This article is a list of all of the reveal trailers for Super Smash Bros. Darkness.

E3 2015: Smash Cast Into Darkness

The trailer begins with the original eight on what appears to be the Super Bell Hill stage. Mario and Donkey Kong begin to fight, when Bowser and Wario run in, attacking them. As the fight proceeds, Captain Toad is seen on a nearby hill. He jumps down and swing shis pickaxe on Bowser, with a splash text appearing saying "Captain Toad Tracks the Smash!" The logo for Super Smash Bros. Darkness then appears as it transitions to the returning Jungle Hijinxs stage. Donkey Kong and Little Mac are seen attacking King K. Rool. As K. Rool attacks, a splash text appears that says "King K. Rool Blasts In!" He then uses his up attack, Barrel Cannon, and blasts the two away. Next, on Battlefield, Kirby is battling with Pikachu. When Kirby is about to lose, Bandanna Dee jumps in and attacks Pikachu. A splash text then appears that says "Bandanna Dee Spears his Foes!"

The scene shifts to a number of gameplay clips. Lucario is seen punching away Kirby on the Patch Land stage. Rosalina is seen taunting with Zelda, who turns into Sheik on Battlefield. The Ice Climbers attack Captain Toad with their hammers, while Captain toad counters with his pickaxe (Super Bell Hill). Ness and Villager simultaneously attack Bowser and Donkey Kong on Fourside. Falco and Fox attack each other with blasters on Sector Z. Captain Toad, Samus, and Link taunt on the stage Treasure Tracker. Bandanna Dee and Yoshi both perform their Up attack on Turf War. A number of Final Smashes are then performed, in cluding Mario's Mario Finale, Little Mac's Giga Mac, Rosalina's new Star Bit Rain, and Zelda's Light Arrow. Finally, Little Mac runs from Samus as she performs her Final Smash, Zero Cannon, and transforms into Zero Suit Samus on the Training stage.

The original eight are now on the returning stage Spear Pillar. Pokémon Trainer is seen, who sends out Charizard. He flies up and attacks a being in the air, Chibi-Robo. A splash text then appears, saying "Chibi-Robo Plugs In!" Chibi-Robo falls to the ground, and Charizard is victorious. However, another being jumps out of the shadows, everyone ready to attack. It turns out to be Shovel Knight, who attacks Charizard and the rest of the eight. A splash text appears saying "Shovel Knight Digs In!" The Super Smash Bros. Darkness logo then appears, and the trailer ends with the five newcomers taunting together on the returning stage Paper Mario.

You're a Kid Now

The trailer opens with Mario, Diddy Kong, Olimar, and Captain Toad together on the Turf War stage. Ink is fired at them, and everyone ducks. Everyone readies their weaponry; Mario generates a fireball, Diddy Kong charges his popgun, Olimar plucks a Pikmin from the ground, and Captain Toad readies his pickaxe. Inkling is then seen running at them with the Roller, and everyone jumps out of the way. A splash text then appears saying "Inkling Splats the Smash!" Inkling then transforms into a squid and hops away.

The scene shifts to a number of gameplay clips. Inkling is seen firing ink at Bowser Jr. on Treasure Tracker. On Spear Pillar, Lucario attempts to punch at Inkling, but she dodges. Link is then seen swordfighting with Meta Knight at Sector Z, but a largs blast of ink is shot at them. On Super Bell Hill, Mario, Chibi-Robo, and Rosalina, are seen chaisng Inkling off the screen, but she comes back with the Roller. Inkling then taunts with Fox, but blasts him away with ink at Fourside. The trailer ends with Inkling summoning her Final Smash, Ink Wave, where a tidal wave of ink crushes foes in Turf War. The Super Smash Bros. Darkness logo then appears, and Inkling is then seen turning into a squid and hopping on Turf War.

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