Super Smash Bros. Deluxe, often shortened to SSBD or Deluxe, is the sixth (counting ssb4 wii u) installment in the Super Smash Bros. series published by Nintendo. Like the other games in the series, it features a diverse roster of characters from Nintendo and its second parties to fight in various kinds of matches. However, Deluxe is the second Super Smash Bros. game to feature third-party characters. Most of the game's music is made up of arranged versions of pieces that originated in previously released Nintendo video games; though some play exactly as they did in their original games, others are arranged by one of 36 renowned video game composers.


A new battle mechanic is the Item Box that was originally supposed to be featured in the first game of the series, but scrapped for technical reasons, which can be used only by collecting a Smash Box. Players are now able to first person shooter vision, like the Super Scope, where in Brawl wasn't possible. A new technique called the Taunt Jump is introduced. It allows players to jump on an another player's head up to five times and spring up by pressing the jump button at the right time. Players are be able to perform Taunts by doing this as well. The Tether Recovery is a returning tactic in the game. It allows players to grab onto ledges using chain-like items, such as a Plasma Whip or a Link's Hookshot. Gliding is also a technique in this game, available only to winged characters. When gliding is used, players are able to glide across the stage and be able to control the way they fly. They can direct themselves upwards or downwards, depending on the direction the  or the  is pointed in. Another feature not present in the past two games is slipping. Any character can slip. The feature has no upside for the players that slip other than the invincibility frames that are granted to the players when they get up. Players can slip when trying to run suddenly, go down slopes, turn around or walking on a Banana Peel. The game also features fourt different Taunts for each character, while the past games only feature one taunt. 


  • Smash
    • Tag Battle (Blue,Red and Green)
    • Coins Battle 
    • Extras (Metal,Giant,Mini,Flower,Clear)
    • Online
    • Hunter Mode : Players will need to capture all the trophies in order to advance to the next floor.
  • Solo
    • Classic Mode
    • Smash Ball Time : Who gets more time with Smash Bal)
    • All Star Mode
    • Training Mode
    • Stadium (Boss,Home Run Contest and Multi Man)
    • Event Smash
    • Turbo Mode :Test your speed in classic mode 
    • Ghost Battle : Time Trial Battles 
  • Custom
    • Create stage
    • Custom the character



