Like Brawl and Smash 4, in Devastation you can call some assist character which will help you. However, unlike the former games, every Assist Trophy has his own Stamina Meter, seen close to the caller's. There are many Assist Trophies with now a greater focus on every series. In the description is frequently used the terms "Stamina Score", that is the terms used to describe how much can they resist, like in a Stamina Smash.

Super Mario Bros. series

Super Mario Bros. series has 5 Assist Trophies: 4 old and a new one. Waluigi, Lakitu and Spinies, Chain Chomp and Hammer Bro. return while Spike makes his debut in the Smash series.



Waluigi in SSBDevastation

Waluigi returns once again with his tennis racquet and his strong feet. In fact, he can bury the opponents inflicting them massive damage and then launching them with the racquet. Waluigi jumps high too! He has an average Stamina Score: 75 HP.

Lakitu and Spinies


Lakitu and Spinies in SSBDevastation

Lakitu and Spinies return once again with their 8-bit sprite. Lakitu throws the Spinies and they walk and inflict damage. Besides the Spikies have a Meteor effect but Lakitu has poor Stamina Score: only 20 HP.

Chain Chomp


Chain Chomp in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Chain Chomp starts biting first on the right, then on the left and it restarts. A single bite inflicts great damage but it is predictable and Chain Chomp remains for a short time on the stage. Chain Chomp has a great Stamina Score (150 HP) but someone can destroy his block and make it free to move. When free, Chain Chomp is more dangerous and can inflict damage to the caller too.

Hammer Bro.

Hammer bro by yoshigo99-d4duynn

Hammer Bro. in SSBDevastation

Hammer Bro. throw some hammers when summoned. He can be a little predictable but he sometimes jumps in order to become more unforeseeable and attack with more range. Hammer Bro. doesn't have a great Stamina Score: 45 HP.


440px-Spike - Mario Party 10

Spike in SSBDevastation

Spike makes his debut in Super Smash Bros. series! When summoned, he throws some big spiny balls which travel across the stage and inflict massive damage and a good knockback, especially when bounce next be launched. Spike has also a good Stamina Score: 85 HP.

Yoshi's Island series

Yoshi's Island series gained a new Assist Trophy: Stork!



Stork in SSBDevastation

Stork makes his debut in Super Smash Bros. series! When summoned, it flies over the stage, like Latias and Latios but weaker. While having the poorest Stamina Score (only 5 HP), it's hard to hit Stork when flying.

Donkey Kong series

Donkey Kong series gained a new Assist Trophy: Mini Mario!

Mini Mario

Mini Mario Toy

Mini Mario in SSBDevastation

Mini Mario makes his debut in Super Smash Bros. series! When summoned, he calls a great number of them and they all walk in different directions moving the opponents but inflicting no damage to them. Each Mini Mario has 2 HP point but they have a total Stamina Score of 30 HP because they are 15.

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario series debuted in Super Smash Bros. series with an Assist Trophy: Paper Bowser!

Paper Bowser

Paper Bowser sprite

Paper Bowser in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Paper Bowser starts shooting fire from the mouth. You can't hit Paper Bowser above him: he will inflict you damage. The only way to attack him is to wait until he turns himself. Paper Bowser has a great Stamina Score: 180 HP.

WarioWare series

WarioWare series keeps his two Assist Trophies: Ashley and Kat and Ana.



Ashley in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Ashley starts creating a cursed cloud. One of these effects can occur:

  • Inflicts damage.
  • Opponents always trip.
  • Healing items inflict damage.
  • Who's in the cloud becomes invisible.

Ashley has poor Stamina Score: 35 HP.

Kat and Ana


Kat and Ana in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Kat and Ana start flying across the screen slashing with their swords. They fly as an "X" but only when they meet the other they inflict damage. Kat and Ana have surprising good Stamina Score: 65 HP.

Metroid series

Metroid series retains his three Assist Trophies: Dark Samus, Metroid and Mother Brain.

Dark Samus


Dark Samus in SSBDevastation

Dark Samus attacks with her powerful arsenal: she shoots great electric spheres and Phazon blasts. When the opponents are too close to her, she will evocate a ring of Phazon tentacles which launch the opponents at 90°. Dark Samus her an above average Stamina Score: 95 HP.



