This is the original version of Super Smash Bros. Demigod before being reworked.

Super Smash Bros. Demigod
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan January 19, 2013

25px-Flag of USA April 26, 2013

25px-Flag of Europe November 19, 2013

25px-Flag of Australia June 12, 2014

1-4 players local and 2-8 players online.
Age Rating(s)
Rating Pending (RP)
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included 3DS Game Card
Super Smash Bros. Demigod is the fifth game of the Super Smash Bros. series and is only released for the Nintendo 3DS, is the second game of Super Smash Bros. released for that portable console, it's made by HAL and published by Nintendo in 2013, and released in Australia one year later due a publishing problem.

The game have a bunch of newcomers, new stages, new gameplay styles and more...


One year after the defeat of Tabuu, the king of Tabuu's, "Nominaga" decided make a tournament to make another person a "Demigod" (which works like a semi-god), to won this achievement, the winner needs defeat Nominaga in a epic battle, who will won?, You will choose, welcome to Demigod tournament!.


The gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Demigod uses the lower screen of 3DS, to attack, move the character and uses the Final Smash Move, unlike Super Smash Bros. 4, the player now can put eight players. The game have ranking system and level-up system, level-uping the fighter the moves become more faster and powerful, this only serves in RPG mode. See the game modes above:

  • Tournament: Works like the Story Mode of Brawl.
  • VS.: A normal VS. Mode.
    • Normal
    • Coin Match: The player needs catches more coins before the time runs out.
    • Stamina Mode: A battle with HP
    • RPG Mode: The player have HP, MP and EXP, the player can level up use items and etc...
  • VS. Online: Like the normal VS. Mode, but is online.
  • Trophy Catch: It's like the tournament mode, but, the player needs catch trophies.
  • Challenges: The player needs complete challenges to won certain items, it's likes events of SSBB.



Character Series Description Moves



Super Mario "The most famous plumber, now punches faces of pokémons, heros and his brother too!"
  • Standart Move: Fireball
  • Up Move: Coin-Uppercut
  • Left/Right Move: Koopa Shell Dash
  • Down Move: Ground Pound
  • Final Smash: Starman Mario (Mario becomes invicible and anything he touches takes damage)



Super Mario "The infamous brother who lives in the brother's shadow, he will won this tournament and become the Demigod"
  • Standart Move: Fireball
  • Up Move: Fire Uppercut
  • Left/Right Move: Poltergust 3000
  • Down Move: Luigi Tornado
  • Final Smash: Negative Zone (the same thing of Brawl)


Princess Peach

Super Mario "The most beatiful queen in Nintendo World, is here to become the DemiGod and protects himself from Bowser
  • Standart Move: Heart Blast
  • Up Move: Happy Umbrella
  • Left/Right Move: Heart's Dash
  • Down Move: Vegetable Pluck
  • Final Smash: Vegetable Fest (Peach will put out a bunch of vegetables and launch to the enemies)



Donkey Kong "The banana-lover monkey is here to become the Demigod to... catch more bananas?"
  • Standart Move: Kong Punch
  • Up Move: Konga Spin
  • Left/Right Move: Monkey Roll
  • Down Move: Konga Beat
  • Final Smash: Arcade (DK will starts launch barrels, like in Donkey Kong - 1981, Arcade Game)


Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong "The little helper of DK is here to won the Demigod to... I don't know, become more powerful than DK?"
  • Standart Move: Barrel Blast
  • Left/Right Move: Banana Peel
  • Up Move: Rocket Launch
  • Down Move: Diddy's Spin
  • Final Smash: Barrel Rocket (Diddy will launch a rocket maded of Barrels and crush everybody - Like End of Day's Final Smash)



Super Mario/Yoshi "The little helper of Mario, is here to become the Demigod... the reason, I don't know."
  • Standart Move: Tongue
  • Left/Right Move: Direct Egg
  • Up Move: Yoshi's Ground Pound
  • Down Move: Egg Roll
  • Final Smash: Giant Egg (Yoshi will make a giant egg and crush everybody)



