo to win the Rising Smash custom move.

Space invasion

As Fox you must keep out the Ice Climbers who want to go to the Great Fox in Sargasso Space Zone. You have a stock and the Ice Climbers two. Complete the event with no damage to win the Great Fox (Assault) trophy.

Learn to fly

As Pit, you must hit once Meta Knight, Kirby, Ridley and Charizard in 15 seconds in Palutena's Temple. They always jump while you can jump only once. Complete the event hitting each character with Palutena's Bow to win the Guiding Bow custom move.

To me, my Pikmin!

As Olimar, you have to pluck 50 Pikmin. There's also DK to obstacle you in this event settled in Twilight River. You have a stock while DK has infinite. Complete the event without any dead Pikmin to win the Onion (Pikmin 3) trophy.

All-Star Battle: New Challengers!

As a chose character you must defeat in the order Hoopa, Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, Toad, Ridley, Skull Kid, Wonder Red, Isaac, Sukapon and Inkling respectively in Kalos Pokémon League, 100 m, Kongo Jungle, Mushroomy Kingdom, Norfair, Clock Tower, Blossom City, Venus Lighthouse, Tetris and Ink Battlefield. By completing this event at normal difficult you win Sephirot trophy.

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