Mega Run is a new game mode introduced in Super Smash Bros. Destiny. In Mega Run, the players have to through 9 different 2D platformer stages at the end of those stages, the player fights the a fighter and then grabs a Skill Card (explained later). After completing those 9 stages, the player goes to Master Fortress, where the player can fight one of many different Master Machines and then gets a reward at the end.

Mega Run is required to unlock the special alternate skins.


The stages are randomly picked before each playhtrough. Each one has a special theme.

Character Stage Theme
Mario Sewer
Paper Mario Paper drawnings
Peach Princess Castle
Bowser Dark Castle
Donkey Kong Jungle
Yoshi Island
Wario Bank
Link Field
Zelda Dungeon
Shiek Shadows
Kirby Field
Meta Knight Airship

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