The Legend of Zelda "The hero of Hyrule is here to become the next Demigod to stop Ganon once for all."
  • Standart Move: Hookshot
  • Left/Right Move: Bow and Arrow
  • Up Move: Special Slash
  • Down Move: Bomb
  • Final Smash: Light Arrow (Works like Zelda or Sheik's Final Smash)

250px-Princess Zelda Artwork (Twilight Princess)




The Legend of Zelda "Zelda or Shiek, is here to obtian the Demigod form, for.. separtes them?"
  • Standart Move: Din's Fire (Zelda)/Chain (Shiek)
  • Up Move: Teleport (Zelda)/Ninjaport (Sheik)
  • Down Move: Transform
  • Left/Right Move: Farore's Wind (Zelda)/Ball and Chain (Sheik)
  • Final Smash: Duo Light Arrow (Same thing of Light Arrow of Brawl, but twice more larger and powerful)



150px-Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus

Metroid "Samus Aran, the most beatiful bounty hunter in the galaxy, she is here to obtain the Demigod form and become the most mighty bounty hunter in the galaxy."
  • Standart Move: Charge (Samus)/Paralyze Gun (Zero Suit Samus)
  • Up Move: Screw Attack (Samus)/Up Shoot (Zero Suit Samus)
  • Down Move: Bomb (Samus)/Hide (Zero Suit Samus)
  • Left/Right Move: Quick Shoot
  • Final Smash: Zero Laser (Samus/Works Like Brawl) - Reform (Zero Suit Samus/Zero Suit Samus become Samus with armor)

104px-KWii Kirby


Kirby "The pink puffball is here to won the Demigod form to become... evil?"
  • Standart Move: Swallow
  • Up Move: Fireworks
  • Down Move: Stone
  • Left/Right Move: Drill
  • Final Smash: Crash (Kirby will destroy everything on screen)


Meta Knight

Kirby "The strange star warrior is here to catch the Demigod form and becomes the King of DreamLand"
  • Standart Move: Slash
  • Up Move: Fly
  • Down Move: Driller (Vertically)
  • Left/Right Move: Driller (Horizonatlly)
  • Final Smash: Mach Tornado (Meta Knight will form two powerfuls tornados and destroy everything on screen)



Star Fox "The captian of Star Fox team is here to obtain the Demigod and defeat Andross once for all."
  • Standart Move - Blast
  • Left/Right Move - Sniper Rifle
  • Up Move - Fox Uppercut
  • Down Move - Reflector
  • Final Smash - Death Blossom (Fox will sumons your Airwing and the Airwing starts to spin shooting everywhere.)



Star Fox "The partner of Fox is here to won the Demigod ability and make your own team."
  • Standart Move - Falco's Blaster
  • Left/Right Move - Bird Dash
  • Up Move - Up Cannon
  • Down Move - Reflector
  • Final Smash - Falco's Landmaster (Works like in Brawl)



Pokémon "The yellow rat is here to won the Demigod ability to become the most powerful pokémon ever."
  • Standart Move - Volt Bolt
  • Left/Right Move - Volt Tackle
  • Up Move - Light Dash
  • Down Move - Thunder Spin
  • Final Smash - Volt Armor (Works like the Dragoon item, Pikachu will summon a Swello w who becomes gold and destroy everything.)


Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon "The pokémon trainer is here to obtian the Demigod ability for... what?"
  • Standart Move - Pokeball
  • Left/Right Move - Random Item
  • Up Move - Rock
  • Down Move - Random Pokémon
  • Final Smash - Legendary Trio (PKMN Trainer will summon the legendary trio of the first generation of Pokémon to destroy everything).
311Plusle 312Minun Pokémon "Plusle and Minun is here to obtain the Demigod ability to become Legendary Pokémons."
  • Standart Move - Thunder
  • Left/Right Move - Skull Bash
  • Up Move - Volt Spin
  • Down Move - Trade
  • Final Smash - Volt Ball (Works like Pikachu's Final Smash on Brawl)



Fire Emblem "Marth is here to won the Demigod ability and become the most mighty warrior in Fire Emblem World."
  • Standart Move - Slash
  • Left/Right Move - Direct Hit
  • Up Move - Spin Aether
  • Down Move - Mine
  • Final Smash - Final Hit (Works like Critical Hit's Final Smash.)



