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Thanks for reading Super Smash Bros. Darkness/Story Mode, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

The story mode is the campaign mode of Super Smash Bros. Darkness It takes place in the same World of Trophies as it did in Brawl's Subspace Emissary. The story is called "Eternity's Greatest Heroes." In this story, characters from different worlds realize that a stronger force is at work now, and is trying to destroy all of their worlds one by one.


Chapter 1: Peach's Castle

Mario and Peach were standing atop the balcony of Peach's castle. Suddenly, parts of the castle came apart as Bowser's Castle rose from the ground, similarly to how it did in Paper Mario. Bowser jumped onto the balcony and grabbed Peach, preparing a fight with Mario. (Stage 1: Peach's Castle Balcony) (Defeat Bowser) (Playable Characters: Mario) When Bowser was defeated, he roared and hopped into his Koopa Klown Kar and to the roof of the castle. Mario quickly found Yoshi, and the two quickly jumped up to the roof. By then, however, Bowser was in his airship and was sending troops onto the roof of Peach's castle to fight Mario. (Stage 2: Peach's Castle Roof) (Defeat 30 enemies) (Playable Characters: Mario, Yoshi) Mario was now using his amazing jumping abilities and on Bowser's Airship. By now, Bowser was taking desperate measures. He summoned one of his strongest minions, Giga Lakitu. The Lakitu threw a giant Spiny Egg at Yoshi, who went flying far away. Mario then proceeded to fight. (Boss Battle 1: Giga Lakitu) (Playable Characters: Mario) After Giga Lakitu's defeat, he transformed into a trophy. Mario picked it up and examined it. While he did that, however, Bowser sent his airship flying away with Mario still on it.

Chapter 2: Puzzle Islands

Yoshi continued flying, and eventually landed on a mysterious floating island. He found Captain Toad trying to figure out how to get to the Power Star on the other end. Yoshi offered to help, and Cptn. Toad accepted. (Stage 3: Puzzle Island 1) (Get to the Power Star) (Playable Characters: Yoshi, Captain Toad) The Power Star lifted the two in the air and flew to the next island. (Stage 4: Puzzle Island 2) (Get to the Power Star) (Playable Characters: Yoshi, Captain Toad) Upon arriving at the third island, the Power Star was right in front of their noses. Captain Toad ran to grab it, but it was soon claimed by another greedy fellow named Wario. Captain Toad demanded it back, but Wario wouldn't budge. (Stage 5: Puzzle Island 3) (Defeat Wario) (Playable Characters: Captain Toad) Wario was defeated, and Captain Toad claimed the Power Star. He grabbed Yoshi's hand, and they flew to the next island. However, Wario had put a Bob-Omb on the Power Star, which blew up the star as they flew. They landed on a cloud.

Chapter 3: Cloudy Court

Mario remained on Bowser's Airship, trying to figure out how to get off. Bowser's back was turned, facing the Arwing and firing cannonballs at it, while the Arwing fired back. Taking this opportunity, Mario and Peach jumped off the airship and onto a nearby cloud. (Stage 6: Cloudy Court Top) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach) After a descent, they found trophies of Yoshi and Captain Toad, who were transformed after the explosion. Reviving them, they agreed to travel together and get off of Cloudy Court. (Stage 7: Cloudy Court Middle) (Playable Characters, Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Captain Toad) Meanwhile, in a temple in the top of Cloudy Court, Pit watched in the fountain as Mario's team were stealthily attacked by mysterious creatures made of fire known as Emberlettes. He ran to Palutena and asked if he could go help. Granting him permission, Palutena gave him his bow as Pit jumped out of the temple. He soon arrived at the bottom of Cloudy Court and took out a few unseen Emberlettes. The team plus Pit prepared to fight back against the oncoming attack. (Stage 8: Cloudy Court Bottom) (Defeat 35 Emberlettes) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Captain Toad, Pit) The team now left Cloudy Court for good, following a trail of fire that they found.

