This is a page dedicated to the Beta Elements of Super Smash Bros. Destiny.

Removed Characters

Commander Video

Commander Video was hinted many times to be a playable character, but on the latest Nintendo Direct, he was confirmed to be an Assist Trophy, however, remains of his playable status are still on the game including several voice clips:

  • "Commander Video!" - Commander Video being selected on the character selection screen.
  • "The winner is... Commander Video!" - Commander Video winning a match.
  • "Vi-deo! Vi-deo!" - Commander Video's crowd.

Additionally, there is also a victory fanfare for him, which is the Level Clear theme from Bit.Trip Runner. In All-Star Mode, during the 2010s section, there is a blank space in between characters, which led some to believe that Commander Video was supposed to be on that blank space. Moreso, playable data of him was found on the game, but he controls exactly like his Assist Trophy version, pressing any button would spawn the line of gold and him and the player couldn't directly control him.

Other data related to him include a giant fully modeled 3D polygon creature, which appeared as a hazard in Bit.Trip Runner appears on this game, behaving exactly like he would behave in the game, leding some to believe that he was planned to be part of Video's Final Smash and also a stage called "RUNNER", which has no data to it and cannot be played, even with hacking.

Chesnaught, Ridley, Chorus Men and Galacta Knight

A leaked screenshot on internet showed a supposed Super Smash Bros. Destiny character list with Chesnaught and Delphox being in and put "Under Consideration" section. There was also other characters such as Ridley, Chorus Men and Galacta Knight that were into the Under Consideration section. Only Delphox was confirmed and in a later interview, the CEO of Locked Gaming confirmed that the leaked screenshot was real and those characters were planned to be in, but for unknown reasons, they were removed, with the exception of the previously mentioned Delphox.

However, Chesnaught and Chorus Men appears as assists, while Ridley is a normal trophy and Galacta Knight is only mentioned in Meta Knight's trophy description.

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