Character Name Series Moveset
Marios Mario Super Mario
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Tanooki Tail
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Down B-Star Spin
  • Final Smash-Mario Finale
DKSK Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
  • B-Punch
  • Side B-Coconut Gun
  • Up B-Spin Kong
  • Down B-Hand Slap
  • Final Smash-Rambi 
Gq Link The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Slingshot
  • Side B-Boomerang
  • Up B-Loftwing
  • Down B-Bomb/Jar
  • Final Smash-Triforce Power
Burger Samus Metroid
  • B-Blaster
  • Side B-Ice Missile
  • Up B-Screw Attack
  • Down B-Spider Ball 
  • Final Smash-Zero Laser
Irby Kirby Kirby
  • B-Inhale
  • Side B-Hammer
  • Up B-Final Cutter
  • Down B-Stone
  • Final Smash-Ultra Sword
Feihoe Beam Kirby Kirby
  • B-Beam 
  • Side B-Shooting Beam
  • Up B-Beam Jump
  • Down B-Stone
  • Final Smash-Flare Beam
FGires Fire Kirby Kirby
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Shooting Fire
  • Up B-Fire Jump
  • Down B-Fire Stone
  • Final Smash-Monster Flame
Ksr Sworld Kirby Kirby
  • B-Beam Sworld
  • Side B-Spin Sworld
  • Up B-Fly Sworld
  • Down B-Stone
  • Final Smash-Ultra Sworld Attack
POIKA Pikachu Pokémon
  • B-Thunder Jolt
  • Side B-Skull Bash
  • Up B-Quick Attack
  • Down B-Thunder
  • Final Smash-Volt Tackle
REDS Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
  • Squirtle
    • B-Water Gun
    • Side B-Withdraw
    • Up B-Waterfall
    • Down B-Pokémon Change
    • Final Smash-Hydro Pump
  • Ivysaur
    • B-Bullet Seed
    • Side B-Razor Leaf
    • Up B-Vine Whip
    • Down B-Pokémon Change
    • Final Smash-Solar Beam
  • Charizard
    • B-Flamethrower
    • Side B-Rock Smash
    • Up B-Fly
    • Down B-Pokémon Change
    • Final Smash-Fire Blast
FOXIS Fox Star Fox
  • B-Blaster
  • Side B-Illusion
  • Up B-Fire Fox
  • Down B-Reflector
  • Final Smash-Landmaster
Brazil the best Pit Kid Icarus
  • B-Arrow
  • Side B-Claws
  • Up B-Fly
  • Down B-Angel Shield
  • Final Smash-Palutena's Army 
Yoshis Yoshi Yoshi's Island
  • B-Swallow
  • Side B-Egg Roll
  • Up B-Blimp Yoshi
  • Down B-Dino Bomb
  • Final Smash-Dash Yoshi
CFD Captain Falcon F-Zero
  • B-Falcon Punch
  • Side B-Falcon Turbo
  • Up B-Falcon Jump
  • Down B-Falcon Kick
  • Final Smash-Blue Falcon
NESS Ness Mother
  • B-PK Fire
  • Side B-PK Flash
  • Up B-PK Thunder
  • Down B-PK Magnet
  • Final Smash-PK Starstorm 
Wariop Wario Wario Ware
  • B-Chomp
  • Side B-Dragon Wario
  • Up B-Bouncy Wario
  • Down B-Genius Wario
  • Final Smash-Sparky Wario   
Peach Super Mario
  • B-Toad
  • Side B-Kart
  • Up B-Parasol
  • Down B-Vegetable
  • Final Smash-Toad Brigade
Zelda The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Nayru's Love
  • Side B-Din's Fire
  • Up B-Farofe's Wind
  • Down B-Transform
  • Final Smash-Light Arrow
Sheik The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Needle Storm
  • Side B-Chain
  • Up B-Vanish
  • Down B-Transform
  • Final Smash-Light Arrow 
Metad Meta Knight Kirby
  • B-Mach Tornado
  • Side B-Drill Rush
  • Up B-Shuttle Loop
  • Down B-Dimensional Cape
  • Final Smash-Galaxia Darkness
King Dedede Kirby
  • B-Inhale
  • Side B-Minion
  • Up B-Dedede Jumo
  • Down B-Jet Hammer
  • Final Smash-Waddle Dee Army
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
  • B-Peanut Popgun
  • Side B-Monkey Flip
  • Up B-Rocket Barrel
  • Down B- Cartwheel Attack
  • Final Smash-Rocket Blast
Diff Anthony Higgs Metroid
  • B-Freeze Gun
  • Side B-Brofist
  • Up B-Super Backflip
  • Down B-Plasma Rifle
  • Final Smash-Forever Remember
Slide1EX Excitebiker Excitebiker
  • B-Turbo
  • Side B-Wheelie
  • Up B-360 Flip
  • Down B-Mud
  • Final Smash-ExciteTruck
SUKLJS Shulk Xenoblade
  • B-Battle Soul
  • Side B-Monado Buster
  • Up B-Monado Cyclone
  • Down B-Vision
  • Final Smash-Turn Strike
OLIMAR Olimar Pikmin 
  • B-Pikmin Pluck
  • Side B-Pikmin Throw
  • Up B-Pink Pikmin
  • Down B-Pikmin Order
  • Final Smash-End of Day 
LITTLE MAX Little Mac Punch Out!!
  • B-Star Punch
  • Side B-Dodge
  • Up B-Jump Punch
  • Down B-Down Punch
  • Final Smash-Giga Mac 
Ikesss Ike Fire Emblem
  • B-Eruption
  • Side B-Quick Draw
  • Up B-Aether
  • Down B-Counter
  • Final Smash-Great Aether
Issac Golden Sun
  • B-Move
  • Side B-Quacke
  • Up B-Axe Throw
  • Down B-Shield
  • Final Smash-Grand Gaia
Sonice Sonic Sonic The Hedgehog
  • B-Spin Dash
  • Side B-Yellow Wisp
  • Up B-Orange Wisp
  • Down B-Green Wisp
  • Final Smash-Super Sonic
Snbakles Snake Metal Gear
  • B-Hand Greanade
  • Side B-Remote Missile
  • Up B-Cypher
  • Down B-C4
  • Final Smash-Grenade Launcher


