Super Smash Bros

North American box art.


Super Smash Bros. Deluxe is a new game for the Nintendo DS Deluxe. You can buy the game by itself or get it in the "Smash Bros. Deluxe Package". It is planned to be released later in 2013.


The Boos have taken over all the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom! Princess Peach, (A.K.A Princess Toadstool), and Toadsworth try to find the best warrior. Then, many heroes and villians battle for first place and things get out of hand, Boos take over more land from different games like Sonic, and many more heroes and villians fight.


No gameplay details revealed!

Playable Characters


No pictures I will edit this!

  • NES Mario (Difficulty: Easy)
  • NES Luigi (Difficulty: Easy)
  • Donkey Kong #1 (Difficulty: Easy)
  • Diddy Kong (Difficulty: Mediam)
  • King Boo #1 (Difficulty:  Mediam)
  • Shadow (Difficulty: Mediam)
  • Meta Knight (Difficulty: Hard)
  • Dr. Eggman (Difficulty: Hard)
  • Bowser Jr. (Difficulty: Hard)
  • Donkey Kong #2 (Difficulty: Hard)
  • Shadow Mario (Difficulty: Hard)
  • Bowser #1 (Difficulty: Hard)
  • King Boo #2 (Difficulty: CAUTION!)
  • NES Waluigi (Difficulty: CAUTION!)
  • NES Wario (Difficulty: CAUTION!)
  • Bowser Jr #2 (Difficulty: CAUTION!)
  • Fawful (Difficulty: CAUTION!)
  • Mr. L (Difficulty: CAUTION!)
  • Ultimate Bowser: Final Boss (Difficulty: EXTREME CAUTION)

Extra notes you need to know!

  1.  The golden boo picture in cover art is not mine! It is Shy guy yellow, so do not steal the cover art, so is the Sonic and most likely everybody else.
  1.  Do not reupload any artwork.

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