Chapter 4: Great Jungle

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong swung from tree to tree, going towards their treehouse. (Stage 9: Great Jungle East) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) Upon arriving at their treehouse, the Kongs realised that their banana stash was gone! Up ahead, they saw members of the Koopa Troop, Tiki Tak Tribe, and the Kremling Krew carrying bananas away. The two apes jumped from the treehouse and prepared to fight off the baddies. (Stage 10: Great Jungle Middle) (Defeat 40 enemies) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) When the bananas were rescued, the Kongs celebrated. However, they found one more foe: King K. Rool, who had most of their bananas as well as Dixie Kong. The two Kongs chased after him. (Stage 11: Great Jungle West) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) Finally the Kongs caught up with K. Rool. Donkey Kong prepared to fight K. Rool, but he jumped off and onto a cliff and summoned one of DK's old foes, Tiki Tong. A boss fight then began. (Boss Battle 2: Tiki Tong) (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) Tiki Tong turned into a trophy, which King K. Rool grabbed in anger. He ran to the waiting Koopa Klown Kar of Bowser Jr. Flying off, he dropped Dixie into the arms of Donkey Kong. Angered that K. Rool still had his bananas, Donkey Kong ran off, following the two villains.

Chapter 5: Jungle Shore

The destroyed Arwing lay on the jungle shore. From it stepped Fox, a bold and daring pilot. He decided to explore the beach that lay ahead. (Stage 12: Jungle Shore Part 1) (Playable Characters: Fox) Fox soon found a fellow pilot named Captain Olimar, whose Pikmin and him were cowering in fear at the nearby volcano, which soon began erupting. Fox looked toward the volcano and saw Emberlettes crawling from the approaching magma. The two pilots agreed to trek ahead. (Stage 13: Jungle Shore Part 2) (Playable Characters: Fox, Olimar) The two arrived at the base of the volcano and saw a being made entirely out of fire in a black cloak. The being, known as the Fire King, approached the two. The King summoned a large horde of Emberlettes to finish covering the jungle in fire and magma, as well as stopping the two heroes. (Stage 14: Jungle Volcano Base) (Defeat 50 Emberlettes) (Playable Characters: Fox, Olimar) Most of the Emberlettes were defeated, but a lot remained, still attacking the two and burning the jungle. Fox decided that his only option to escape the fire was to run up the volcano, with Olimar right on his tail.

Chapter 6: Eerie Forest

Mario and co. headed out from Cloudy Court and followed a trail of fire. (Stage 15: Eerie Forest Entrance) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach, Captain Toad, Yoshi, Pit) However, the team soon came to a fork in the road, with Kirby standing right in front of it, trying to decide which way to go. They decided that Mario, Pit, and Peach would go right, and Kirby, Captain Toad, and Yoshi would go left. Mario's crew left first. (Stage 16: Eerie Forest Right Path) (Playable Characters: Mario, Peach, Pit) Upon going through the path, Mario realized that Peach had been taken by the Koopa Troop yet again! Mario ran after her, but was soon stopped by an overwhelming horde of Emberlettes. Meanwhile, Yoshi's team progressed. (Stage 17: Eerie Forest Left Path) (Playable Characters: Kirby, Yoshi, Captain Toad) At the end of the path, they found an old abandoned mansion, which they would not have entered if Captain Toad didn't spot some gold inside.

Chapter 7: Cloudy Court Heavens

Within the temple of Cloudy Court, Palutena looked on in the fountain as Pit and Mario were overtaken by far too many Emberlettes. She decided to get out of Cloudy Court and help them. (Stage 18: Cloudy Court Heavens Descent) (Playable Characters: Palutena) On her descent, Palutena found a group of Emberlettes carrying a trophy of Peach. Wanting to help Pit, but wanting also to help Peach, she decided to get rid of these Emberlettes first. (Stage 19: Cloudy Court Heavens Midsection) (Defeat 30 Emberlettes) (Playable Characters: Palutena) The goddess revived Peach, who sat up in shock. Palate a helped her up and explained that Mario and Pit were in danger. Wanting nothing more than helping Mario, Peach decided to tag along. (Stage 20: Cloudy Court Heavens Bottom) (Playable Characters: Palutena, Peach) The two finally got out of Cloudy Court. However, the Fire King soon appeared, watching the two as they trekked toward Eerie Forest. Intrigued, he summoned a great being of fire, the Fire-type dragon Reshiram. Fire King attempted forcing the dragon over to the heroes, but Reshiram went on a rampage and knocked Fire King far off. Reshiram then flew to Palutena and Peach, initiating a fight. (Boss Battle 3: Reshiram) (Playable Characters: Palutena, Peach) Upon defeat, Reshiram was transformed back into a trophy, which Peach decided to hold onto. They then continued their journey to rescue Mario and Pit.

Chapter 8: Ruined Battlefield

Chapter 9: Pyro Labs A

Chapter 10: Darkness Canyon

Chapter 11: Abandoned Mansion

Chapter 12: Pyro Labs B

Chapter 13: Forested Island

Chapter 14: Robotic Wasteland

Chapter 15: Mt. Icicle


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