Character Name Series Moveset How to unlock ?
Jigglypuff Pokémon
  • B-Pound
  • Side B-Rollout
  • Up B-Sing
  • Down B-Rest
  • Final Smash-Big Sleep Time
  • Beat the Classic Mode in easy 
Miiss Mii Nintendo
  • B-Tennis
  • Side B-Baseball
  • Up B-Jetpack
  • Down B-Bowling
  • Final Smash-Mii Parade
  • Beat the Classic Mode
  • Via Street Spass
Bombsss Bomberman Bomberman
  • B-Bomb
  • Side B-Skull Bomb
  • Up B-Rocket
  • Down B- Spiky Bomb
  • Final Smash-Bomb Storm
  • Beat the Classic Mode with 6  characters
Kpo Luigi Super Mario
  • B-Fireball
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Side B-Missile
  • Down B-Poltergust 3000 Normal/Fire/Ice/Water
  • Final Smash-Poltergust 5000
  • Clear Boards the platforms ! with 12 characters
Sukapon Joy Mech Fight
  • B-Konaniran
  • Side B-Tondeker
  • Up B-Sky Sukapon
  • Down B-Sukapon Roll
  • Final Smash-Sukapon Finisher   
  • Beat Classic Mode in medium with 1 live 
Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch
  • B-Chef
  • Side B-Judge
  • Up B-Fire 
  • Down B-Oil Panic
  • Final Smash-Octopus
  • Clear Smash Time with 20 characters
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers
  • B-Ice Shot
  • Side B-Squall Hammer
  • Up B-Condor
  • Down B-Blizzard
  • Final Smash-Iceberg
  • Clear Classic Mode with 24 characters
CHIBI Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo
  • B-Chibi Blaste
  • Side B-Toothbrush
  • Up B-Chibi Copter
  • Down B-Clippters
  • Final Smash-Giga Robo
  • Clear Boards the platforms ! with 20 characters
Sakisse Saki Amamiya Sin and Punishment
  • B-Manual Shot
  • Side B-Lock-On Shot
  • Up B-Recovery
  • Down B-Charge Shot
  • Final Smash-Ruffian
  • Beat the Target Smash with Fox
Mach Riderss Mach Rider Mach Rider
  • B-Machine Gun
  • Side B-Bike
  • Up B-Regenaration
  • Down B-Obstacles Final Smash-Ultimate Mach Rider
  • Beat Boss Battles with Excitebiker
Sta Starfy The Legendary Starfy
  • B-Mighty Star Spin
  • Side B-Star Dash
  • Up B-Ultra Star Spin
  • Down B-Shooting Star
  • Final Smash-Whirepool
  • Clear 14 missions 
Bowses Bowser Super Mario
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Hammers
  • Up B-Koopa Clown Car
  • Down B-Bowser Bomb
  • Final Smash-Giga Bowser
  • Beat Boss Battes with Mario
King K. Rool Donkey Kong
  • B-Kanonball
  • Side B-Krown Boomerang
  • Up B-Kopter
  • Down B-Klaptrap
  • Final Smash-King Krusha Rool 
  • Beat Boss Battles with DK
Fires Samurai Goroh F-Zero
  • B-Stab
  • Side B-Samurai Slayer
  • Up B-Back Flip
  • Down B-Stringray Slash
  • Final Smash-Fire Stringray
  • Beat Boss Battles with Captain Falcon
Zoroarkq Zoroark Pokémon
  • B-Pursuit
  • Side B-Shadow Claw
  • Up B-Night Slash
  • Down B-Trickery
  • Final Smash-Night Burst
  • Beat Classic Mode with 1 live in Hard
Waluigis Waluigi Super Mario
  • B-Bob-Omb
  • Side B-Bomb Tennis
  • Up B-Waluigi Spin
  • Down B-Teleport
  • Final Smash-Bob-Omb Storm
  • Beat Mission 10 
Falconl Falco Star Fox
  • B-Blaster
  • Side B-Illusion
  • Up B-Fire Falco
  • Down B-Reflector
  • Final Smash-Arwing 
  • Win two modes with Fox
Marth Fire Emblem
  • B-Shield Breaker
  • Side B-Dancing Blade
  • Up B-Dolphin Slash
  • Down B-Counter
  • Final Smash-Critical Hit
  • Clear Smash Time with Ike 
.uyns Lyn Fire Emblem 
  • B-Mani Slash
  • Side B-Strike Flip
  • Up B-Pierce Jump
  • Down B-Counter
  • Final Smash-Speed Slash 
  • Clear Smash Time with Marth 
Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda  
  • B-Deku
  • Side B-Homing Fairy
  • Up B-Dark Rise
  • Down B-Dark Energie
  • Final Smash-Moon !
  • Clear Boss Battes with Link 
Knuckle Joe Kirby
  • B-Vulcan Jab
  • Side B-Spin Kick
  • Up B-Rising Break
  • Down B-Smash Punch
  • Final Smash-Explosion Jab
  • Play 46 matches with Kirby
Ridley Metroid
  • B-Fireballs
  • Side B-Wing Attack
  • Up B-Ridley Grab
  • Down B-Tail Attack
  • Final Smash-Omega Ridley
  • Beat Classic Mode in hard

