DON'T EDIT! IF YOU DO IT, I'LL TURN YOUR ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Smash Bros. Daymoon and Nightsun are two twin games. They're the fifth game in Super Smash Bros. series. Daymoon is playable on Wii U and Nightsun on Nintendo 3DS. They feature the same number of characters but they are a bit different in the versions

Characters in two games

These are twin games and characters are a bit different in two versions. They are 80 in each version. Reading after to see the differences in the roster. The first roster will be playable in Daymoon version, the second in Nightsun

Nightlight Roster
Daydark Roster

Blue frames are on old unlocked characters, red ones are on old locked characters, green ones are on new unlocked characters, yellow ones are on new locked characters. Characters under "Random" box are DLC. If you want to watch a large description of all characters go to Super Smash Bros. Daymoon/Nightsun-Characters

Pokèballs and Assist Trophies

This game feature some Assist Trophies and some Pokèballs. They're the same in two versions. If you want to see a large description of all Assist Trophies and Pokèballs go to Super Smash Bros. Daymoon/Nightsun-Assistants. For Pokèballs, blue frames are on common Pokèmon, red ones are on uncommon Pokèmon, green ones are on rare Pokémon, yellow ones are on very rare Pokémon.

Poké Ball Royal Roster

Assist Roster


In story and Tabuu's Arena you can fight with the bosses in this game. They have been taken from Super Smash Bros. Brawl but there are also new bosses. Under there are bosses in order of appearance in story mode.

Bossesl Roster


Mentioned in Bosses chapter, there are many modalities in this game. They are divided in many categories: Group, Solo, Coffer, Options and Online. Group modes are Melee (an one VS one fight), Brawl (an all VS all fight), Battle Royal (a group battle) and Special Fight (a fight with special things like Bunny Ears etc.). Solo modes are Conquerors of Space-Time (story mode), Classic Mode, Events, Arena (Tabbu's Arena, Multiple Arena), Training and All-Star Mode divided in 64 All-Star, Melee All-Star, Brawl All-Star, Wii U/3DS All-Star, DayNight All-Star and Complete All-Star. This All-Star mode has all characters. Online you can do all Group modes.


To be continued...

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