You all like Smash Bros. Right? So I have decided to build my own game about the Smash Bros. Franchise.

Playable Characters

There are many different characters in Super Smash Bros. Death Rush. There are 3 kinds of characters. Navigators can get around stages easily. Heavys have major strength. All-arounders are in the middle of the group.


Mario is an all-arounder character and easily the best known one too. He has neat punches and can shoot fireballs.


A brother of a famous plumber. He's an all-arounder with not only good punches, but neat ice flower skills.


Quite the navigator. Kirby has a good dash and can gain opponents powers.


The evil navigator. MetaKnight can swing a sword while flapping it's wings around the stage.


An all-arounder type Pokémon. Has a good dash attack and can electrocute it's enemies.


A navigator type Pokémon. Has an amazing tackle and is good at handling a garden hose.


A heavy type Pokémon. Has a deadly punch and an evil uppercut.


The bright side navigator. Has a good mega buster and a fantastic charged shot.


The dark side navigator. Has a mean bass buster and an breath-taking triple shot.


The navigator of the origins. Has a great punch and an one-of-a-kind jump.


The heavy of the origins. Has not only a mean punch, but has a great combo attack.


The all-around host of the Pikmin.  Has a mean set of Pikmin and is a master Pikmin thrower.


The heavy black belt. Has two killer fists and has a blasting haduken.

Game Modes

These are the modes that players can compete in. There are two categories. Single-player, and Multiplayer.

Single-Player Modes

These game modes are for only one player.

Story Mode

Go through thousands of fights chained together to create one big plot.

Missions Mode

Go through challenges of your choice that have certain conditions applied.

Survival Mode

Survive millions of oppenents in a row with only 3 lives.

Multiplayer Modes

These game modes are for a group of players, like the WRTP group.

Brawl Mode

Battle each other in several different maps to be the last one standing.

Boosters Mode

Like Brawl, except there are booster balloons (See Boosters) to assist players in 7 special booster maps.

Warioware Mode

People take turns fighting against groups of enemies from story mode in a short amount of time. After everyone has 2 turns the game speeds up, giving people less time to win battles.


Boosters are found in some story mode levels and booster mode levels that hand players power-ups. There are two categories, green boosters affect you, while red boosters affect everyone else.


I'm leaving this up to you, post your booster balloon ideas in the comments and yours might be here!!!


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