Only in Event Smash

Character Name Series Moveset
MAS Master Hand Super Smash Bros.
  • B-Bullet
  • Side B-Poke
  • Up B-Jet
  • Down B-Drill
Crazy Handdss Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros.
  • B-Rocket Punch
  • Side B-Poke
  • Up B-Jets
  • Down B-Poison Drill



Stage Name Series
BattlefieldSSBB Battlefield Super Smash Bros.
Starship-Mario-super-mario-galaxy-2-12801698-600-600 Starship Mario Super Mario
Skyloft Artwork Skyloft The Legend of Zelda

Kirbys Epic Yarn 8

Epic Yarn 9

Patch Land  Kirby

Nintendo-Land 510

Art nintendoland screeen-640x360

Nintendo Land Nintendo Land
Pessoas-de-todas-as-etnias-e-de-todos-os-lugares-do-mundo-encontram-se-no-streetpass-mii-plaza-do-nintendo-3ds-nao-ha-lugar-melhor-para-colocar-a-fofoca-em-dia-e-fazer-novas-amizades-1344628874548 956x500 Mii Plaza Nintendo
Bowser's body - Bowser's Inside Story Inside Bowser Super Mario
Phazon Phaaze Metroid
0027 Pokémon World Tournament Pokémon
Diamond City WWMM Diamond City Wario
KrazyKremland Krazy Kremland Donkey Kong
Firefield01 l Fire Field  F-Zero
Toadette's Music Room Toadette's Music Room  Super Mario
Observatory Observatory Pandora's Tower
Old clockworks Old Clockworks Super Mario
Nintendogs Plaza Nintendog Plaza Nintendogs
Serenes Forest SSBET Serenes Forest Fire Emblem
Mk7rainbowroad12 19 11610Rainbow Road Rainbow Road Super Mario
Shadow Moses Island SSBET Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear Solid