Golden Sun "The hero of Golden Sun is here to won the Demigod ability for... discover yourself!"
  • Standart Move: Long Sword
  • Left/Right Move: Light Sword
  • Up Move: Axe Throw
  • Down Move: Shield
  • Final Smash: Venus Finisher (Isaac will use all Venus element magics to defeat all the enemies)



Earthbound "The little boy who knows PSI is here to won the Demigod ability and defeat Giygas once for all."
  • Standart Move - Brainshock
  • Left/Right Move - PSI Farewell
  • Up Move - PSI Thunder
  • Down Move - PSI Shield
  • Final Smash - PSI Rockin (Ness will makes giant louds defeating all the enemies)

Ice climber

Popo and Nana

Ice Climbers "The brothers of ice is here to won the Demigod ability for... become the most mighty Ice Climbers?"
  • Standart Move - Bro Hammer
  • Left/Right Move - Freezie
  • Up Move - Spin Hammer
  • Down Move - Hammer Slam
  • Final Smash - KO Glacier (It's like the Glacier, but this can do 1 Hit KO)



R.O.B. "The Robotic Operation Buddy is here to won the Demigod ability for... appears in Wii U?"
  • Standart Move - Laser
  • Left/Right Move - R.O.B Helicopter
  • Up Move - Stack-Up
  • Down Move - Gyromite
  • Final Smash - Power Glove (This make R.O.B. control the enemies)



Joy Mech Fight "The strange robot from Joy Mech Fight is here to won the Demigod ability for... appears in SSBDG?"
  • Standart Move - Joy Punch
  • Left/Right Move - Sukapon's Head Off
  • Up Move - Uppercut
  • Down Move - Spin Kick
  • Final Smash - Critical Smash (Sukapon will charge a giant Joy Punch and will destroy everything)


Custom Robo

Custom Robo "One more robot for the Custom Robot tournament, he is here to won the Demigod ability and become the winner of Custom Robot winner."
  • Standart Move - Shoot
  • Left/Right Move - Super Dash
  • Up Move - Bomb Uppercut
  • Down Move - Bomb
  • Final Smash - Drill (This make Custom Robo attacks multiple times with one touch on B button)

Little Mac Brawl

Little Mac

Punch-Out!! "Little Mac, the most tiny fighter in Punch-Out Universe is here to won the Demigod ability and become the most powerful fighter ever."
  • Standart Move - Up Punch
  • Left/Right Move - Super Punch
  • Up Move - Little Uppercut
  • Down Move - Stomach Punch
  • Final Smash - Star Move (Little Mac will go next to the player with most damage and will use your Star Punch!)



Sonic the Hedgehog "The fastest thing alive is here to won the Demigod ability and turn into Chuck Norris Sonic"
  • Standart Move - Spin Dash
  • Left/Right Move - Light Spin Dash
  • Up Move - Sonic's Uppercut
  • Down Move - Bomb Put
  • Final Smash - Super Sonic (works like in Brawl)


Simon Belmont

Castlevania "The most mighty Vampire Killer is here to won the Demigod ability to defeat Dracula for the last time."
  • Standart Move - Whip
  • Left/Right Move - Knife
  • Up Move - Up Whip
  • Down Move - Holy Water
  • Final Smash - The 4 Legends (Works like the Duo Attack in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)



Klonoa "Klonoa is here to won the Demigod ability to defeat the Evil King!"
  • Standart Move - Catch
  • Left/Right Move - Random Enemy Launch
  • Up Move - Block Jump
  • Down Move - Slam
  • Final Smash - Super Launch (Klonoa will put out a giant enemy and crush every character on screen.)


Character Series Description How to Unlock Moves

189px-Rosalina MK7


Super Mario

"The beatiful queen of the galaxies is here to won the Demigod ability to protect the Lumas."

