Super Smash Bros. Destiny
Developer(s) Orchilias Studios,
Sora Ltd.,
Namco Bandai
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan ???
Flag of Europe ???
Flag of USA ???
Flag of Australia ???
Flag of China ???
1-8 Players local & online
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Currently Unknown

"Super Smash Bros. Destiny" is a game currently under development by Nintendo in association with Orchilias Studios. Its release date is currently unknown, but is rumored to be somewhere in late 2018, or early 2019.


The game includes several different modes. They fall under these categories:


Standard game modes to be played locally. (1-8 players)

4-Player Smash: Duke it out with friends or against CPUs!

8-Player Smash: Play with up to 8 fighters at once!

Tourney: Battle against up to 128 combatants in tournament-based play!

All-Star: Fight all the members of the roster, with limited healing items. (Now, up to 4 players can play at once!)

Special Smash: Smash with custom rules and tweaks!

Competitive Practice: Battle against friends or competitive level AI, with standard competitive rules on viable stages. Perfect for players who want to prepare for tournaments or organized Smash events!

Games and More

Game modes different from standard battles, that offer a different Smash experience. (1-4 players) Details on some game modes here.

Classic Mode: Fight through battles of randomly generated opponents to get trophies, customizables, and more!

Adventure Mode: Returning from Melee, journey through unique stages and fight against opponents to reach the end!

Story Mode (WIP): A narrative involving all the Smash characters. Full story here.

Arcade: Fun mini-games, including

Home-Run Contest

Multi-Man Smash

Boss Battles

Trophy Rush

Master/Crazy Orders

Event Match: Challenging battles with set rules and characters. Can you beat them all?


A place where you can view your Smash records and achievements.


Starting Roster



Unlockable Characters


SSBD-PaperMarioSSBD-KingBooSSBD-GenoSSBD-AntasmaSSBD-DixieKongSSBD-KingKRoolSSBD-ImpaSSBD-ZantSSBD-RundasSSBD-PrinceFluffSSBD-MagalorSSBD-GalactaKnightSSBD-Dark MatterSSBD-KrystalSSBD-GrovyleSSBD-GenesectSSBD-DarkraiSSBD-MaskedManSSBD-ViridiSSBD-PandoraSSBD-WaluigiSSBD-KnucklesSSBD-MetalSonicSSBD-ZeroSSBD-LloydSSBD-BlackMageSSBD-GilgameshSSBD-Plague KnightSSBD-Bomberman

DLC Characters

Mushroom Kingdom's Terror Pack


Hyrule's Nightmare Pack




Veteran's Return Pack


* = Also available at launch

Assist Trophies

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Starting Stages

Coming Soon!