Super Smash Bros. Destination is the fifth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series and is on the Wii U and 3DS. The game features the characters from all the four titles returning with some new interesting characters appearing for the first time in a Smash Bros. title.




Image Name Series Description
Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool TBA
Troy and Abed Troy and Abed Community Troy and Abed are appearing in Smash Bros. for the first time as they hail from Greendale Community College. Troy and Abed can perform many attacks together as they appear as a duo.
Daft Punk Thomas and Guy-man Daft Punk Thomas and Guy-,man or known as Daft Punk kick into Smash Bros. for the first time ever as they perform musical theme attacks as their main attack.
Hank Hill Hank Hill King of the Hill The Propan salesman himself bursts into Smash Bros. as Hank can perform attacks that usually involve Propane as he works for Strictland Propane.
Mitt romney for smash bros. 4 Mitt Romney N/A Who was this guy again? Oh yeah the failed competitor to Obama. Money. nuff' said.
AVGNcheers Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd The AVGN appears for the first time as he's fully loaded with video game themed weapons such as his Power Glove and NES Zapper.
NC Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic The NC appears for the first time ever as he can use his Pistole and Crowbar as an attack.
HI BILLY MAYS HERE Billy Mays N/A Billy Mays' body has come back to his healthy self again as he's ready to recommend Oxi Clean to his victims. He basically uses the products he has advertised before as a form of attack.
Yotsuba Yotsuba Koiwai Yotsuba&! Yotsuba Koiwai is recognized as 4chan's mascot or the 404 girl. There's really nothing else to say hear from now on, so I'll just end it there.
Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman TBA
435px-Scout highFiveSuccessFull Scout Team Fortress Scout joins the server game as he can use many of his weapons such as his Scattergun, Pistol, Sandman, Bonk, and more.
100px Toad Super Mario Toad appears in Smash Bros. for the first time as he can pick up vegetables as an attack and is almost as fast as Scout.
Balloon fighter Balloon Fighter Balloon Fighter TBA
SteveUrkel Urkel Family Matters Urkel joins the arena as he can use his groovy fighting skills as his attack.