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This is the list of special taunts that some characters can activate. They can be activated if a certain character is on a certain stage and use their down taunts.

Doc Louis's Advices

This can be activated if Doc Louis or Little Mac is on the battle and on the Boxing Ring stage.

Character Dialogue
Sheriff This flat fighter is a pretty fast one, Mac. But his bullets don't hurt much so dodge them and give him the fist!

Palutena's Guidances

This can be activated if Palutena, Pit, Dark Pit or Magnus are on the Palutena's Temple.

Character Dialogue
Sheriff N/A

Hades' Useful Insight

This can be activated if Medusa is on Palutena's Temple or in Reset Bomb Forest.

Character Dialogue
Sheriff N/A

Samus' Scans

This can be activated if Samus is on the Super Metroid stage.

Character Dialogue
Sheriff N/A

Meta Knight's Army

This can be activated if Meta Knight is on Halberd. When used, Meta Knight will have a talk about the opponent with his army from Kirby Super Star

Character Dialogue
Sheriff N/A

Goombario/Goombella's Tattles

This one is a different one, because it requires Paper Mario to summon Goombario or Goombella using his neutral B move (Partner) and then using the Down Taunt. It can be activated on any stage.

Character Dialogue
Sheriff Goombario: N/A
Goombella: N/A

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