Stage Name Series How to Unlock
Bomb Stage Stage 1 Bomberman
  • Unlock Bomberman
Tetris Tetris Tetris
  • Unlock 5 songs
NsCastleRise N's Castle  Pokémon
  • Win Classic Mode with Pikachu,Zoroark and Jigglypuff
Kspl Kersploosh! Kersploosh
  • Win Smash Times with 5 characters
Bowser's Castle (SSBD) Bowser's Castle Super Mario
  • Unlock Bowser 
Nintendo3DSBlack 3DS Nintendo
  • Play 12  matches in Mii Plaza
640px-Bob-omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64) Bob-Omb Battlefield Super Mario
  • Win Hunter Mode with Mario
640px-Bionis' Leg Bionis Xenoblade
  • Win Classic Mode with Shulk
FDD Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
  • Win Classic Mode with all characters

Assist Trophy

Character Name Series Effect
Are Aeron Pandora's Tower Attack with sworld
Scary Head Dr. Kawashima Brain Age Spit numbers
Cricket Young Cricket Wario Ware Attack with kicks and punchs
Chadow Shadow Sonic The Hedgehog Attack with Chaos Spear  
Hammer Bro. Super Mario Play Hammers
Funky Kong Donkey Kong Attack with rocket
Black Shadow F-Zero Attack with Black Punch

Event Smash

Event Objective Character Enemie Stage How to Unlock
Mario Bros.  Beat 23 enemies
  • Mario 3x
  • Koopas
  • Goombas
  • Bullet Bills
Starship Mario Start
Welcome to  Land ! Escape of events
  • Choose 2x
  • Mii 10x
Nintendo Land Start
The Tour Win the tourney 
  • Pikachu
  • Pokémon Trainer 7x
Pokémon World Tournament Start
Ghost ! Beat the Ghosts
  • Yoshi 2x
  • Ghosts 13x
Old Clockworks Start
Space Pirates !! Beat Space Pirates
  • Samus
  • Space Pirates 18x
Phaaze Start
Two Sworlds Beat Ike
  • Strider Hiryu
  • Ike
Serenes Forest Start
Metal Saki Solid Beat Snake 
  • Saki
  • Snake
Shadow Moses Island Unlock Saki and beat 6 events
Clock of Star Beat DK with Star
  • Mario
  • DK 2x
Old Clockworks Beat 6 missions
The Hero Beat Koopa Trop
  • Luigi
  • Koopa Troopa 3x
  • Goomba 7x
  • Dry Bones 4x
  • Boo 2x
  • Paratroopa 5x
  • Paragoomba 10x
Inside Bowser Unlock Luigi and beat 8 missions
RIVAL !! Beat Mario Bros.
  • Waluigi 2x
  • Mario
  • Luigi 2x
Starship Mario Beat 9 missions
Classic Master Beat Bowser
  • Master Hand
  • Bowser
Battlefield Beat 8 missions in hard
Star Falco Beat R.O.B.
  • Falco
  • R.O.B. 4x
Phaaze Unlock Falco and beat 9 missions  
Melee Boss Beat Mario and link
  • Crazy Hand
  • Mario
  • Link
Battlefield Beat Classic Master in medium
Lizalfos Attack Beat Lizalfos
  • Link 2x
  • Lizalfos 4x
Serenes Forest Beat 10 missions
DK Revenge Beat Giant DK
  • Little Mac
  • Giant DK 3x
N's Castle Beat 14 missions
Skull Battle Beat Stalfos
  • Shulk
  • Stalfos 10x
Serenes Forest Beat 14 missions
Dillon Battle Beat Luigi
  • Dillon
  • Luigi
Old Clockwork Unlock Dillon
Braing kong Beat Mii
  • DK
  • Mii 4x
Mii Plaza Unlock Mii
Mario's Mansion Collect 100 coins
  • Mario
  • DK
  • Luigi
  • Link
  • Dark Link
  • Ghost
Old Clockworks Beat 16 missions
Remember me? Collect 20 weapons
  • Anthony Higgs 2x
  • Mario
  • Giant Wario
  • Samus
Tetris Unlock Tetris


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