This is the new characters trailers in Super Smash Bros. Destiny.

Paper Mario Sticks To the Battlefield!

Video title: A Sticky Situation

The trailer begins with Mario fighting Kirby on the Battlefield, when suddenly the background from the stage falls like paper. Both are confused and decides to check it. When they grab the sticker, it comes to life and it is Paper Mario! The trailer then switches focuses to Mario's point of view, where he can only see a straight line. Paper Mario summons Goombario, who analyzes Mario, showing Paper Mario's neutral B attack. The remaining of the trailer shows gamelay footage, showcasing Paper Mario's other partners alongside his Final Smash, Sticker Fest.

Eevee Tackles the Competition!

Video title: A Normal Threat!

The trailer begins with a battle between Pikachu and Charizard, during the battle, the Pokémon Trainer is showcased and he trades between Charizard to Ivysaur, showcasing the return of Ivysaur and Squirtle. Suddenly another Pokéball enters the battle and it shows... Eevee! Pikachu defeats Ivysaur and then starts to battle against Eevee. Pikachu uses Thunder against Eevee and then... Eevee evolves into Jolteon! The remaining of the trailer showcases Eevee's down B (Eeveelution) while also showcasing Flareon and Vaporeon. The trailer ends with Eevee evolving into Syveleon.

The Infantry Are Ready for Battle, Sir!

Video title: An Advanced War

The trailer begins with 3D footage of an Advance Wars map, with Andy on the center of the operations of Orange Star. He talks with Neimi, who says that are a new threat to the Orange Star. Andy asks who they are and Neimi replies with "Well, a plumber, a monkey, a puffball and a guy in a green tunic.". Andy looks confused, but then he decides that he will send his best troops to this new combat. The trailer then shifts to Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Link fighting on the new Battlefield (the Advance Wars one, not the Super Smash Bros. one) stage, during the battle, Kirby notices a red bulding behind him, he finds strange but ignores it, but he then find another building behind him. Confused, he begins to wonder from where they came from. Behind him, a Mech unit appears charging a cannon shot which hits Kirby and sends him flying away. The Mech unit then switches to the normal Infantry unit, confirming the Infantry to be a playable character. The rest of the trailer is gameplay footage.

Barbara Is Ready to Rock!

Video title: Let's Rock!

Chibi-Robo Plugs In!

Video title: Homework

Excitebiker Speed Up to Battle!

Video title: An Exciting Race

Ashley Prepares Her Magic!

Video title: Witchcraft

Dixie Kong Gets Ready to Battle!

Video title: Monkey Business

Delphox Fires Up the Competition!

Video title: Things Starts to Heat Up

Sukapon Is... Here For Some Reason!

Video title: I Don't Know

Sheriff Takes Aim!

Video title: Wild Wild West

Diskun Loads Up to the Combat!

Video title: Set Side B

Teddy Brings His Funky Hair!

Video title: The Eight Melodies

Cordelia Flies to Battle!

Video title: Awakening

Chozo Statue Is Alive!

Video title: It's Alive!

Groose Is On the Loose!

Video title: Love Him or Love Him

Midna Whips Her Hair At the Competition!

Video title: Twilight Princess

Shovel Knight Digs the Battle!

Video title: He Really Digs It!

Travis Touchdown Is Here to Cut People Up!

Video title: Strawberry On The Shortcake

Medusa Returns!

Video title: Of Myths and Monsters

Joshua Attacks from Behind!

Video title: An Assasin's Creed

Geno Returns from the Star Road!

Video title: The Legend from the Seven Stars

Metabee Changes His Battle Style!

Video title: Medal of Honor

Yggdra Never Fights Alone!

Video title: I Fight With My Friends

Karate Joe Beats the Remix!

Video title: Fever

Zoroak Reveals Himself!

Video title: Night Daze

Toon Zelda Sends the Phantom!

Video title: Spirit Tracks

Magnus Shows His Strength!

Lyn Gives A Crit!

Knuckle Joe Gives A Fight!

Kat & Ana... Disappeared?

King K. Rool Returns!

Ghirahim Is Aware That You Are Reading This Now!

Gardevoir Confuses Her Opponents!

Dark Samus Echoes Into Battle!

Chrom Finally Get His Chance!

Chesnaught Leeches His Opponents!

Doc Louis Wants You to Join Nintendo Fun Club!

Isabelle Manages The Chaos!

Professor Layton Solves the Puzzle!

Jody Summer Brings the White Cat!

Captain Rainbow Is Really Weird!

Rayman Sends His Fists!

Sceptile Uses Leaf Blade!

Bayonetta Blasts Into the Battle!

Goku Swings In!

Bandana Dee Pierce Through His Opponents!

Simon Belmont Whips the Evil Within His Enemies!

Mach Rider Speeds Up!

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