Won 50 Battles with Peach
  • Standart Move - Magic Wand
  • Left/Right Move - Luma Launch
  • Up Move - Rosalina's Umbrella
  • Down Move - Star Spin
  • Final Smash - Meteor Festival (Works like PK Starstorm)



Super Mario "The nasty cousin of Luigi is here with your brother to won the Demigod ability and become the most rich person in Mushroom Kingdom" Won 10 Coin Matches with Wario.
  • Standart Move - Bomb
  • Left/Right Move - Tennis Racket
  • Up Move - Waluigi's Spin
  • Down Move - Waslam
  • Final Smash - Bomb Fest (Waluigi will sumon a bunch of Bombs and in the final, he gonna summon a giant Bom-Omb and destroy all enemies)


Dixie Kong

Donkey Kong "The cute girlfriend of Diddy Kong is here to help Diddy and DK to won the Demigod ability." Won 25 battles as Diddy Kong
  • Standart Move - Hair Attack
  • Left/Right Attack - Dixie Spin
  • Up Spin - Konga Spin
  • Down Spin - Barrel Roll
  • Final Smash - Banana's Cannon (Dixie pulls out a cannon who shots... Exploding Bananas!)

Paper Mario

Paper Mario

Super Mario "The Paper version of the plumber is almost powerful as his real-life counterpart." Won 25 matches as Mario.
  • Standart Move - Hammer
  • Left/Right Move - Dizzy Spin
  • Up Move - Hammer Throw
  • Down Move - Down Thrust
  • Final Smash - Stomping Sheep (Paper Mario will sleeps out and a bunch of sheeps made of paper will appears)

Toon link

Toon Link

The Legend of Zelda "The toon version of the Hyrule version is almost powerful as his real-life counterpart." Won 25 matches as Link
  • Standart Move - Toon's Bow
  • Left/Right Move - Hookshot
  • Up Move - Toon Leaf
  • Down Move - Super Spin
  • Final Smash - King of Lions (Toon Link will summon the King of Lions and defeat every enemy on your way).

Toon Zelda (7)

Toon Zelda



The Legend of Zelda "The toon version of the princess and the male counterpart is almost powerful as the real-life counterpart." Won 25 matches as Zelda/Sheik
  • Standart Move - Din's Fire (Zelda)/Sword (Tetra).
  • Left/Right Move - Farore's Wind (Zelda)/Sword Dash (Tetra).
  • Up Move - Up Arrow (Zelda)/Sword Spin (Tetra)
  • Down Move - Transform
  • Final Smash - King of Lions (Same thing of Toon Link's version, but, this version is more slower.)


Midna/Wolf Link

The Legend of Zelda "The mysterious helper and the Wolf version of Link is here to won the Demigod ability for a unknown reason."

Won the Boss Rush with Link.

  • Standart Move - Wolf Claw
  • Left/Right Move - Wolf Dash
  • Up Move - Wolf Spin
  • Down Move - Midna's Shield
  • Final Smash - Hero's Blow (Wolf Link runs to the next enemy and Midna put a sword on his back - of the enemy)



Kid Icarus "The Kid Icarus is here to won the Demigod ability to goes to Underworld and defeats Hades." Won the Boss Rush with any character.
  • Standart Move - Icarus' Bow
  • Left/Right Move - Orbitars Attack
  • Up Move - Angel Wings
  • Down Move - Cannon
  • Final Smash - Paluenta's Army (same thing of Brawl)



Super Mario "The anti-hero of Mario series is here to won the Demigod ability and become the most rich person in Mushroom Kingdom" Won 25 Coin Matches with Mario
  • Standart Move - Wario Dash
  • Left/Right Move - Garlic Missile
  • Up Move - Hyper Fart
  • Down Move - Ground Pound
  • Final Smash - Shake It! (Wario will grab the enemy and shake it him.)