Metroid in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Metroid flies around, ready to cling on someone and absorb his damage. In fact, when Metroid clings it's hard to escape from it and it will also reduce you mobility. Metroid has a good Stamina Score: 120 HP.

Mother Brain

Mother Brain SSB4

Mother Brain in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Mother Brain creates some circles and shoots a strong laser from her eye, inflicting damage and having a vacuum effect till it ends. The circles travel all over the stage, meaning that it's hard to escape from them. Mother Brain hasn't good Stamina Score: 50 HP.

Pikmin series

Pikmin series gained a new assist trophy: Fiery Blowhog!

Fiery Blowhog

Fiery blowhog

Fiery Blowhog in SSBDevastation

Fiery Blowhog shoots fire from his... mouth? It has a good range but the Fiery Blowhog never moves so it's easy to avoid his flames by jumping away. Fiery Blowhog has average Stamina Score: 65 HP.

The Legend of Zelda series

The Legend of Zelda series returns with two old assist trophies and three new ones: Ghirahim, Midna, the Moon, Darunia and Ruto.


Fig 20 ghirahim

Ghirahim in SSBDevastation

Ghirahim appears with the ability to throw many powerful knives. Ghirahim can also slash with his sword and teleport himself. It's impossible to interrupt Ghirahim's attacks and he deflects projectiles. These abilities, with his high Stamina Score (180 HP) mean that he's one of the strongest Assist Trophies in the game.



Midna in SSBDevastation

Midna appears with the ability to catch the opponents and throw them. Midna's attack can't be shielded because that's a throw. Midna can also teleport herself to the closer opponent so you aren't safe anywhere with she in the battlefield. Midna however suffers of a low Stamina Score: only 55 HP.

The Moon

MM3D Moon

The Moon in SSBDevastation

The Moon appears when summoned and it has a catastrophic effect: it stays in the sky for three minutes (or less if there's no time), then it falls from the sky, KOing everyone (summoner too) and finishing the battle. The Moon has infinite Stamina Score but it's also the rarest Assist Trophy in the game.


HW Darunia Hammer

Darunia in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Darunia starts attacking with his hammer. It inflicts also some fire damage and, when Darunia performs his strongest attack, the ground becomes like a volcano. Darunia isn't very fast but he's also one of the most resistant Assist Trophy, thank to his high Stamina Score: 210 HP.



Ruto in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Ruto creates spheres of water, which trap the opponents inside of them. Water-Walkers can do their ability because the water is spherical. The spheres don't inflict direct damage but after some seconds, they explode and throw far the opponents. Ruto has average Stamina Score: 80 HP.

Star Fox series

Star Fox series returns with his only Assist Trophy: Andross.



Andross in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Andross flies in the background and spits some panels. They are very strong and come very quick so it's hard to escape from them. Andross flies briefly in the foreground when summoned and when is going to disappear: when he does these, it's possible to hit him but it's hard to defeat him: he's 110 HP.

EarthBound series

EarthBound series returns with three Assist Trophies: two old and a new one (Jeff and Starman old, Paula new)



Jeff in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Jeff shoots five missiles upwards. They have homing proprieties so you can stay calm and wait to the explosions. The fifth missile is stronger, faster and has better homing abilities. Jeff has only 25 HP but the missiles still fly once he's dead.



Starman in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Starman shoots a PK Beam. However, there are two kinds of PK Beams: PK Beam Gamma and PK Beam Omega. PK Beam Gamma focuses on a single opponent and inflicts moderate damage while PK Beam Omega flies casually and inflicts higher damage. Starman has also a good Stamina Score: 110 HP (545, their HP in EarthBound/5, because Devastation is the fifth game in the series).


Paula Polestar

Paula in SSBDevastation

When summoned, Paula shoots a PK Freeze. It acts like PK Fire but it's stronger and freezes (with 100% of possibility) the opponents. When Paula's froze an opponent, she will shoot to him a PK Thunder. This is stronger than Ness' and always hits the target. Paula has slightly below average Stamina Score: 50 HP.

Kirby series

Kirby series returns with four Assist Trophies: two old ones (Knuckle Joe and Nightmare) and two new ones (Kracko and Mr. Frosty)

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