The Legend of Zelda "The strange person from Hyrule is here to obtian the Demigod ability to become a... fairy?" Won the boss rush with Link.
  • Standart Move - Tingle Shield
  • Left/Right Move - Tingle Bomb
  • Up Move - Tingle Balloon
  • Down Move - Ting
  • Final Smash - Kooloo-Limpan (works same way of the Super Smash Bros. Ω)



The Legend of Starfy "The Sea Hero, Starfy the Star of Seas!' Won 25 RPG Matches with Any character
  • Standart Move - Starfy Spin
  • Left/Right Move - Dash
  • Up Move - Prolloper Bit
  • Down Move - Hoping
  • Final Smash - Magical Set (this make Starfy uses different spells with the Magical Set)

Fantendo Edition Exclusive Characters

The game have a DLC who adds 30 Fantendo Characters.

Character Series Description Moves



TaBooki This tanooki-powered hero is ready to smash it up! TaBooki mainly uses his tail as weapon, but also has thunder bases attacks. TaBooki is a light character and a good choice for beginners.
  • Standard Move: Leaf Throw
  • Up Move: Swingin' Tail
  • Side Move: Tail Whip
  • Down Move: Thunder Bolt
  • Final Smash: Thunder Rain (TaBooki creates a huge storm, making a rain of electrically-charged leafs fall on the course.)



Bombell The explosive, heroic Bomb Boo is here to blow anyone on his way! Bombell uses his explosive attacks and may cause massive damage, so watch out!
  • Standard Move: Bomblob
  • Up Move: Rocket Bomb
  • Left/Right Move: Burning Tongue
  • Down Move: Invisi-Boom
  • Final Smash: Bomblob Attack (Bomblobs start falling on the course, blowing up his opponents and causing massive damage),



Pikachu Fighters The legendary hero of Zindar has joined the battle! Kaichu can use his powerful hammer and electric powers agains foes.
  • Standard Move: Hammer
  • Up Move: Spring Jump
  • Left/Right Move: Wild Charge
  • Down Move: Charge
  • Final Smash: Volt Tackle


Hayden & Aiden

The Rise of Darkness The twin brother duo is ready to rumble on the field of battle! They are very strong, and are an excellent choice for beginners.
  • Standard Move: Fire Wave
  • Up Move: Fire Boost
  • Side Move: Staff Smash Hands
  • Down Move: Shield Blast
  • Final Smash: Omega Charge (The twins combine their power to make an ultimate blast of energy)



Eternal Dusk Armed with an almighty sceptre, Lucazs is ready to fight.
  • ​Normal Move: Sceptre Blast - Blasts fire out of his sceptre
    • Up Move: Sceptre Rainbow - Lucazs blasts a rainbow out of his sceptre
    • Left/Right Move: - Laser Ray - Lucazs fires a laser out of his sceptre
    • Down Move: - Beam Up - Lucazs blasts a beam of magic downward
    • Final Smash: - Magical Sceptre - Lucazs swirls his sceptre and magic flies all around the area

Terry Koopa

Terry the Koopa

Terry the Koopa "The main hero of the series with his name is here to won this thing!"
  • Standart Move - Fire Burn Killa
  • Left/Right Move - Ice Dasher
  • Up Move - Fire de Master
  • Down Move - Koopaport
  • Final Smash - Demon Slayer (The screen goes black and Terry KO' every enemy).





Super Smash Bros. Demigod Origins


Game cover, featuring Mario with the Power Glove and Hero Sword and Link with a crossbow

Super Smash Bros. Demigod Origins is a special version released for Nintendo Wii U in 2014 on the same day of launch of Super Smash Bros. Demigod in Australia, the game features weapons like Swords and Crossbows and Bink Video's HD cutscenes. The Fantendo DLC has not been released for Wii U edition, and this version have Bowser Jr.

Super Smash Bros. Demigod - Fantendo Edition


The game cover, featuring Hayden, Aiden, Bombell, Tabooki, Terry the Koopa and Kaichu

This version have the Fantendo DLC's Characters, if the player already buyed the "Origins" and buy this version, he can transfer data from both games. This version have AVI HD Cutscenes, unlike "Origins".

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